10 Most Surprising Captain America & Deadpool Moments
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10 Most Surprising Captain America & Deadpool Moments


  • Deadpool and Captain America aren’t the most iconic duo in Marvel Comics history, but their team-ups are legendary.
  • Some of the most shocking moments include Deadpool traveling back in time to fight with Captain America during WWII, Deadpool getting recruited onto the Avengers by a Captain America clone, and Deadpool getting cut in half by Captain America’s shield.
  • There are plenty of surprising moments in Captain America and Deadpool’s adventures – these are the 10 best ones!



Deadpool and Captain America don’t sound like a classic team-up the way some others do, like Deadpool and Cable, Captain America and Black Widow, or either of them and Wolverine. Despite that, however, Deadpool and Captain America have actually teamed up quite a bit throughout their shared Marvel Comics history – and some of them are downright shocking.

Sure, the very idea of Deadpool and Captain America teaming up may come as a surprise to some, but the real ‘shock factor’ doesn’t come until these two are on a mission together, as some of the things they experience would be enough to surprise anyone. Here are the 10 most surprising Captain America and Deadpool moments in Marvel Comics!


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10 Deadpool & Captain America’s First (Chronological) Team-Up was During WWII

Cable and Deadpool #45 by Fabian Nicieza and Reilly Brown

When his time travel device goes on the fritz, Deadpool (and Hydra Bob) find themselves trapped in the 1940s during World War II, where Deadpool runs into none other than Captain America (and Bucky). The two of them fight valiantly on the front lines against the Nazis and – by extension – Hydra.

The idea of Deadpool fighting side-by-side with Captain America might be a surprise in and of itself, but the two of them teaming up after Deadpool accidentally travels back in time is undeniably shocking.

9 Deadpool is Recruited onto the Secret Avengers by ‘Captain America’… While Buying a Burrito

Deadpool #27 by Daniel Way and Carlo Barberi

Deadpool’s been known to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time on numerous occasions, but none have been as dramatic as this one. While doing something as innocuous as buying a burrito, Deadpool stumbles upon an international terrorist/arms dealer who is about to be raided by Captain America and the Secret Avengers.

While he never got the burrito, Deadpool was recruited by Captain America on the spot to join the Secret Avengers – which might be the most surprising thing to come out of that moment.

8 Deadpool’s Secret Avengers Team-Up with ‘Captain America’ Wasn’t with Steve Rogers at All

Deadpool #28 by Daniel Way and Carlo Barberi

After going on a few missions with his new Secret Avengers teammates, Deadpool is suddenly (and violently) faced with the grim truth: these aren’t the Secret Avengers, and Deadpool wasn’t recruited by Captain America. The ‘Avengers’ Deadpool was fighting with were clones created by Dr. Bong, and when the Merc with a Mouth found out, he promptly shot every clone he found right through their skulls.

Finding out these Avengers were clones the whole time was undoubtedly surprising, even if it did kind of explain how Deadpool was so quickly recruited by Captain America to begin with.

7 Captain America & Deadpool Successfully Pull Off the ‘They’re the Clone’ Trope

Deadpool #29 by Daniel Way and Carlo Barberi

Deadpool with Captain America and a clone Captain America.

They’re the clone, shoot them!” “No, they’re the clone, shoot them!” are lines of dialogue that have been uttered seemingly since the dawn of time across every conceivable medium in the history of entertainment. The ‘clone’ trope is perhaps the most overdone and annoying trope out there, yet somehow, Deadpool and Captain America actually make it work, and they do so by subverting the trope itself.

The differences between the two Captain Americas are obvious. It’s clear practically right away which one was the clone, yet Deadpool played out the entire trope like it was a mystery. The scene is absolutely hysterical, with the only surprise being how Deadpool and Captain America actually pulled off a trope this utterly insufferable.

6 Deadpool Shocked Captain America & Readers Alike… By Making Sense

Deadpool #15 by Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, and Declan Shalvey

Captain America, Deadpool, and Wolverine.

This issue marks the beginning of one of Deadpool’s most iconic storylines: ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly’, and it starts with Deadpool trying to recruit Wolverine and Captain America for a very important mission. Wade learned that people were being kidnapped and experimented on by a mysterious villain, and given Wolverine and Captain America’s experience being involved in super-soldier projects, Deadpool went to them for help.

