10 Biggest Unanswered Questions & Mysteries After Death & Other Details Season 1
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10 Biggest Unanswered Questions & Mysteries After Death & Other Details Season 1

Warning! This article contains SPOILERS for Death and Other Details season 1.




  • Death and Other Details season 1 finale answered big questions but left viewers with a new mystery.
  • Despite cheating, Eleanor and Toby survived the game in the season 1 finale.
  • A new body found at the end of the Death and Other Details season 1 finale could set up a second season.

Death and Other Details wrapped up season 1 with a two-part finale that answered many major questions for viewers, but a cliffhanger ending opened up a new mystery. Death and Other Details season 1 revolved around the mystery of the murders of Imogene’s mother, Kira, and Rufus’ right-hand man, Danny. Death and Other Details episode 8 set up an explosive season finale in which the identity of Danny’s killer, Viktor Sams, was revealed. The shocking plot twist revealed that Kira faked her own death and became Viktor Sams, leaving Imogene behind.

The Hulu murder mystery series kept viewers on the edge of their seats episode after episode with more murders, killer clues, red herrings, and surprising reveals. After 10 action-packed episodes, the Death and Other Details season 1 finale finally told the full story of Kira’s disappearance and Viktor Sams. Though most of the main characters were able to survive the season, some of their fates have been left up in the air. While the Death and Other Details characters got some closure from the reveals, viewers still have questions that need answering.


Death & Other Details Season 1 Ending Explained

The Death and Other Details season 1 finale saw the major reveal of Viktor Sams and the truth behind what happened to Imogene’s mother, Kira.

10 How Did Llewellyn Help Blackmail Celia?

How old is Llewellyn?

Jere Burns As Llewellyn In Death And Other Details.jpg

Death and Other Details episode 8 showed Celia’s backstory through a series of flashbacks that featured Llewellyn, who offered her hush money on behalf of the Collier family. However, the flashbacks took place 50 years before the present-day events of the series, meaning Llewellyn would have had to have been working for the Colliers for that amount of time or longer. While Death and Other Details used a younger actress to play Celia in the flashbacks, Jere Burns played Llewellyn in both the past and present.

Jere Burns himself is 69 years old, which would have made Llewellyn around 19 years old when he started working for the Colliers as their lawyer. On the other hand, Lisa Lu, who plays the older version of Celia, is 97 years old, much older than Burns and the rest of the Collier family. This is likely just a plot hole in Death and Other Details, as it would make more sense for Lawrence’s father to have been in charge when Celia’s husband died.

9 Why Didn’t Eleanor & Toby Die In The Death And Other Details Season 1 Finale?

Eleanor & Toby both cheated in the game

Eleanor Chun Sitting In Death And Other Details.jpg

Despite telling the passengers on the SS Verona that they would all die if they lost the game, everyone except Brad and his friends survived the Death and Other Details season 1 finale. Brad and his friends were killed for cheating in the game, as don’t cheat was one of the few rules Viktor Sams set. However, they weren’t the only ones who cheated. To win the game and a seat on the rescue helicopter, one had to be part of a group of the eight highest bidders.

When Celia refused to participate, Eleanor, who had no access to her family’s funds, made a deal with Andreas and Viktor Sams where she’d be a straw bidder to draw up prices in exchange for a free seat. The deal easily could have been a trap for Eleanor, but it wasn’t. Father Toby also cheated by deceiving Lawrence Collier into writing him a check for him to purchase a seat. Viktor Sams may not have known about what Toby did, but her knowledge of Eleanor’s cheating should have resulted in her death per the rules of the game.

8 Why Is Sunil The Only One Going To Prison?

The team has blackmail that could put multiple people in prison

In the Death and Other Details finale, Sunil was under house arrest, awaiting trial. He told Imogene that his lawyer thought his chances were poor, and he’d likely be going to prison for his work for Viktor Sams. While Sunil should be held accountable for his actions, many other characters could and should be in the same position as well.

Though most of the guilty characters were killed–Alexandra, Llewellyn, Katherine–some survived the Death and Other Details finale and were punished in other ways. Both Kira and Imogene didn’t see the point in sending Lawrence Collier to prison because of his dementia. However, Anna was complicit in Collier Mills’ actions as well, and with the blackmail Viktor Sams had collected that the team turned over to the FBI, she could easily be prosecuted.


Hulu’s New Murder Mystery Breaks A Mike Flanagan Actor’s Impressive 4-Year TV Show Streak

Hulu’s Death and Other Details counts on the talent of one of Mike Flanagan’s frequent collaborators, breaking a four-year TV show streak in two ways.

