Why Hawkeye & Margaret Never Got Together Explained By Star
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Why Hawkeye & Margaret Never Got Together Explained By Star


  • Margaret and Hawkeye’s friendship in
    was more powerful than any romance, based on deep love and respect.
  • The show’s creators initially hesitated to explore a romance between the characters, fearing audience backlash.
  • Despite their undeniable chemistry,
    maintained a unique dynamic between Margaret and Hawkeye as professional allies.



Margaret Houlihan and Hawkeye Pierce had great chemistry in MASH, but they never got together, and an original actor explains why. Known for her passionate love life, Margaret had several love interests throughout her time with the 4077. As the only main female character in the show, MASH toyed with the idea of her being with after she and Frank Burns fizzled out. One of her most interesting pairings, however, was with Alan Alda’s Captain Benjamin “Hawkeye” Pierce.

Speaking with Yahoo! Entertainment, Loretta Swit explains why she thinks Hawkeye and Margaret never got together in MASH. She cites that the pair’s relationship may not have turned romantic, but they deeply loved each other. The actor also cites MASH season 6 “Comrade In Arms” — a two-part episode that explored the possibility of their romance as a turning point for their dynamic. Read her full quote below:

“They became loving friends. There are different kinds of love, and there was a very strong love between them. If you look at the series over time, their relationship grew and deepened. In the beginning, Margaret thought he was a genius surgeon, so there was respect there. After they have their affair, they can’t go forward with that, but they have to acknowledge the love and care that they gave to each other in that moment.”

“Alan had written ‘Comrades in Arms’ for us several seasons before he actually did it, because the creators weren’t sure the audience would accept it. But it was a turning point, and it spoke to the totality of
— it contained everything: it contains tears and laughter and silliness and survival. That’s why people tuned in.”

Why Margaret And Hawkeye Were Better Off As Friends In MASH?

Loretta Switt's Margaret and Alan Alda's Hawkeye in MASH season 10

In its earliest years, Margaret was mostly defined by her relationship with Burns. Swit and Larry Linville had great chemistry, so even if it didn’t make sense that she would be engaged in an extra-marital affair, considering her strong morals, the show kept them together. Prior to that, she had a very active dating life, hence why Margaret was essentially nicknamed “Hot Lips.”MASH also tried developing some tension between her and Trapper McIntyre and Charles Emerson, but nothing stuck. However, Margaret and Hawkeye’s flirtations were always more electric and intriguing.

Despite their palpable chemistry, it was better that the pair didn’t get together, as MASH came up with a more unique dynamic than just a simple romantic pairing. Margaret and Hawkeye were good as a professional team — they were the best at what they did. Like Swit said, she may have a disdain for Pierce’s childish antics, but she always respected his skills as a doctor. Meanwhile, Hawkeye grew out of his borderline inappropriate teasing of Margaret and genuinely grew close to her as a peer and friend. He was protective and caring, especially during her time of distress.


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Hawkeye and Margaret was MASH‘s take on the will they/won’t they trope, but in a more subtle way. Throughout the show’s run, the idea of them being together was never off the table. Until the very end, the medical war comedy/drama dangled the possibility with their fiery farewell kiss. Ultimately, however, their relationship was better because it didn’t turn romantic.


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