First Superhero with Endometriosis Arrives in History-Making New Comic
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First Superhero with Endometriosis Arrives in History-Making New Comic


  • Luz La Luminosa
    sheds light on endometriosis with empathy and skill, delivering a superhero story with real-world impact.
  • Luz La Luminosa
    is the brainchild of writer and philanthropist Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez who sought to raise awareness of endometriosis after knowing several people affected by it.
  • Luz La Luminosa
    is never preachy, and balances real world concerns with high-flying heroics.



Luz La Luminosa, the first superhero with endometriosis, has arrived in a history-making new title. Writer and philanthropist Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez, creator of the La Borinquena comic book, has unveiled the newest addition to the universe: Luz La Luminosa, a Chinese-Dominican woman with fantastic powers, as well as endometriosis, a condition affecting one in ten people with a uterus, and the book looks to raise awareness.

Luz La Luminosa #1 is written by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez and drawn by Elkys Nova Diaz. Luz La Luminosa appeared previously in issues of Lo Borinquena, and this issue quickly brings readers up to speed on her history, as well as an awesome glimpse of her bioluminescent powers. The high-flying heroics are balanced with the very real world concern of endometriosis, which affects Luz. Through Luz, Miranda-Rodriguez educates readers on this condition, and how it impacts those it touches.

Luz La Luminosa #1 handles the topic with remarkable sensitivity and empathy, creating a book that is both entertaining and educational.

Endometriosis Is a Serious Condition, and Luz La Luminosa Is Raising Awareness

Luz La Luminosa Is Educational, But Never Preachy

Two panels of Laz La Luminosa talking with her doctor about endometriosis

Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is the creator of the La Borinquena universe. The titular heroine is a patriotic symbol for Puerto Rico, and is powered by the island’s history. Miranda-Rodriguez and his collaborators have expanded La Borinquena to other comics, including Luz La Luminosa. Acclaimed actress Rosario Dawson partnered with Miranda-Rodriguez for a special one-shot graphic novel that saw her team up with La Borinquena. Miranda-Rodriguez also oversees the La Borinquena grants, which helps Puerto Rican charities, and the sales of the title, and Luz La Luminosa, help further its work.

The release of Luz La Luminosa #1 coincides with both International Women’s History Month and Endometriosis Awareness Month, and the book does an amazing job at educating its audience on the topic. A condition affecting women and people with a uterus, endometriosis is marked by painful menstruation and intercourse, as well as chronic pelvic pain. Endometriosis can severely impact a person’s quality of life, and a number of women close to Miranda-Rodriguez are affected by it, which inspired the creation of Luz La Luminosa.


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Luz La Luminosa Handles Its Topic With Empathy and Sensitivity

The Book Suceeds Wildly In Raising Awareness of Endometriosis

Image of Laz La Luminosa, with her head above water

Luz La Luminosa #1 is not only an engaging read, but an educational one as well. Readers learn about endometriosis: its symptoms, causes and potential treatments. The book is never once didactic, incorporating facts and statistics in a way that works organically with the story, which Miranda-Rodriguez and Nova Diaz handle with skill, showing that even a powerful hero can be sidelined by endometriosis. An essay in the back provides a general overview of endometriosis, as well as a list of resources. The publication of Luz La Luminosa will make history, showcasing the first superhero with endometriosis.

Luz La Luminosa #1 is on sale now from

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