Your DualSense Controller Just Got Even Better Thanks To New PS5 Update
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Your DualSense Controller Just Got Even Better Thanks To New PS5 Update

PlayStation’s latest software update has greatly enhanced the DualSense controller’s audio and improved social features for the console.


  • The new DualSense audio upgrades allow for clearer voice chat and in-game sounds, while the microphone quality has been improved for better communication.
  • Party and Share Screen has also been improved to make for a better social experience.
  • Additional features include adjustable brightness settings, Unicode 15.1 emoji support, and overall system performance stability improvements.



PlayStation has released the new 24.02-09.00.00 update for its DualSense and DualSense Edge controllers to make for a far better overall gaming experience. The aim of the PS5’s DualSense controller has been to better immerse players with haptic feedback and dynamic adaptive triggers that respond to the types of weapons being used in-game, such as the drawing of a bowstring or pulling a pistol’s trigger.

As per the official PlayStation software update notes, the DualSense controller’s built-in speakers can now produce higher volume sound to let players hear voice chat audio and in-game sounds such as the firing of webs in Marvel’s Spider-Man or the holocom’s ringtone in Cyberpunk 2077 more clearly. The DualSense’s microphone input quality has also been improved with a new AI machine-learning model which suppresses background noise from button presses and game audio to create a better voice chat experience.


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Several Updates Have Also Been Added For PlayStation 5 Consoles

A PlayStation 5 and a DualSense controller with a vibrant background

The newest batch of updates seems focused on improving the PlayStation 5 social mechanics overall. Other than the aforementioned audio enhancements, Sony has updated the Parties and Share Screen mechanics so players watching Share Screen can use pointers and emoji reactions to interact with the host’s gameplay, letting them know a specific location on the screen, which can be useful for solving puzzles or if a player has got lost in a location.

The pointer and emoji features are available when the host turns on Viewer Interactions in the Share Screen settings.

The other features added in the 24.02-09.00.00 update include:

  • Adjustable brightness settings for the PS5’s power indicator.
    • This can be changed by going to Settings > System > Beep and Light, and then selecting Brightness.
  • Unicode 15.1 emoji is supported for use in messages.
  • The device software of the DualSense and DualSense Edge wireless controllers, PlayStation VR2 headset, PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers, and Access controller have been updated to improve stability.
  • Overall system software performance and stability has been improved.
  • Messages and usability on some screens have been improved.

This update should come as good news to players about to jump into some of the PlayStation 5’s impressive roster of games. The microphone enhancements in particular should come in handy, especially when playing hit multiplayer titles such as Helldivers 2, which is a console exclusive for PlayStation 5 with crossplay for PC.

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