10 Best Materia To Get First In FF7 Rebirth
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10 Best Materia To Get First In FF7 Rebirth

Different Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth can be collected in the first Chapters of the game to give your party magic, support, or other buffs that give them the best tools to overcome early obstacles. There are five types of Materia that you can get, but each offers something unique. Equipping these items will give you great tools to excel against any enemy your team faces.



One of the types of Materia you can use is red Summon Materia, used to conjure powerful allies like Ifrit or the Phoenix in FF7 Rebirth. However, you can only have one summon equipped for your whole team that can only be called upon in limited scenarios. For this list, the other four types of Materia will be prioritized since you can attach more of them to party characters.

The four types of Materia are green Magic Materia which grants various spells, blue Support Materia which boosts other Materia, yellow Command Materia that unlocks new non-magic abilities, and purple Independent Materia which improves character traits.

10 Fire And Ice Materia (Green)

How To Get: Receive From Chadley for Grasslands Data Points

FF7 Rebirth Fire and Ice green Magic Materia with info description



Fire and Ice

Allows you to use Fire and Ice magic.

An early Magic Materia you can get is Fire and Ice, which lets you cast Fire and Blizzard with whichever character has the item equipped. Having two spells available from just one Materia slot in FF7 Rebirth opens up more room for other Materia in your gear. Upgrading this magic into Fira, Firaga, Blizzara, and Blizzarga can give you great spells for exploiting enemy elemental weaknesses too.

9 Auto-Cast Materia (Blue)

How To Get: Receive From Chadley for Grasslands Data Points

FF7 Rebirth Auto-Cast blue Materia with info description




Allows an ally to automatically use spells with the linked Materia when not actively controlled during battle.

The AI-controlled teammates in your party normally don’t use spells on their own without the Auto-Cast Materia linked to another Materia on their gear. With the chaotic nature of combat, it can be difficult to switch between characters on the fly to cast specific magic to help your party. The regular settings for combat in FF7 Rebirth make it hard to direct others without taking control of them and casting spells yourself.

Attaching Auto-Cast to a pre-existing Materia essentially directs a party member to use that magic during battle. For example, a piece of gear with two linked Materia slots can be filled with Auto-Cast and a simple green magic Materia like Healing. This allows that character to cast Healing on other teammates even when you don’t have control over them, giving you the freedom to do other tasks.

8 Enemy Skill Materia (Yellow)

How To Get: Complete “Know Thine Enemy” Biological Intel

FF7 Rebirth Enemy Skill yellow Materia with info and upgrades description



Enemy Skill

Allows you to learn certain enemy techniques and use them as abilities. The Sonic Boom ability can be used by default.

The Enemy Skill Materia gives you a new way to learn abilities stolen from enemies you meet throughout your adventure. Typically, new weapons obtained for certain characters are the only way for them to gain skills. For example, Barret’s Fafnir Rifle in FF7 Rebirth gives him a new ability that he can learn and master over time as long as he continues to use the new weapon in battle.

Improving the Enemy Skill Materia by earning AP will also let you increase the Max HP of a character, as well as their MP, Strength, and Magic stats at future levels.

Completing more Biological Intel in Chadley’s Combat Simulator will allow you to gain other skills to use from analyzed enemies. You may need the yellow Assess Materia to fully understand different creatures to use their traits in FF7 Rebirth. Despite the effort it takes to get these new abilities, each of them has strong skills that could be a great help against tougher opponents.

7 Cleansing Materia (Green)

How To Get: Buy at Costa Del Sol for 1,500 Gil or Reach Level 2 Junon Region Intel




Allows you to use curative spells.

Some of the best Materia in FF7 Rebirth have straightforward traits, including the green Cleansing Materia whose magic lets you heal status effects. The Poisona, Esuna, and Resist spells tied to the improvement of this item all cure ailments that endanger your party members. The hardest fights in the game oftentimes include one or more enemies who impose harmful conditions, so this Materia is a reliable tool to have.

According to a video by YouTube creator Battle Trance, the highest enhancements for this Materia also allow you to cleanse all debuffs applied to your team. This makes Cleansing one of the best Materia to level early in FF7 Rebirth to unlock the Resist spell fast. Having this magic gives you a chance to save remedy items in your inventory until whatever character with this Materia runs out of MP.

