10 Most Bizarre Theories About From Season 2
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10 Most Bizarre Theories About From Season 2


  • From
    is filled with mysterious character connections and supernatural creatures, sparking wild theories about the town’s secrets.
  • New characters and eerie nursery rhymes in From season 2 have fans speculating about time travel and unexpected twists.
  • The monsters in From may actually be Irish fairies, with clues pointing to water as a way for characters to escape the town.



From season 2’s growing mysteries have yielded numerous theories about the town’s truth, including bizarre speculations about character connections and the forest’s creatures. The MGM Plus series From is helmed by the executive producers of Lost, an iconic TV show similarly notorious for its mysteries, twists, and theories about the characters’ entrapment. In From, characters from around the country drive into a mysterious American town and become trapped, with the location also being home to terrifying monsters that hunt humans at night, supernatural occurrences, and a history seeped in tragedy.

With the addition of several new characters upon the arrival of a bus, From season 2 has enhanced the show’s mysteries while increasing speculation about new characters and their roles in the town’s curiosities. In addition to peculiar new characters, From season 2’s ominous new nursery rhyme and music box have led to an abundance of new theories about the dangers that lie ahead. Ranging from Tabitha’s true role in the series to speculation regarding time travel and unexpected character connections, there are plenty of wild From theories for season 2, some of which could very well be accurate.

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10 The Boy In White Is Tabitha & Jim’s Son Thomas

Thomas Died Falling Off A Changing Table

The Boy in White waving in From.

One of the most bizarre From theories regarding From’s trapped characters is that the mysterious Boy in White, who has often been seen by Ethan and Victor, is actually the deceased son of Jim and Tabitha. Shortly before Jim and Tabitha arrived at the town in From season 1, their infant son Thomas died falling off a changing table when the couple was distracted by a ringing telephone. One Reddit theory claims that Jim and Tabitha’s son Thomas has manifested as a young child known as the “Boy in White.”

The Boy in White often appears to characters like Ethan, Victor, Sara, and — as of From season 2, episode 9 — even Elgin, either guiding them or speaking to them in visions. The theory that the Boy in White is actually Thomas suggests that From’s town and the inexplicable events are happening inside the mind of Jim during experimental psychotherapy. As such, Jim sees his deceased son as slightly older and dressed in white as a guiding light for the town’s outcasts.

However, one hole in this theory is that the Boy in White has been appearing to Victor since long before the Matthews family arrived in town. It’s unclear exactly when and how Victor arrived in From’s town, but the Boy in White had been appearing to him for decades before Thomas had even been born.

9 Elgin Is Ellis & Fatima’s Baby

Elgin Arrived On The Bus After Traveling From The Future

Nathan D. Simmons as Elgin looking worried in From.

A particularly wild theory about From season 2’s characters is that Elgin, a young adult who arrived on the bus from the season 1 finale, is actually the grown child of Ellis and Fatima. From season 2 revealed early on that Fatima is pregnant, which frightened her because she had previously been told that she couldn’t have children. The supernatural forces of From’s town seem to have given Fatima and Ellis a miracle baby, but one Reddit theory suggests that their future child will lead to a much more mind-bending revelation.

According to one From theory, Elgin arrived on the bus after traveling from the future. The theory speculates that the current Elgin will die for Fatima and Ellis, leading them to name the baby after him. Later on, their baby/Elgin escapes with the rest of the town, only for the cycle to restart when Elgin rides on a bus into town. Elgin has an odd familiarity with the town when he arrives in From season 2, so the theory explains this by suggesting that he grew up there, escaped, and then returned through the town’s teased time travel properties.


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8 Randall Is Right About The Town (& Tillie Is The Mole)

Tillie Predicted Fatima’s Pregnancy

Tillie looks at the sky in From season 2

Alongside Jim, From season 2’s new character, Randall, is convinced that the town and its inexplicable elements are part of an experiment. In the experiment, one character is a mole who is deceiving the others that are trapped. A theory on Reddit claims that Randall and Jim’s suspicions are correct and that the new character Tillie is in on the experiment.

After arriving on the bus, Tillie notably brought morphine around Marielle, somehow knew that Fatima was pregnant, and did a rain dance while acting unaffected by her new predicament. Whether Tillie is a mole, a supernatural being sent by From’s town, or just another oddly suspicious resident, the theory seems to hold some water as unexpected twists are bound to be revealed.

