Young Sheldon Season 7 Surprisingly Sets Up George’s Cheating Scandal, Makes 1 Theory More Likely
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Young Sheldon Season 7 Surprisingly Sets Up George’s Cheating Scandal, Makes 1 Theory More Likely

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Young Sheldon season 7, episode 3.




  • George’s cheating scandal is finally being addressed in
    Young Sheldon
    season 7, after it seemed like the show wouldn’t address it anymore.
  • Mary and George rekindle their romance through letter writing, with a long-distance set-up helping them revive their relationship.
  • Sheldon’s recollection of catching his dad cheating may not be entirely accurate, leading to speculation about Mary’s involvement in the whole incident.

Young Sheldon season 7 is unexpectedly setting up George’s cheating scandal, although it may not play out exactly how Sheldon recalled it. During Sheldon’s explanation of his three-knock rule to Penny in The Big Bang Theory season 10, he also dropped one of his darkest childhood anecdotes. Apparently, he accidentally walked in on his dad being intimate with another woman. Since then, the incident has become one of the most anticipated plots in Young Sheldon, but considering its lax approach to continuity, not to mention its contradicting take on George, it seemed like it was going to ignore it altogether.

Timeline-wise, George’s cheating scandal should have happened towards the end of Young Sheldon season 6. However, it never happened because its storytelling was busy with other plots, including the birth of Mandy and Georgie’s daughter, Missy’s rebellion, and Sheldon’s last-minute summer trip to Germany. It also didn’t fit the show’s narrative pacing, considering that Mary and George’s marriage was on stable grounds, with no indication that either was being unfaithful despite previous run-ins with Pastor Rob and Brenda Sparks, respectively. So it’s shocking when George’s cheating incident is now seemingly going to happen in Young Sheldon season 7.


Young Sheldon Season 7 Proves That The Big Bang Theory’s Premise Was A Lie

A new character in Young Sheldon season 7 further proves that The Big Bang Theory’s premise and its original depiction of Sheldon was a lie.

Mary & George Rekindle Their Romance During Their Long-Distance Set-Up

Being apart is good for George and Mary.

Lance Barber as George looking suspicious in Young Sheldon

The Coopers remain separated, with the prequel’s final season picking up from the events of the Young Sheldon season 6 finale. Sheldon and Mary almost went home after learning about the latest Medford tornado that destroyed Meemaw’s house but were discouraged by everyone, especially considering their living situation. While phones were already readily available during the early ’90s, Mary and George resort to writing each other letters to catch up with each other in Young Sheldon season 7, episode 3, “A Strudel and a Hot American Boy Toy,” and somehow it helps them rekindle their romance despite the physical separation.

Somehow, writing to each other brings the couple back to the early days of their relationship when George was serving in Vietnam. The communication medium also helps the pair realize their true feelings for each other, with Mary uncharacteristically declaring her love for her husband. Even she admits that she doesn’t nearly verbalize her appreciation of him — something that she plans to change when she gets back home and reunites with him. Luckily, the couple won’t be separated for too long; unluckily, their reunion may soon be followed by George’s cheating incident, as previously revealed by Sheldon.

Young Sheldon Season 7, Episode 4 Trailer Teases Sheldon’s Infamous Cheating Story

Sheldon is about to walk in on his dad being intimate.

Iain Armitage as Sheldon in Young Sheldon

As confirmed by the official synopsis for Young Sheldon season 7, episode 4, Mary and Sheldon are coming back home to Texas in next week’s episode, marking the first time that all Cooper family members will be in Medford, Texas again. Besides that, however, certain details about the upcoming outing lay the groundwork for George’s cheating scandal. For starters, it is titled “Ants on a Log and a Cheating Winker,” with the latter part of the tag potentially a reference to the Cooper patriarch’s infidelity storyline.

It’s difficult to imagine that using “cheating” in the episode’s title is simply a coincidence since the show’s writers know full well how big of a topic Sheldon’s story about George’s affair is. Young Sheldon has teased the incident several times in the past, but all instances ended up as red herrings. With its ending slowly inching near, The Big Bang Theory prequel must deliver on this latest tease. Otherwise, Young Sheldon risks a massive backlash for stringing its viewers along regarding this matter without providing any narrative payoff.


Young Sheldon Season 7 Reveals The Harsh Truth About Sheldon’s The Big Bang Theory Friendships

Sheldon’s academic struggles in Young Sheldon season 7, episode 2 shine a light on the harsh truth about his friendships in The Big Bang Theory.

However, if that is not enough evidence that George’s cheating storyline is coming, the newly-released Young Sheldon season 7, episode 4 trailer teases the moment that Sheldon walks in on his dad. The promotional clip features a barrage of new scenes from the upcoming episode, with the primary focus on Sheldon and Mary’s return from Germany. However, a moment in the trailer plays out exactly how Sheldon recalled catching George in the middle of being intimate with another woman. Considering all these clues, it’s difficult to disregard the high possibility that the incident will happen in Young Sheldon season 7.

Mary Is George’s Cheating Partner Theory Explained

Sheldon’s George cheating story may be inaccurate.

Zoe Perry as Mary in Young Sheldon Season 7

That said, Sheldon may have not told the story accurately. In his conversation with Penny, he said that he came home while his mother was in bible study when he heard noises from his parents’ bedroom. When he opened the door, he found George having relations with another woman. Sheldon and his dad locked eyes, he ran to his bedroom, and they never spoke of it ever. One of the biggest indications that Sheldon was mistaken was the idea that Mary would be at a bible study, considering that she had long left Pastor Jeff’s church.

One of the theories that attempts to make sense of this whole incident claims that Mary was actually the woman in bed with George; Sheldon just didn’t recognize her for whatever reason.

Granted that Sheldon is known for having an eidetic memory, but the countless plot inconsistencies between Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory prove that he isn’t always a reliable narrator. One of the theories that attempts to make sense of this whole incident claims that Mary was actually the woman in bed with George; Sheldon just didn’t recognize her for whatever reason. Because they never discussed what went down between them, George didn’t have the chance to set the record straight with his son, and it’s highly unlikely that he would be willing to initiate that conversation himself.

Will George Really Cheat On Mary In Young Sheldon Season 7?

Young Sheldon could have gotten away with totally ignoring Sheldon’s cheating story.

Aside from Sheldon’s The Big Bang Theory story, however, there hasn’t been any indication that George is being unfaithful in Young Sheldon, particularly after his and Mary’s big hospital fight about Pastor Rob and Brenda. Granted that George was once tempted to be with Brenda, but as far as the show goes, nothing has happened between them. In addition to that, Mary and George’s recent love letter correspondence proves that they still genuinely love each other. Their recently rekindled romance while Mary is in Germany makes it all the more dubious.



Young Sheldon Season 7 Georgie Dilemma Explains His Major Big Bang Theory Change

Georgie’s dilemma in Young Sheldon season 7, episode 2 explains the major change in the character when he finally appeared in The Big Bang Theory.

It’s also worth noting that only Sheldon ever talked about George’s cheating. Despite Mary’s tendency to badmouth her dead husband in The Big Bang Theory, she never talked about him being unfaithful. Meanwhile, Georgie and Missy never really supported the negative stories about their father. Young Sheldon acknowledging Sheldon’s experience of walking in on his dad but executing this with a slight twist effectively keeps the show faithful to The Big Bang Theory canon without compromising its storytelling.

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