6 MP Up Materia (Purple)

How To Get: Complete Red XIII Combat Training

FF7 Rebirth MP Up purple Materia with info and upgrades displayed




Increases your max MP. This bonus cannot exceed +30% when more than one is equipped.

Purple Materia like MP Up tend to raise characters stats, with this item boosting a party member’s resource used to cast spells through other Materia. Multiple MP Up Materias stack their bonus, giving you a way to build someone on your team into the ultimate magic caster. Simply being able to use more offensive or defensive spells gives your team more opportunities to damage enemies or buff allies in FF7 Rebirth.

5 Precision Defense Focus Materia (Purple)

How To Get: Purchase from Vending Machines for 300 Gil

FF7 Rebirth Precision Defense Focus purple Materia with info and upgrades displayed



Precision Defense Focus

Improves the functionality of blocking with perfect timing.

One of the first Materia you get in the game is Precision Defense Focus, but this item should be something you consider buying for every member of your team. Precision Blocking comes from timing a block with an enemy’s attack, making you immune to damage and knocking your foes away. Some characters, like Red XIII, have unique mechanics that revolve around doing this technique frequently in battle.


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This Materia makes it easier to pull off a Precision Block, especially as you earn AP to improve this item more and more. With the right upgrades, you can even increase an enemy’s stagger or prevent binding attacks from any foe you encounter. With this Materia being so cheap from Vending Machines, you can easily grab a few to greatly bolster your party’s defensive capabilities in FF7 Rebirth.

4 HP Up Materia (Purple)

How To Get: Purchase at Kalm or Vending Machines for 2,000 Gil

FF7 Rebirth HP Up purple Materia with info and upgrades displayed




Increases your max HP. This bonus cannot exceed +30% when more than one is equipped.

Similar to the MP Up Materia, HP Up raises your character’s max health instead of their magic points. This item can turn a character into a tank build, giving them more health to take hits from even the strongest enemies and bosses you fight throughout FF7 Rebirth. Equipping multiple HP Up Materia on a single party member can help you face challenging high-level monsters in the early regions of the game.

3 AP Up Materia (Blue)

How To Get: Discovered in a Chest within Mythril Mine




Increases the amount of AP earned for linked Materia.

One of the rarest Materia you should get is AP Up, a blue Materia that links to another in a character’s gear slot. This Materia boosts the amount of AP earned for whatever Materia is linked to it, allowing you to upgrade your favorite Materia quickly. As you can see in a video by YouTube creator Arekkz Gaming, you can obtain this Materia fairly early after you progress past the Grasslands region in Chapter 2.


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AP is earned by simply using the spells or abilities granted by a Materia, but improving them can be a slow and often tedious process. Linking AP Up to a Materia with powerful upgrades can enhance your best magic before you reach the mid-section of FF7 Rebirth‘s expansive story.

2 First Strike Materia (Purple)

How To Get: Complete “Horror on the Range” Grasslands Battle Intel

FF7 Rebirth First Strike purple Materia with info and upgrades displayed



First Strike

Increases how full the ATB Gauge is at the start of battle.

The First Strike Materia affects the most important resource for all the characters in your party – ATB. When you enter a battle, your team has to build ATB to use their strongest abilities, consume items, or cast any sort of magic in FF7 Rebirth. Having this Materia equipped will give you ATB right away so you don’t have to spend as much time using basic attacks to fill the resource needed to do other actions.

1 Item Master Materia (Purple)

How To Get: Purchase from Under Junon or Vending Machines for 1,000 Gil



Item Master

Increases the effectiveness of items used in battle.

The best Materia you should look for first is Item Master, a purple orb that enhances all the items you use in battle. This affects everything you collect or buy, including Potions, Phoenix Downs, Elixirs, and so much more. Your recovery items are able to restore your party members better, while any buffs applied from basic items are made far better with this Materia being used in FF7 Rebirth.

According to a video by YouTube creator PhillyBeatzGames, this Materia gets even stronger as you level it up. Even at its first level, it can improve a basic Potion’s healing by nearly 100 points, so improvements to this item could be truly ridiculous as you earn AP for it. The best Materia to get early in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth are the ones with the most potential, which would certainly include Item Master.

Source: Battle Trance/YouTube, Arekkz Gaming/YouTube, PhillyBeatzGames/YouTube

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