YouTube is Testing AI That Will Skip Over Boring Parts of Videos
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YouTube is Testing AI That Will Skip Over Boring Parts of Videos

Do you ever watch a YouTube video only to have most of it be boring and not what you thought it was? Now, YouTube is testing an AI system that would let YouTube Premium subscribers automatically skip forward to the most important part of a video. As Google hopes, this new feature will help you skip over long parts not relevant to what you are looking for.

Google already uses similar AI systems to help you find relevant parts of videos in Google search. Looking for how to repair some parts of your car? You may have noticed how Google will recommend a specific chapter of a YouTube video about that issue instead of the whole video. Now, it seems something similar is coming to YouTube.

Details are still thin, but YouTube has started to test this feature with a small number of YouTube Premium members. Now, based on your search and other factors, YouTube will skip forward in videos to what it believes you will be more interested in if you turn this feature on. To enable this, you will double-tap on your screen to skip ahead, and there you will find a button on eligible videos to jump forward to the AI-recommended spot in the video.

Here is Google’s announcement about this feature:

Google is likely hoping this feature will help attract more YouTube viewers to pay for YouTube Premium. For now this is just a beta test and may or may not roll out to all YouTube Premium members depending on how this test goes. Google has in the past tested other features only for it to not see a full rollout after the beta test ended.

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