7 Best Weapons For Aerith
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7 Best Weapons For Aerith

The best support character for your party is undoubtedly Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, but this kind soul can fiercely protect her friends if you find her best staff weapons. Aerith excels at long-range combat, casting spells that can buff her allies or debuff enemies. Many skills learned from new weapons found in story Chapters also deal plenty of damage, allowing Aerith to fight on her own.



Similar to Red XIII’s weapons in FF7 Rebirth and the tools of other party members, Aerith has seven total weapons you can collect throughout the game. Most of these items are found in rare purple chests hidden in explorable areas you visit in certain Chapters. However, some are given as rewards for completing quests or getting high scores in mini-games you discover during your adventure.


FF7 Rebirth: 7 Best Weapons For Yuffie

The skilled ninja Yuffie has several weapons you can find in FF7 Rebirth that give this white rose of Wutai many of her best abilities for combat.

7 Wizard’s Rod

Where To Get: Mt. Corel in Chapter 7

FF7 Rebirth Wizard's Rod Aerith weapon with stats and ability description



Proficiency Bonus

Lustrous Shield

Conjure a magical shield that keeps enemies at bay and stops projectiles.

Defend against an enemy’s attack (one time only while active).

The Wizard’s Rod gives Aerith the ability to protect her from other enemies that utilize long-range attacks, which can be quite useful against some foes. Creating a shield to prevent enemies from damaging Aerith lets her cast spells from the best Materia in FF7 Rebirth you’ve managed to collect on your travels. However, stronger abilities from other weapons provide better protection than this skill.


10 Best Materia To Get First In FF7 Rebirth

Materia are special items that let you cast spells and boost your best stats in FF7 Rebirth, but the first Chapters of the game have a limited supply.

6 Guard Stick

Where To Get: Default Weapon in Chapter 2



Proficiency Bonus

Arcane Ward

Conjure a ward. Attack spells cast within the ward will automatically be cast twice.

Activate the effects of the ward (one time while the ward is on the field).

Aerith’s starting weapon in FF7 Rebirth is the Guard Stick, whose ability teaches you how strong this flower saleswoman can be with the right magic. Any spell cast within the circular Arcane Ward Aerith activates happens twice for the same MP cost. For example, using Fira from the Arcane Ward shoots two fireballs at a targeted enemy instead of just one, giving you more flexibility in combat.

According to a video by YouTube creator NorZZa, Aerith casting magic twice is central to some of the character’s strongest builds later on. This ability is one you’ll want to continue using even as you reach later Chapters and collect new weapons. Unfortunately, the Guard Stick is only as strong as the Materia you have, so you won’t get to reach the max potential of Arcane Ward until much later in FF7 Rebirth​​​​​​.

5 Timeless Rod

Where To Get: Bill’s Chocobo Ranch in Chapter 2

FF7 Rebirth Timeless Rod Aerith weapon found from purple chest



Proficiency Bonus

Chrono Aegis

Raise a barrier that damages and temporarily freezes enemies who attempt to strike you.

Strike an enemy and inflict Stop.

Similar to the Wizard’s Rod, the Timeless Rod activates a protective shell to prevent enemies from hurting Aerith. Chrono Aegis does something different though, casting the spell Stop on enemies when activated to lock foes in a temporal prison for a short time. This damages whichever enemies are hit and allows other team members to attack those who were threatening Aerith instantly.

This attack does not work on some bosses, especially Summon creatures such as the Titan in FF7 Rebirth. This ability works best against groups of enemies that try to overwhelm your party while you travel through large regions. Some Materia obtained later in the game also let you cast Stop on enemies, which could be a better use of ATB than for Chrono Aegis, but it depends on who you have on your team.

4 Gambanteinn

Where To Get: Temple of the Ancients in Chapter 13

FF7 Rebirth Gambanteinn Aerith weapon with stats and ability description



Proficiency Bonus

Noble Sacrifice

Sacrifice yourself to revive fallen allies, restore their HP, and remove detrimental status effects. Costs 2 ATB.

Activate when an ally is in critical condition or unconscious.

Gambanteinn is the last weapon you can get as Aerith, giving you the ability to make the ultimate sacrifice to save your team. This skill knocks Aerith unconscious while restoring the health of all party members to full and removing any harmful conditions. The expensive 2 ATB cost of this ability makes it hard to use in combat, but it could save your team from losing a battle in a pinch.

As Aerith goes down to revive other members of your party with this ability, you need to build ATB fast to either cast Revive on her or use a Phoneix Down on Aerith to bring her back up quickly.

3 Empress’s Scepter

Where To Get: Under Junon Inn in Chapter 4



Proficiency Bonus

Radiant Ward

Conjure a ward that grants invincibility when casting spells. Strengthen’s Aerith’s basic attacks.

Finish off an enemy with a standard attack launched within the ward.

The Empress’s Scepter is one of the easiest weapons to find in FF7 Rebirth, as you can see in a video by YouTube creator Backseat Guides. The Radiant Wards acts like the Arcane Ward but chooses to buff Aerith’s defense rather than offense. Becoming invincible whenever you cast a spell allows you to always use magic without having to worry if an enemy will knock you out of the casting animation.

One of Aerith’s weaknesses is her basic attack damage not having as much of an impact on enemies like Cloud or Tifa’s weapons in FF7 Rebirth. Aerith’s normal role as a support character can sometimes be a liability in battles where you need to deal lots of damage to a tougher enemy or boss. This ability gives Aerith more power in a fight, giving her the tools needed to keep up with fellow teammates.

2 Ceremonial Staff

Where To Get: Village of the Gi in Chapter 10

FF7 Rebirth Ceremonial Staff Aerith weapon with info and ability description



Proficiency Bonus

ATB Ward

Conjure a ward. Fill ATB charges within the ward to increase your allies’ ATB gauges.

Activate the effects of the ward (one time only while the ward is on the field).

The Ceremonial Staff‘s Ward ability is the best among weapons that place similar magical circles onto the battlefield. Putting an ATB Ward near an important boss can boost your party’s ATB gain exponentially for that fight, making it easier to use stronger attacks and abilities. Items and summons also rely on ATB, so the more you can build, the better chances you have at adapting to a battle to achieve victory.

1 Plumose Rod

Where To Get: Shinra Manor in Chapter 12



Proficiency Bonus

Ray of Judgment

Fire an energy burst that hits multiple times. Increased stagger damage bonus.

Strike a staggered enemy.

Stagger is not something Aerith typically engages with unless it relates to an enemy’s elemental weakness from a spell. The Plumose Rod weapon in FF7 Rebirth gives Aerith her best offensive ability in the game, allowing her to stagger some enemies with the same efficiency as someone like Tifa. Some players, like YouTube creator JorRaptor, consider this to be Aerith’s best weapon because of this skill.

When combined with ATB Ward, you can fire Ray of Judgment blasts against an enemy multiple times, raising their stagger incredibly quickly. This allows you to pull off amazing combinations with your team, setting you easy Limit Breaks against even the most challenging bosses. The best weapons for Aerith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth overcome this mage’s weaknesses to create a balanced character with no negative traits.

Source: NorZZa/YouTube, Backseat Guides/YouTube, JorRaptor/YouTube

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