Discovery’s Ending, Says Executive Producer
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Discovery’s Ending, Says Executive Producer


  • Executive producer Alex Kurtzman promises a satisfying finale for Star Trek: Discovery season 5 without any loose ends.
  • Season 5 was not originally planned as the final season, but additional filming allowed for a complete and fulfilling ending.
  • Kurtzman feels grateful for the show’s successful five-year run and the dedication of fans who have continued to support Star Trek.



Star Trek executive producer Alex Kurtzman says Star Trek: Discovery season 5’s finale ends in a way that feels “satisfying” without loose ends. Star Trek: Discovery season 5 premieres Thursday, April 4, on Paramount+, and it’s the final season of the show headlined by Sonequa Martin-Green as Captain Michael Burnham. Discovery season 5 originally wasn’t produced to be the final season, but Paramount+ allowed the production additional filming to create “a coda” that wraps up the series.

Prior to the world premiere of Star Trek: Discovery season 5 at SXSW, executive producer Alex Kurtzman spoke to Screen Rant, and he was asked how it felt to end Discovery, which was the first new Star Trek series on Paramount+. Kurtrzman spoke about how Discovery season 5 already had “the benefit of feeling like it was about endings,” and he was filled with gratitude on behalf of Disco‘s cast and crew.

At first, I think we felt a lot of things, one of which was ‘Wow, we really picked the right topic to hit our last season with.’ It doesn’t feel like, ‘Oh wait, we were on a different train. And now you’re ending on a cliffhanger, you’ll never find out the answer.’ [Season 5] actually is a very complete story that has the benefit of also feeling like it’s about endings. And that wasn’t really intentional, at least not consciously intentional, but the studio did allow us to come in [and] do a coda. And I think what that really let us do is end the series in a way that feels satisfying, so that nothing’s really left dangling.

Very emotional for everybody, but mostly gratitude. Honestly, it’s been an unbelievable run. Five years of any show these days seems like a miracle. And it feels like most people, based on the watch patterns that I understand, seem to check out after two seasons of anything. And so, I think we just felt like the fact that our fans have stayed with us and have continued to grow with each iteration of Star Trek is really is beautiful.

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