10 Coolest Helldivers 2 Armors, Ranked By Design
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10 Coolest Helldivers 2 Armors, Ranked By Design


  • Armor stats play an important role in
    Helldivers 2
    , but it’s equally important to look good on the battlefield.
  • Various armor sets like Battle Master, Physician, and Breaker offer unique visuals and passives.
  • The coolest armor in the game happens to have an incredibly good passive ability, but it’s sadly no longer available.



Despite being deep in the trenches of a galactic war, Helldivers 2 forces can still look pretty cool with some of the impressive armor options available. Eradicating the rising alien threats in the galaxy while spreading the good word of Super Earth’s managed democracy can be a tough job and one that requires only the best of outfits. Although the armor worn will undoubtedly become covered in dirt, blood, and bullet holes, that is no excuse not to look good.

As a third-person shooter, players get every opportunity to see their character in Helldivers 2, with its focus on multiplayer co-op meaning squad mates will as well, and therefore, it is important to choose some of the best armor pieces to look as cool as possible. Although armors have different passives and stats, and more will be added in the new Cutting Edge Warbond, this list is based purely on looks. After all, the more awesome the armor, the less likely a player’s character is to be hit by friendly fire… maybe.


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10 FS-23 Battle Master Is Ready For The Frontlines

Body Armor Passive: Fortified

Helldivers 2 Armor FS-23 Battlemaster

The FS-23 Battle Master Armor set looks like a solid piece of armor, giving more of an appearance of a mech suit than an operative, with subtle details such as yellow highlights in just the right spots. One shoulder guard pops upward into what can be used as a face shield if someone feels they need extra protection. This armor set must be purchased from the free Warbond and includes the FS-23 Battle Master armor, FS-23 Battle Master helmet, and the matching Judgment Day cape.

9 CM-14 Physician Looks Stylish & Will Help You Stay Alive

Body Armor Passive: Med-Kit

Helldivers 2 Armor CM-14 Physician

The colors on the CM-14 Physician armor set are a beautiful combination of emerald green, pearlescent white, and ruby red. The colors are striking without being too obvious on the battlefield. Like the Battle Master set, this Physician body armor set must be purchased from the free Warbond and includes the CM-14 Physician armor, CM-14 Physician helmet, and the Blazing Samaritan cape. Fitting for the Physician title, it includes the Med-Kit passive that increases the holding capacity of Stims by two, and increases their effect duration by two seconds.

8 CE-74 Breaker Is Colorful & Practical

Body Armor Passive: Engineering Kit

Helldivers 2 Armor CE 74 Breaker

Helldivers 2‘s CE-74 Breaker armor set feels like a cross between something from Star Wars and PowerWash Simulator, with the best qualities of both. The armor’s flavor text reads, “A domestic version of this armor is available for citizens who wish to perform efficient home renovation projects,” which just makes the entire ensemble even more fantastic. The Breaker armor set includes the CE-74 Breaker armor and CE-74 Breaker helmet and can be purchased from the Superstore.


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7 B-24 Enforcer Perfectly Fits The Super Earth Tone

Body Armor Passive: Fortified

The B-24 Enforcer armor set is another that can be purchased from the Superstore, and looks like one of the most official outfits available. Its classic authoritarian-style helmet with the blue and white design of the armor could be used on Super Earth to break up riots. It does not have its own cape, and the set includes the B-24 Enforcer armor and helmet. According to its flavor text in the in-game Armory, this armor set also helps with posture.

6 SC-15 Drone Master Is Fashionable & Tactical

Body Armor Passive: Engineering Kit

Helldivers 2 Armor SC 15 Drone Master with scout helmet

For efficient camouflage on dark and dusty planets, the SC-15 Drone Master armor is as useful as it is stylish. The cool outfit has pockets for everything a Helldiver would need while sneaking through alien lands and even includes an Engineering kit that increases the inventory and holding capacity of grenades by two. Although the SC-15 Drone Master set has a helmet as well as armor, it works well to pair the armor with the Scout helmet instead for some snazzy goggles.


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5 CE-35 Trench Engineer Is A Bright Fashion Statement

Body Armor Passive: Engineering Kit

The vibrant orange design of the CE-35 Trench Engineer armor set may not be the most subtle form of camouflage, but its bright color may help to avoid some of the true accidental friendly fire prevalent in the game. This look is a stylish one which, if it didn’t have shoulder guards, could work well as a racecar driver’s suit with some tweaks, only offering much better protection against bullets. The set is available for purchase from the Warbond and includes the Trench Engineer armor and helmet as well as the Tideturner cape.

4 TR-7 Ambassador Of The Brand Is Only For The Most Gung-Ho Helldivers

Body Armor Passive: Extra Padding

Helldivers 2 Armor TR 7 Ambassador of the Brand

Although one of the most striking and coolest armors in the game, unfortunately, the TR-7 Ambassador of the Brand armor set was only available as part of the pre-order bonus for Helldivers 2. Even still, this promotional armor provides a bright blue and white look that will be easily spotted on the field, for better or worse, as well as a special armor passive of Extra Padding.

3 SA-32 Dynamo Is A Sleek Armor Set

Body Armor Passive: Servo-Assisted

Helldivers 2 Armor SA 32 Dynamo With Helmet

Perhaps wearing nearly all white is not an ideal choice when headed into a bloody battle in dirty alien bug-filled terrain, but when it is clean, the SA-32 Dynamo is a beautiful set of armor. This set can be purchased from the Steeled Veterans Premium Warbond, which must be unlocked for 1,000 Super Credits before being able to buy anything from it. Once unlocked, however, the SA-32 Dynamo is an incredible-looking choice for the most stylish of Helldivers, as long as this white outfit is not worn after Labor Day.


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2 CM-09 Bonesnapper Offers Protection & Good Looks

Body Armor Passive: Med-Kit

Helldivers 2 Armor cm 09 Bonesnapper With Helmet

CM-09 Bonesnapper is a stunning green and white armor set that can be purchased from the Warbond. It includes the CM-09 armor, CM-09 helmet, and The Cape of Stars and Suffrage. Like the Physician armor set, CM-09 Bonesnapper armors can increase the holding capacity and effect duration of Stims. That said, if someone had a choice between receiving aid from a Physician or a Bonesnapper, typically the one that does not have “bone snapping” in their title would be chosen, despite the coolness of their armor.


1 TR-9 Cavalier Of Democracy Looks Great & Saves Lives

Body Armor Passive: Democracy Protects

The coolest armor in the game is sadly no longer available as itwas part of the special pre-purchase bonuses. The TR-9 Cavalier of Democracy set turns a military operative into a glorious noble knight of old. Its in-game flavor text says, “Bearers of this armor ride no equine mount, but are nonetheless borne to battle atop the trusty steed of Liberty.”

As well as being very stylish, the armor comes with an incredible passive that provides a 50% chance that the character will not die when taking lethal damage. Additionally, it stops all damage from chest wounds. These bonuses make it not only the coolest and best looking, but one of the most useful armor sets in Helldivers 2.

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