Young Sheldon’s Missy Actor Addresses Potential Return In Georgie & Mandy Spinoff
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Young Sheldon’s Missy Actor Addresses Potential Return In Georgie & Mandy Spinoff


  • Revord expresses readiness to move on from Missy, citing her long tenure since childhood and a desire for new opportunities.
  • Young Sheldon
    spinoff features Georgie and Mandy as central characters, with potential for appearances from other Texas-based characters.
  • The CBS spinoff may not include Missy, raising questions about continuity and the impact on the established storyline of the Cooper family.



Missy actor Raegan Revord addresses the possibility of returning as Missy in Georgie and Mandy’s Young Sheldon spinoff. Ahead of its final season, it was announced that The Big Bang Theory universe would continue on CBS beyond Sheldon’s move to California and George’s confirmed death with a new series. Centered around new parents, Mandy and Georgie, the upcoming project is expected to premiere sometime in the 2024-2025 TV season. No other cast members have been announced beyond Emily Osment and Montana Jordan, but there have been theories that other remaining Texas-based characters will also appear.

When asked about the matter, Revord has a disappointing answer. Speaking with TV Insider, the actor says that while she loves Young Sheldon, she feels like it’s time for her to move on from Missy. Read her full answer below:

“I’ve heard about the spinoff, as a lot of people have, but I haven’t personally been asked to be a part of it. I’ve been on this show since I was in a car seat, since I was eight, and I’m now learning how to drive, and I feel like it’s at the point where it’s time for me to kind of move on from Missy and see what else is out there. I’ve spent half of my life here, so I’m kind of ready to see what’s next, but I am so insanely happy for Montana. He is so talented and amazing. And I’m so happy for Emily. They’re amazing actors and they’re just going to kill it.”

Can Missy Still Appear In The Georgie And Mandy Young Sheldon Spinoff?

Raegan Revord as Missy standing in a kitchen in Young Sheldon

Ending Young Sheldon despite still being very popular was a controversial decision. Season 6 posted show-high ratings, indicating that it could continue for several more years. Instead of fully breaking canon, however, CBS and the writers found a way to maintain the franchise via Georgie and Mandy’s upcoming show. However, unless the couple and Baby Cece move out of Medford, Texas, featuring the remaining Cooper family members would be easy. If anything, it is actually mandatory to get at least Missy and Mary involved based on the established continuity.

Georgie took care of the family after George died. Mary kept appearances for Sheldon, claiming that everything was under control in Texas on the heels of her husband’s death. In reality, however, she was too grief-stricken to function, while Missy was dubbed as a “dumb teenager,” essentially saying that she was incapable of taking care of herself. Unless Georgie exaggerated his claims, then Mary and Mandy would have to at least make a couple of appearances in the new series. Otherwise, it would look like the eldest Cooper child lied about the extent of his sacrifice for his family.


Young Sheldon Season 7 Proves That The Big Bang Theory’s Premise Was A Lie

A new character in Young Sheldon season 7 further proves that The Big Bang Theory’s premise and its original depiction of Sheldon was a lie.

Revord may not have been officially asked yet to join Mandy and Georgie’s spinoff, but CBS could be holding off the conversation until after Young Sheldon ends. After all, they would want to keep the focus on ensuring that The Big Bang Theory prequel has a satisfying conclusion. If Missy’s appearance in the next show is truly not in the cards, however, hopefully, Young Sheldon can leave her in a good place.

Young Sheldon

season 7 airs new episodes every Thursday, 8pm ET on CBS.

Source: TV Insider


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