2024’s Game Of Thrones Replacement Confirmed By Gory 2-Minute Scene That Makes It A Must Watch
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2024’s Game Of Thrones Replacement Confirmed By Gory 2-Minute Scene That Makes It A Must Watch

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Shōgun episode 4.




  • Shōgun has been compared to Game of Thrones, and while the shows are very different, they do share similarities.
  • Shōgun episode 4’s gruesome ending proves the show can be as violent as Game of Thrones.
  • Shōgun will only get more intense now that the war is inevitable.

Shōgun is the perfect Game of Thrones replacement audiences were waiting for, and this brutal two-minute scene proves it. While Shōgun and Game of Thrones are very different shows with very different premises, it is difficult not to compare FX’s new historical epic with HBO’s game-changing fantasy series. Shōgun is the second TV adaptation of James Clavell’s book of the same name, the first being the record-breaking Shōgun mini-series aired on NBC in 1980.

One of the biggest differences between Shōgun and Game of Thrones is how the former borrows a lot from true events, namely because most of the fictional characters in Clavell’s novel are based on real historical figures. Shōgun is set in 1600 and tells the story of Lord Yoshii Toranaga, based on Tokugawa Iyeasu, as he forges an alliance with the William Addams-inspired John Blackthorne amidst an internal power struggle. Like Game of Thrones, Shōgun has an extensive cast of characters, all of whom have their own agenda and are willing to wage war to accomplish it.

Shogun Episode 4’s Cannon Scene Proves Why The Show Is A Worthy Game Of Thrones Replacement

Shogun episode 4 ended with some gruesome deaths

Shōgun episode 4’s ending included the show’s most gruesome moment so far – a two-minute scene in which several samurais are brutally killed after being fired at with cannons. The latest Shōgun episode saw John Blackthorne, who is English and just arrived in Japan, training Lord Toranaga’s regiment on foreign tactics ahead of an inevitable war between them and those loyal to the Council of Regents. The cannons were supposed to be used in training and for a demonstration, yet Lord Toranaga’s son recklessly decided to use them against Nebara Jozen and the other samurais.



Real-Life Inspiration

Yoshii Toranaga

Hiroyuki Sanada

Tokugawa Ieyasu

John Blackthorne

Cosmo Jarvis

William Adams

Toda Mariko

Anna Sawai

Hosokawa Gracia

Kashigi Yabushige

Tadanobu Asano

Honda Masanobu

Kashigi Omi

Hiroto Kanai

Honda Masazumi

Ishido Kazunari

Takehiro Hira

Ishida Mitsunari

Jozen and the other samurais were there on behalf of Ishido and the Council of Regents, who can be considered enemies of Lord Toranaga. Yoshii Nagakado wanted to prove his value and show that he was not a spoiled child but rather a warrior, leading to the shocking attack against the regents’ samurais. Shōgun’s cannon scene was as disturbing as Game of Thrones’ deadliest moments not only because of how violent it was but also because it was a reckless decision made by a naïve character that will now lead to an even bloodier conflict.

’s cannon scene was gruesome and proved how violent the series can be, but it was not there just for shock value.

Shogun’s Battle Scenes Will Only Get More Intense

The war has begun in Shogun

Yoshii Nagakado wielding his sword in Shogun

The battles in Shōgun had so far been mostly political, with each side playing a complex game of lies and deception. Shōgun episode 3 did feature a quick battle in the forest as well as an intense escape scene involving ships, but none of them were as deadly and brutal as episode 4’s cannon scene. Nebara Jozen’s death will be taken as an act of war, meaning that Shōgun will only get deadlier going forward. As Lady Mariko pointed out after Jozen was killed, the war has now begun. Although Lord Toranaga wasn’t there, his son’s actions will have consequences.


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The best thing about Game of Thrones‘ battle scenes is how they were either the conclusion of a storyline or the beginning of a new one. This is something Shōgun has also nailed, as none of the deaths and battles in the show so far have felt gratuitous. Shōgun’s cannon scene was gruesome and proved how violent the series can be, but it was not there just for shock value. These deaths will accelerate the war and force Lord Toranaga’s hand now that there will be retaliation from Lord Ishido.

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Shogun is an FX original mini-series set in 17th Century Japan. Shogun follows John Blackthorne, who becomes a samurai warrior but is unknowingly a pawn in Yoshii Toranaga’s plan to become Shogun. The series stars Cosmo Jarvis as John Blackthorne and Hiroyuki Sanada as Yoshii Toranaga, along with Anna Sawai, Tadanobu Asano, and Yûki Kedôin.

Cosmo Jarvis , Hiroyuki Sanada , Anna Sawai , Tadanobu Asano , Yûki Kedôin


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