Apex Legends Studio Is Reportedly Working On A New Titanfall Game
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Apex Legends Studio Is Reportedly Working On A New Titanfall Game

A new rumor claims Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment is developing a new game in its beloved, but dormant, Titanfall franchise.


  • Respawn Entertainment is reportedly working on a new Titanfall game involving Titans, but it’s not Titanfall 3.
  • Fans shouldn’t expect a game with online multiplayer and single-player campaign.
  • EA also canceled Respawn’s Star Wars shooter due to budget cuts and layoffs in early 2024.



As fans desperately hope for news on a new Titanfall game, a recent rumor may be what they’re looking for. Given Titanfall 2‘s disappointing sales numbers, despite its popularity among critics, the franchise has grown dormant as developer Respawn Entertainment shifted its focus to the live-service battle royale shooter Apex Legends. Yet in the years that followed the sequel’s launch, it’s become a cult classic title with a healthy player base who want more insight into the series’ future.

Per video game insider and journalist Jeff Grubb on X (formerly Twitter), Respawn Entertainment is currently working on a new Titanfall game:

In an attempt to set expectations, Grubb stated that fans of the series shouldn’t hold out hope for Titanfall 3 but did note that the project does involve the titular mech suits in some capacity. Speaking further on his show Game Mess Mornings, Grubb elaborated that the development of the mysterious project is helmed by Titanfall director Steve Fukuda and confirmed that it will be set in the same universe, but emphasized that it will not be “a game with online multiplayer and a single-player campaign.”


Titanfall’s Universe Is More Interesting Than Battlefield

The setting of Titanfall has much more narrative potential than the planned shared universe for Battlefield, and already includes Apex Legends.

Could Titanfall 3 Still Happen?

Titanfall 3 Expectations

Following Titanfall 2‘s disappointing launch in 2016, many have questioned whether publisher EA would ever greenlight Titanfall 3 given that the game eventually found such a dedicated audience. Over the years, many reports have suggested that a threequel will likely never come to fruition since Respawn Entertainment found substantial success with Apex Legends, a game that it shadow-launched in 2019 and continues to actively support to this day. Aside from that, the studio is already developing an as-yet-untitled Star Wars strategy game and some fans speculate it could also be working on another Star Wars: Jedi title.

Did EA Cancel Respawn’s Star Wars Shooter?

Titanfall 3 Development Schedule Respawn Entertainment

Beyond the reports that Respawn is working on another Titanfall game, the developer was also in the process of producing a Star Wars first-person shooter that would have seen players taking on the role of a Mandalorian. Details on the project are scarce but before development began in earnest, EA canceled the title due to severe budget cuts and layoffs in early 2024. Insiders have suggested the Mandalorian game would have seen players exploring the Star Wars galaxy in their own ship as they set out on a journey to collect bounties and make their name as a fierce mercenary.

Source: @JeffGrubb/X, Giant Bomb/YouTube

Titanfall 2 Game Key Art

Titanfall 2

October 28, 2016

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