10 Reasons Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott Return Won’t Be Enough To Rescue Scream 7
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10 Reasons Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott Return Won’t Be Enough To Rescue Scream 7


  • Neve Campbell’s return as Sidney Prescott may not be enough to save Scream 7 due to various issues with the troubled sequel.
  • Tara and Sam’s story, set up as new heroes, cannot be ignored in Scream 7, making Sidney’s focus challenging and potentially alienating.
  • Bringing back Sidney for the fourth time could ruin the Scream franchise’s chronology and absence of supporting characters from Sidney’s era.



While Scream 7 bringing back Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott is good news, this will not be enough to save the troubled slasher sequel for a variety of reasons. Not all of the Scream movies and TV shows have replicated the magic of the original hit, but 2022’s reboot Scream was a critical and commercial success. Controversy hit the franchise when original star Neve Campbell’s Scream VI salary negotiations fell through. Campbell’s Sidney didn’t appear in Scream VI, which then failed to replicate its predecessor’s acclaim.

The controversy is only continuing as production for Scream 7 begins. In November 2023, Scream VI‘s upcoming sequel Scream 7 was met with trouble when Melissa Barrera was removed and Jenna Ortega exited production, leaving the next installment of the franchise without its two biggest stars and without a clear direction. In an attempt to steady the ship, Scream 7 has finally succeeded in bringing back Neve Campbell to reprise her role as Sidney Prescott. While this is exciting from one perspective, Sidney’s presence will not be enough to save the already-doomed sequel.


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10 Scream 7 Needed To Continue Tara and Sam’s Story

The series centered on Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega and Melissa Barrera’s characters, Tara and Sam, were set up as the franchise’s new heroes in Scream 2022 and Scream VI, and that move facilitated the sequel cutting Campbell’s role. Scream VI losing Sidney made the reboot trilogy wholly Sam and Tara’s story, so Scream 7 cannot simply drop them now that the original Scream movie’s star has returned. Tara and Sam have been integral for the past two movies, and their story remains very much unfinished. Their absences are not a loose end that the return of any familiar face, not matter how popular, can cover up, especially given the controversial nature of Melissa Barrera’s departure.

9 Scream 7 Can’t Replace Tara and Sam

A new Scream heroine won’t work

Melissa Barerra's Sam and Jenna Ortega's Tara look scared in front of Ghostface projection in Scream 6.

Scream 2022 introduced Melissa Barrera’s Sam as a replacement for Sidney and Scream VI continued this plot. As such, it would be transparent and desperate if Scream 7 introduced a new heroine for Sidney to mentor instead. However, if the sequel takes the opposite approach and focuses on Sidney herself, then Scream 7 will be abandoning the entire premise of Scream 2022 and Scream VI. Either way, the overarching story of the new trilogy is irretrievably ruined without Barrera’s return, and even more so without Jenna Ortega.

8 Scream 7 Can’t Focus On Sidney Herself

Sidney being Scream 7’s main character makes no sense

If Scream 7 does attempt to focus on Sidney, the movie will have a hard time convincing viewers to invest in Campbell’s character. Scream 2022 revealed that Sidney led a happy, stable life with her Scream 3 love interest, Patrick Dempsey’s Mark Kincaid, and the reboot even saw her taking two nameless children for a walk in a stroller. Viewers have not seen any of these life developments happen onscreen, however, so Scream 7 would need to spend valuable time setting up Sidney’s wholesome family life, only to then wreck it.

7 The Scream Movies Already Gave Sidney 3 Perfect Endings

Sidney’s Scream franchise story has already ended (thrice)

Neve Campbell's Sidney Prescott in a doorway wielding a gun in Scream 2022.

Not only would Scream 7 bringing Sidney back undo her stable home life, it would be the fourth time the series has pulled this trick. Scream 3‘s optimistic closing scene, Scream 4‘s triumphant comeback, and Scream 2022‘s supporting role all confirmed that Sidney was finally content, safe, and at peace. Any of these could have been perfect endings, so upending the heroine’s life for a fourth time would just be needlessly tragic. Eventually, the Scream franchise’s chronology has to move away from Sidney’s story – and resist the urge to come back to it.

