Who Is Jessica Vestal Dating After The Show?
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Who Is Jessica Vestal Dating After The Show?


  • Jess from Love Is Blind season 6 may have found romance outside the pods with Harry Jowsey from Perfect Match.
  • Despite initial rejection from Jimmy, Jess remains friends with Chelsea and hints at a strong post-show connection.
  • Speculation arises about Jess dating Ariel Gomerez after dropping hints about a potential Love Is Blind romance.



Jimmy Presnell may have rejected Jessica Vestal in the pods, but the Love Is Blind season 6 star teased a new romance after filming one of the best reality TV shows. Despite leaving the pods alone, Jess became a prominent cast member on Love Is Blind season 6, capturing viewers’ attention with her conventional good looks, sense of humor, and classiness with her fellow cast members. The Love Is Blind season 6 cast member still garners fans’ attention through her cryptic messages and potential future reality TV appearances.

Jess knows how to keep audiences interested without upsetting production or stirring up additional drama. Despite leaving the pods alone, she has one of the highest social media followings after the show. When she spoke with Jimmy at the lake, Jess didn’t attempt to take Sarah Ann’s approach and steal Jimmy from Chelsea. Instead, she was kind, classy, and supportive without being fake. However, Jess may be dating another Love Is Blind season 6 contestant after the show. Who could it be?

Jimmy Chose Chelsea Over Jessica

While Jessica and Jimmy undoubtedly had chemistry in the pods, he seemed blindsided by the news that she had a 10-year-old daughter, Autumn. He never admitted this was the case, but he gravitated away from Jess after she shared her shocking information and became more invested in Chelsea Blackwell. Furthermore, Chelsea teased that she looked like Megan Fox, which may have sealed the deal for North Carolina native Jimmy. Jess allegedly had another connection in the pods, but only her romance with Jimmy was aired.

Jessica And Chelsea Are Still Friends After Love Is Blind

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While it’s unclear whether Jimmy and Chelsea stayed friends after Jimmy told Chelsea he couldn’t go to the altar with her, Jessica was open online regarding her friendship with Chelsea. When asked if she and Chelsea were friends, Jess posted a selfie of them smiling. This somewhat spoiled the outcome of Love Is Blind season 6, given it would be unlikely for Jess and Chelsea to remain close if Chelsea and Jimmy tied the know. However, it also closes the door on the potential for Jess to reconnect with Jimmy, as there’s no way Chelsea would choose to be friends with Jess if she swooped in with Jimmy after the fact. So, who is her other pod connection?

Jessica Was Seen With Harry Jowsey Filming Perfect Match

According to TikToker @storytimewithrikkii, Jess was seen filming Perfect Match season 2 with legendary Too Hot To Handle bad boy Harry Jowsey. While the cast has yet to be confirmed, the show was filmed in mid-to-late 2023 and allegedly features Love Is Blind season 6’s Trevor Sova, whom Chelsea rejected in the pods. Trevor was originally a popular cast member until rumors surfaced online that he was in a relationship through February 2024. Very little has been confirmed regarding whether Jess and Harry are still together after filming Perfect Match. Still, after dropping hints on The Viall Files podcast in late February 2024, it may be more likely that Jess is dating someone from Love Is Blind.

Who Could Jessica Be Dating After Love Is Blind Season 6?

Ariel Love Is Blind Season 6

In an episode of The Viall Files, Jess hinted at a Love Is Blind romance that wasn’t Jimmy. While Nick attempted to pry and see who it could be, she couldn’t reveal any information then. Before dropping that she had a potential connection post-pods, Nick asked her what her usual type was. Jess essentially responded that she preferred men who were tall, dark, and handsome with plenty of tattoos and a beard. While completely unconfirmed ahead of the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion, there’s the potential that Ariel Gomerez and Jess are currently dating, as he fits her criteria to a T.

I had another strong connection…You could probably use context clues if you look at the cast, but I’m not saying any names.

I had another strong connection…You could probably use context clues if you look at the cast, but I’m not saying any names,” Jess teased on The Viall Files after Nick tried to get information from the reality TV star. Given this information, it seems possible that Jess and Ariel, who got barely any screen time on the hit reality TV series, might be together after Love Is Blind.

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