After 65 Years, Green Lantern’s Iconic Romance Is About to Change His Life Forever
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After 65 Years, Green Lantern’s Iconic Romance Is About to Change His Life Forever


  • After 65 years, Hal Jordan’s romance with Carol Ferris is set to change his life forever in
    Green Lantern
  • Carol wrestles with her feelings and makes a life-changing decision that could put her at odds with Green Lantern.
  • The return of Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire could dramatically alter Green Lantern’s iconic romance with her.



After 65 years, Green Lantern’s iconic romance with Carol Ferris is about to change his life forever. Since his first appearance, Hal Jordan has had an on-again, off-again relationship with Carol Ferris. In recent issues of Green Lantern, Hal and Carol’s love affair has taken center stage, and in a first look at issue 11, it promises to change his world forever.

DC recently shared their April/May solicitations, including Green Lantern #11, which will be written by Jeremy Adams and drawn by Xermanico and Kevin Maguire. Since Hal’s return to Earth, Carol Ferris has been forced to reexamine her relationship with him, and these matters will come to a head in Green Lantern #11.

Green Lantern #11 (2024)

Green Lantern 11 Cover

Release Date:

May 14, 2024


Jeremy Adams


Xermanico, Kevin Maguire

Cover Artist:


Variant Covers:

Doc Shaner, Dave Johnson, Ian Churchill

How do you move on from the person you’ve loved your entire life? How do you start over? Carol wrestles with her feelings as she makes a choice that will change her and Hal’s lives forever. Meanwhile, Hal faces off against the United Planets, hoping to bring to light its corrupt members and reestablish the Green Lantern Corps once and for all! Plus, Guy Gardner has caught his man…or has he? Things go from bad to worse to exponentially strange as Guy attempts to get his prisoner and himself back to Oa in one piece!

While DC has remained coy about what Carol’s decision will be, it could see her once again wield the violet light of love as Star Sapphire. However, given the somewhat unpredictable and brutal nature of being a Star Sapphire, this could put her at odds with Green Lantern.

Carol Ferris Is THE Love of Hal Jordan’s Life

Carol and Green Lantern Have Had a Rocky Romance

Star Sapphire is but one chapter in the turbulent life of Carol Ferris. Debuting alongside Green Lantern in 1959’s Showcase #22, Carol Ferris has been an integral part of the mythos. The primary love of Hal Jordan’s life, Carol has also at times been Green Lantern’s boss and other times a villain. However, given the nature of Hal’s job, which often takes him away from Earth, he and Carol decide to break it off. Recently, the United Planets assumed command of the Green Lantern Corps and promptly exiled Hal Jordan to Earth.

Hal’s return to Earth has coincided with a return to Carol Ferris’ life. With Green Lantern Earth bound for the foreseeable future, there is plenty of time to not only reflect on his relationship with Carol, but also an opportunity to rekindle it. Since Hal Jordan’s return, Carol has shown she still cares about him. In the recently released Green Lantern #8, Carol is visibly concerned about Hal’s safety after his fight with Sinestro. At the same time, she is clearly struggling with her feelings for Hal. Hal is confident Carol still loves him, but is willing to wait.

Will Carol Ferris Return as Star Sapphire?

What Will Star Sapphire’s Return Mean for Green Lantern?

Image of Carol Ferris kissing Hal Jordan

Yet how much longer Hal will wait remains to be seen, as will its effect on Carol. In the past, Carol was the villainous Star Sapphire, drawing on the violet power of love. An unknown force has been attacking the power batteries of various Lantern Corps, and the Star Sapphires could be next in line. Carol could very well become a Star Sapphire again to help Green Lantern track down who is responsible. Even if they are successful, such a decision could alter Green Lantern’s iconic romance with Carol Ferris after 65 years.

Green Lantern #11 is on sale May 14 from DC Comics!

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