10 Below Deck Charter Guests Who Will Never Return To The Franchise
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10 Below Deck Charter Guests Who Will Never Return To The Franchise


  • Some charter guests on Below Deck have caused unnecessary drama and won’t likely return due to bad behavior.
  • Captain Glenn Shephard from Below Deck Sailing Yacht faced backlash from Barrie, who called him two-faced.
  • Former guest Dr. Francis Martinis will not return to Below Deck after he was arrested for faking prescriptions.



The Below Deck franchise has featured many charter guests since 2013, many of whom will never return. The Bravo series focuses on expensive charters with wealthy guests who have attitude problems and over-the-top demands. That includes Charter guest Alexis Bellino, who boarded Captain Lee Rosbach’s yacht with her boyfriend at the time, Andy Bohn. She was disrespectful and made everyone uncomfortable with her and Andy’s PDA. She even insulted crew members after featuring on the show.

Like Alexis, Delores Flora from Below Deck season 8 was a terrible guest. Not only did she misbehave, but she also got drunk and swam while intoxicated, which is not only not allowed, it frightened the crew members. Delores got kicked out of the yacht the next day. These guests created unnecessary drama on the boat and will likely never return like a few others from the franchise.


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8 Barrie & Tony

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Barrie & Tony Below Deck Sailing Yacht Talking

Barrie and Tony Drewitt Barlow had a decent time in the Below Deck Sailing Yacht seasons 2 and 3. Despite that, they left with a bitter taste because of Captain Glenn Shephard. In 2021, Barrie participated in a podcast, Pita Party: The Podcast, where he claimed that Captain Glenn bothered him while using his phone.

Barrie said, “he (Captain Glenn) was a two-face b*stard,” adding that he just didn’t like his presence.

7 Frank Fay

Below Deck Mediterranean

In Below Deck Mediterranean season 7, Charter guest Frank Fay had a thing for second stew Kyle Viljoen. He pursued him on the yacht, but unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last. Frank will likely never return to the series as long as Captain Sandy Yawn allows Kyle to work for her. Even if Kyle quits, Frank wouldn’t want to be in an environment that would remind him of his failed relationship.

6 Erica Rose

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Erica Rose appeared on Below Deck Sailing Yacht two seasons in a row. Erica was highly offensive toward the crew member, as well as her husband, Charles Sanders, and to make things worse, she left the crew with a measly tip, leading fans to slam her on social media. Ultimately, Erica had to apologize for her bad attitude but never returned to give the crew the tip they deserved. Nobody on Below Deck Sailing Yacht would ever want to return.

5 Justin Guarini

Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Justin Guarini’s time on Below Deck Sailing Yacht was not dramatic at all; however, he’ll probably never return to the series. Justin wouldn’t return because he wasn’t the primary guest. He joined his friend, Kim, who wanted to enjoy a luxury yacht trip. It was more of a one-and-done deal. Secondly, nobody recognized him at all. Viewers later realized who he was and how he was the runner-up on American Idol season 1. Justin is a theatre artist and has made a name for himself. However, it was embarrassing that so many fans had no clue who he was.


Below Deck: 8 Charter Guests With The Worst Attitudes

Some charter guests have made outrageous demands from the Below Deck crew while on the yacht. One of the guests has even taken their tips back.

4 Johnny Damon

Below Deck Mediterranean

Johnny Damon and his wife arguing with a guest on Below Deck

Johnny Damon’s time at Below Deck Med was full of explosive moments. Once, he sent the food back, citing that the experience wasn’t “five stars.” On another occasion, his wife, Michelle, created drama by yelling at the owner of another yacht. Overall, the experience was simply terrible on both sides. Crew members didn’t love Johnny and his wife, and the couple didn’t respect the crew members. It is unlikely that Captain Sandy would want to host the couple again as long as she’s in charge.

3 Krystal Murphy

Below Deck

Krystal Murphy Below Deck In Sunglasses

Former charter guest Krystal Murphy boarded Captain Lee’s yacht with her friends. She immediately began showing red flags, drinking, and just being a menace. Krystal fought with her friend, Chelsea, creating unnecessary drama. She even passed out and punched a friend in the face. Former Chief Stew Kate Chastain disliked serving Krystal and called her a “spoiled brat;” she wanted to throw her off the yacht. Nowadays, Krystal has seemingly become a more private person. It doesn’t seem like Krystal would want to be on TV again.

2 Steve Bradley

Below Deck

Steve Bradley Below Deck Clowning Around

Below Deck fans should remember Steve Bradley as he made many appearances on the show. In Below Deck season 3, he wanted a foam party and demanded the crew to figure it out and follow his commands, acting like a king. In Below Deck season 6, Steve made more outrageous requests. Apart from being a wild guest, Steve was entitled and acted inappropriately at times. No Below Deck captain would want to host him again as he didn’t come off as very likable.

1 Dr. Francis Martinis

Below Deck Mediterranean & Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Dr. Francis Martinis Below Deck montage him smilng captain sandy in sunglasses

Dr. Francis Martinis from Below Deck Med and Below Deck Sailing Yacht has a zero chance of returning. While the former charter guest didn’t have too many issues on the show, his personal life issues will stop him from appearing on Bravo again. According to TMZ, Dr. Francis and his wife, Jessica, were arrested for filling out fake prescriptions in December 2023. The couple used the names of Below Deck stars and got caught red-handed. The Below Deck franchise would never want to welcome felons, especially when their mugshots are all over the internet.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo.

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Below Deck

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