7 Why Wasn’t Andreas Arrested?

Andreas should have been arrested with Kira

Christian Svensson As Andreas Windeler In Death And Other Details.jpg

At the end of the Death and Other Details season 1 finale, Andreas showed up at Anna’s home with a mission for her from Viktor Sams. This scene occurred after Kira was arrested and Viktor Sams’ operation was raided by the FBI. With all the evidence gathered and Imogene’s six-month-long plan to get her mother arrested, Andreas should have been arrested along with her. How Andreas managed to escape wasn’t addressed, but will surely cause some problems if Death and Other Details is renewed for a second season.

6 Will Anna & Leila Get Divorced?

Leila hasn’t signed the papers

Leila & Anna Sitting In Front Of Computer In Death And Other Details.jpg

In Death and Other Details episode 5, Leila asked Anna for a divorce when she realized that Anna would always see her as crazy and would never believe her. Even after cheating on her with Eleanor, Anna still wanted to make her and Leila’s marriage work. By the end of Death and Other Details season 1, Anna was struggling with substance abuse issues and was having sexual relationships with other women, but Leila couldn’t leave her.

Despite all of Anna’s flaws, she’d stood by Leila and done her best to support her, and Leila wanted to return the favor. Leila and Anna may not have a happy ending in Death and Other Details, but they haven’t divorced yet. However, Leila doesn’t know that Anna killed Katherine and has been recruited by Viktor Sams, which will probably be her last straw.

5 Who Was The Dead Body At The End Of Death And Other Details Season 1?

The mystery begins all over again

Imogene & Rufus Talking With Keith's Dead Body In Background In Death And Other Details.jpg

At the very end of the Death and Other Details season 1 finale, Imogene, Teddy, Leila, and Jules discovered a new dead body while skiing. The body had been dismembered and parts were falling from the ski lift above. A face was never shown, so it’s unclear if it was the body of a Death and Other Details character or someone random.

If it was the work of Viktor Sams’ team, it would be much different from their past murders. Viktor Sams favored poison or explosions, impersonal kills, while this kill was gruesome and clearly took some time. Who was discovered at the end of Death and Other Details season 1 and who killed them will likely be the biggest question of a potential Death and Other Details season 2.

4 Was Viktor Sams Going To Kill Katherine?

Katherine died before the game could start

Anna Standing Behind Her Mother Who Is Sitting Down In Death And Other Details.jpg

Viktor Sams had a plan for everyone who played a part in the murder of the Collier Mills factory members via Captionem Blue. Lawrence was poisoned with the very same substance, which caused his dementia, while Alexandra and Llewellyn were poisoned with ricin. Since Anna killed Katherine, Viktor Sams never had a chance to get to her. Still, it would be hard to believe that they didn’t have a plan in store for her, as she helped cover up her husband’s crimes and likely knew about the hit he placed on Kira.

3 Why Did The Colliers Investigate Kira’s Death?

The Colliers wanted her gone

A month before Kira’s death, Lawrence put out a hit on her, but it was unsuccessful as Kira ended up killing her attempted murderer instead. Lawrence obviously knew Kira survived that first attempt and likely would have put out another hit, but that wasn’t explored in the Death and Other Details season 1 finale. Before the Colliers could get to her again, Kira faked her own death.

Following this, the Colliers hired Rufus to find Kira’s murderer. Since Lawrence had played a part in her death, him hiring the so-called greatest detective in the world would have come back to bite him. Eventually, it did, as Rufus wound up suspecting the Colliers. Though the Colliers eventually fired him, it raises the question of why they hired him in the first place, as they had wanted Kira dead in Death and Other Details.

2 Where Is Winnie?

Winnie was keeping her location from Teddy

Annie Q. Riegel As Winnie In Death And Other Details.jpg

When the SS Verona exploded in the Death and Other Details season 1 finale, everyone was able to escape alive, including members of Viktor Sams’ team. After Winnie confessed to killing Danny in Death and Other Details episode 4, she was kept in a cell on the ship. When she escaped, she cut off contact with her sister Teddy, who was still looking for her in the finale. Teddy seems to want to protect Winnie, but she’s understandably hiding as the FBI knows what she did.

1 Will Everyone’s Secrets Be Revealed?

The team gave the servers to the FBI

When Imogene first confronted Kira/Hilde in the Death and Other Details season 1 finale, she did so as a diversion. Right before the ship sank, Teddy, Leila, Jules, and Sunil collected Viktor Sams’ servers to rescue them. Eventually, they turned the servers over to the FBI as evidence to arrest Kira, but they also had blackmail material on them. In the FBI’s custody, it could not only be used to arrest more Death and Other Details characters in a potential second season, but also expose their secrets; the Colliers in particular.

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