When Deadpool approached Captain America and told him about the mission, Cap responded by saying he was terrified by the fact that he actually followed Deadpool’s line of logic. In short, Deadpool was actually making sense, something that literally shocked Captain America in this comic, and assuredly surprised readers themselves.

5 Captain America Fell Victim to the Very Thing Deadpool Warned Him About

Deadpool #16 by Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, and Declan Shalvey

Captain America and Wolverine frozen in a lab.

Apparently, Deadpool didn’t make as much sense as Captain America gave him credit for (and was audibly shocked by), as Cap and Wolverine both found themselves in the very situation Deadpool tried to warn them about. Deadpool stumbles upon both Captain America and Wolverine frozen in the lab that was just ripping him to pieces.

Fans thought Wolverine and Captain America were relatively safe somewhere while Deadpool handled this mission alone, but instead, they fell victim to the organization Deadpool was at war with – and the moment that’s revealed is a major surprise.

4 Deadpool Works with Old Man Cap to Make Sure Wolverine STAYS Dead

Death of Wolverine – Deadpool and Captain America #1 by Gerry Duggan and Scott Kolins

Deadpool working with Old Man Cap.

One would think – especially after everything that happened during The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – that the next time Deadpool and Captain America team up again, it would be perhaps to save Wolverine, as opposed to ensuring he stays dead. But, no matter how surprising it may be, this mission undertaken by Wade and Steve involved stealing a sample of Logan’s DNA before his body could be reconstructed following his iconic demise in the Death of Wolverine.

These two were doing this as a kindness to their fallen friend, but on the surface, it seems weird that Captain America would work with Deadpool to keep Wolverine dead rather than doing everything they could to bring him back, as is the norm in comics.

3 Deadpool was So Nervous to Meet Captain America… He Tried to Kill Him

Deadpool #31 by Gerry Duggan and Matteo Lolli

Captain America fighting Deadpool.

In this issue, Deadpool reflects on his life as it relates to Captain America. Wade recalls loving Cap as a kid, he reflects fondly on the many times they’ve teamed up, and he even thinks about the first time he met Captain America. During that meeting, Deadpool tried to kill Captain America, which makes sense given Deadpool’s standing as a murderous villain in the early days of his Marvel Comics career, but the reason why he wanted to kill him is decidedly shocking.

What’s interesting, and most surprising, about Deadpool’s first encounter with Captain America isn’t that he tried to kill him – that’s obvious – it’s that he only did so because he was too starstruck to tell Rogers how he really felt about him, and thought killing him was the only way to ease that anxiety.

2 Deadpool’s Most Badass Captain America Team-Up WASN’T with Steve Rogers

Captain America: Symbol of Truth #2 by Tochi Onyebuchi and R.B. Silva

Deadpool fighting with Sam Wilson's Captain America.

While Deadpool may have been so starstruck meeting Steve Rogers that he tried to kill him, nothing can top the badass team-up between Deadpool and an entirely different Captain America: Sam Wilson. Sam comes across Deadpool while tracking down an international criminal dealing in super-soldier serum and vibranium. Together, they wipe out a small army of villainous soldiers, all while they hold an entire conversation as easily as if they were having dinner together.

Out of all the times Deadpool worked with Steve Rogers, it’s interesting that his most badass mission with a Captain America ended up being with Sam Wilson, though not too shocking, as Wilson is a famously hardcore Captain America.

1 Deadpool Got Cut in Half with Captain America’s Shield

Uncanny Avengers #4 by Gerry Duggan and Javier Garrón

Deadpool getting cut in half by Captain America's shield.

After basically all of mutantkind was wiped out in a single night following the Hellfire Gala Massacre, Captain America formed a rag-tag team of mutant and non-mutant heroes to fight the organization responsible, Orchis. On that team was Deadpool, who promptly got himself sliced in half during the mission the Uncanny Avengers went on in this issue.

While the sight of Wade Wilson’s body mutilated beyond recognition isn’t that shocking for Deadpool fans to see, the surprising bit was that Deadpool was cut in half by Captain America’s shield, making this easily one of their most memorable team-ups, and one of the 10 most surprising Captain America and Deadpool moments in Marvel Comics.

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