6 Scream 7’s Sidney Story Has Too Few Supporting Characters

Sidney has no one left to turn to from earlier Scream movies

Kirby looks concerned in Scream 6.

Another major issue that Scream 7‘s Sidney comeback faces is the fact that the franchise no longer contains any supporting characters from Sidney’s era. Dewey is dead, which leaves just Gale. Sidney did meet Scream 4‘s Kirby Reed, but they hardly know each other, so their reunion would not be particularly poignant or meaningful. Dempsey’s Kincaid barely even appeared in Scream 3, so even he is not much of a legacy character. Furthermore, Scream2022 already revealed that Sidney was in a relationship with him, so his presence would not be a surprise. Scream 7 with Sidney as the star sounds like a lonely proposition.

5 Scream 7’s Stu Macher Comeback Wouldn’t Work

Matthew Lillard’s recent horror success works against Scream 7

Matthew Lillard as Stu and Ghostface in Scream 6.

Like Kincaid’s comeback, Matthew Lillard’s return as Scream‘s Stu Macher would no longer be a surprise after Scream VI blatantly implied that Stu is still alive. Moreover, Lillard already plays the villain of Five Nights at Freddy’s, one of the biggest horror franchises in the world as of 2024. As such, it is no longer an exciting or novel shock to see him reprise the role of Scream‘s villain, but rather a mere extension of his existing career trend.

4 Sam & Tara’s Exits Make Scream VI’s Supporting Stars Pointless

Scream VI’s supporting cast have no part to play in Scream 7

Mason Gooding as Chad Meeks-Martin wearing a hoodie while Ghostface wields a knife in Scream VI.
Custom image by TC Phillips

Scream 2022 and Scream VI gave Chad and Mindy solid roles, but both of them relied on Sam and Tara’s continued presence to remain relevant in Scream 7. Chad and Mindy don’t have narrative arcs beyond their “Core Four” connections to Sam and Tara, meaning their Scream 7 returns would amount to very little on their own. In particular, Chad’s blossoming romantic relationship with Tara in Scream VI is guaranteed to be a lingering unresolved Sam and Tara storyline if he returns in Scream 7.

3 Scream 7’s Kevin Williamson Return Isn’t That Exciting

The iconic screenwriter isn’t known for his directorial work

Courtney Cox and Neve Campbell in the Scream movies
Custom image by Yeider Chacon

While some Scream franchise fans may be excited to see Kevin Williamson now involved in Scream 7 as the replacement director for Christopher Landon, viewers should not pin their hopes on the franchise veteran. Williamson wrote the first two Scream movies, but will be directing Scream 7. The only movie that he has directed before was the 1999 flop Teaching Mrs. Tingle, and there is little reason to think that the scribe’s skillful writing will extend to masterful work behind the camera.

2 Sidney’s Scream 7 Return Means It Can’t Entirely Ignore Sam & Tara

Referencing Tara & Sam’s story is inevitable

Melissa Barrera's Sam and Jenna Ortega's Tara sit and talk in a theatre in Scream VI.

Scream 7 cannot simply ignore Sam and Tara after their Scream 2022 and Scream VI plot was so closely linked to Sidney. On the other hand, mentioning their existence in any context is likely to generate anger over the circumstances of Barrera’s controversial firing. Ignoring the duo would also make viewers understandably angry, since they were the franchise’s beloved heroines, meaning Scream 7’s story is now trapped in a lose-lose situation when it comes to Tara and Sam.

1 Sidney Leading Scream 7 Doesn’t Bring Back The Reboot’s Generation Of Fans

Scream’s younger generation appeal was reliant on its reboot cast

Since the Scream series has already been rebooted twice, Scream 7 cannot afford to start over again. While Sidney is still a beloved character by all generations, it can’t be ignored that the reboot movies’ success was driven by their appeal to a new generation. Scream 2022 and Scream VI featured younger characters who could connect to younger audience members, whereas Sidney’s return will appeal more to original fans and those from the Scream 4 era. As such, Scream 7 is still doomed, despite Neve Campbell’s comeback.

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