7 Fatima Will Give Birth Way Sooner Than Nine Months

Her Pregnancy Could Last Just A Few Days

Fatima and Ellis look concerned in From

Another From season 2 theory reveals that Fatima will give birth to a full-term baby, but the pregnancy will be much shorter than in the outside world. The town appears to have healing powers and an advanced timeline that moves faster than normal, which could apply to Fatima’s pregnancy.

Considering From’s timeline has seemingly only covered a few weeks across two seasons, it’s unlikely that the show would carry on Fatima’s pregnancy for several more seasons. According to the Reddit theory, Fatima’s pregnancy will likely only last a few days or weeks rather than approximately nine months before she gives birth, or there will be a massive time jump between From seasons 2 and 3.


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6 From’s Monsters Are Actually Fairies

They Could Be Slaugh, Which Are Fairies From Irish Mythology

Character looks through the woods in From

One of the most persistent theories about From’s mysterious monsters throughout the series has been that they’re mythological fairies. From has still yet to explain the exact origins and creature specification of the monsters, but much evidence has pointed to them being fairies.

A detailed Reddit theory explains that the monsters are Sluagh, which are fairies from Irish mythology. Like From’s monsters, Sluagh draw people into a separate fairy world, have connections to blackbirds, steal the souls of the dying and sad, can be evaded by staying indoors after dark, and are torturous when hunting for pleasure. It’s still unclear what the monsters will be, but their similarities to these mythological fairies are hard to deny.

5 From’s Characters Can Get Home Using The Water

There Have Been Several Allusions To Water Throughout Season 2

For as long as people have been trapped in the town, they have also been trying to find ways to escape. So far, From’s characters have yet to find a way to get home, but one Reddit theory suggests that they will be able to do so by traveling on water. At the end of From season 2, episode 7, Elgin has a dream in which he is drowned in the bathtub by a mummified Fatima.

According to the fan theory, the mummy is trying to tell Elgin to go to the lake as a way for him to leave the town. There have also been other allusions to water through Kenny’s dream, Ethan’s Cromenockle story, and Boyd’s wish to get a boat, which makes the theory about escaping through the lake hold more water.


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4 From’s Characters Are All Dead Or In Comas

The Town Could Be Purgatory, Just Like The Common Lost Theory

Kenny, Elgin, Julie, and Boyd in From season 2 episode 9

Mysterious TV shows often trace back to one age-old theory: They’re all dead, in a coma, or in a dream. This was notably the biggest theory for the TV show Lost, which shares multiple executive producers and a lead actor with From. Therefore, it’s not surprising that many would also believe that From’s characters are actually dead or in a coma, with the town being their purgatory or nightmare. While each character could have arrived after perishing in crashes on the road, it’s highly unlikely that this theory will actually come to fruition in From’s series ending.

3 The Symbol Jade Sees Is A Map Of From’s Town

The Faraway Trees Shifting Locations Explain the Different Versions Of The Symbol

Like Christopher 40 years prior, Jade is overwhelmed by visions of a symbol in the town. According to one theory on Reddit, the symbol is a map that indicates the faraway trees, which is why there are several different versions of the symbol. The faraway trees are known to shift locations around the town, but the symbol that appears to Jade could be updating him on where they are and when they move. Alternatively, it may be a map of the town at large, though more clues are needed to pinpoint what the various lines indicate.


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2 From’s Characters Will Discover Another Town Like Theirs

Another Town Could Exist On The Other Side Of The Forest

From season 2 cast

Much like the Others in Lost, one Reddit theory claims that From’s characters will stumble upon another community like theirs within the town’s limits. Another town could exist on a different road from where the current characters drove in, perhaps on the other side of the forest that Boyd and Sara didn’t even journey all the way through. Considering how many people have entered From’s main town since season 1, it’s not entirely unreasonable that the mysterious location is pulling in souls from a different spot.

1 Tabitha Is The “Cromenockle” From Ethan’s Books

The Theory Suggests Victor Is The Lonely Dragon Too

One compelling theory on Reddit suggests that Tabitha is the fictional Cromenockle in Ethan’s stories. Ethan reveals that in the books, the Cromenockle visits the cave of the lonely dragon, is given a map, and isn’t lost anymore. The theory elaborates that Tabitha is the Cromenockle while Victor is the lonely dragon, with the map she seeks being in one of Victor’s drawings. Ultimately, Victor’s drawings would tell the story of the Cromenockle, which may be Tabitha’s destiny in From.

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