Hogwarts Legacy Player Discovers Unsolved Salazar Slytherin Mystery
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Hogwarts Legacy Player Discovers Unsolved Salazar Slytherin Mystery


  • A Hogwarts Legacy player has found a mysterious glyph in the Slytherin common room, sparking community speculation on hidden secrets.
  • Some think it could be used to denote a secret room or even an alternative entrance into the Chamber of Secrets.
  • Another Reddit user delved into cut content suggesting each Hogwarts House may have had a secret room and treasure.



A Hogwarts Legacy player has discovered a strange compass related to Salazar Slytherin, leading to a great deal of speculation among the community. Given the game’s gigantic scale and the number of secrets available for fans to discover, it stands to reason that some content would remain hidden nearly a year after its launch. Yet the question remains: is this discovery a secret or cut content?

Posted to Reddit by u/CaptainFancyPants13, the user shared a couple of screenshots of the pond in the Slytherin common room, drawing particular attention to a strange glyph drawn on one of the stones in the water:

The player was unable to interact with the symbol, and following the direction it was pointing didn’t lead to any new discoveries. This spurred the community into examining what the stone could represent, with many suggesting that it could be used to denote a secret room or even an alternative entrance into the legendary Chamber of Secrets.


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Is The Chamber of Secrets in Hogwarts Legacy?

Sebastian and his uncle in front of Hogwarts Castle at night.

Reddit user No_Scarcity_1682 may have provided the answer regarding the strange glyph’s purpose, commenting that after delving into the game’s code, they uncovered several pieces of cut content that suggest each Hogwarts House was intended to have a secret room and treasure. The image of the Slytherin common room’s map features a symbol on what appears to be a pebble sitting alongside a water lily. Given the similarity between the images, it makes sense that the stone was intended to be a part of a longer side-quest that ultimately didn’t make it into the final version of Hogwarts Legacy.

The Basilisk’s home may be one of the most iconic locations in Harry Potter, but the Chamber of Secrets does not feature in Hogwarts Legacy. Players can still investigate the entrance to the Chamber by entering the girl’s bathroom on the second floor, but they won’t be able to open it. Some players have suggested that the gigantic snake that terrorized Hogwarts can be found moving through Slytherin’s common room, but this just turned out to be a bug that allowed a Kraken to swim through the building.

Could Hogwarts Legacy’s Treasure Rooms Be DLC?

Sebastian Sallow casting the Imperio curse in Hogwarts Legacy. His eyes are glowing bright green.

While Hogwarts Legacy may have proved popular with fans of the franchise upon its release in 2023, many players were quick to ask whether developer Portkey Games had any plans for post-launch Hogwarts Legacy content. The studio confirmed in early 2024 that it’s working on bringing more features to the game through updates and patches, including bringing a previously PlayStation-exclusive quest over to other platforms. Specific details on what kind of content will be added remain a mystery for now, but the treasure rooms would be a neat addition.

Source: u/CaptainFancyPants13/Reddit

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