Are Clay & A.D. Still Together?
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Are Clay & A.D. Still Together?


  • A.D. and Clay’s Love Is Blind journey had ups and downs, with Clay leaving A.D. at the altar, leaving her heartbroken.
  • Despite initial connection, Clay had doubts about the relationship, leading to him deciding not to marry A.D.
  • While not together now, Clay regrets his decision, feeling A.D. may be the love of his life, and they may try again in the future.



Love Is Blind season 6 introduced Amber Desireé “A.D.” Smith and Clay Gravesande, who met and fell in love during the pod phase, but after Clay left A.D. at the altar, where does their relationship stand? A.D., who shared that she was looking for something real and true in the pods, had connections with both Clay and another man, Matthew Duliba. While Matthew and A.D. seemed like they were making a genuine connection, it turned out that he’d actually been talking to more than one woman in the pods. She chose to continue on with Clay.

Though their time on Love Is Blind season 6 was difficult to navigate at times, Clay and A.D.’s relationship seemed like it was genuine on both sides. A.D. was excited to get to know Clay in person, and their lifestyles matched up when they finally got back from the series’ honeymoon-style vacation. Clay and A.D. settled into a routine of sorts, and things seemed to be on track for the couple until Clay appeared to have some doubts. Despite getting along well, the couple had some serious issues that they needed to overcome before their wedding.


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Clay & A.D.’s Love Is Blind Journey

Love Is Blind_ 8 Reasons Why Clay Gravesande Should Not Have Been Cast On Season 6 (I Don't Think He's The Best Choice)
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Though they had a sweet journey early in their relationship on Love Is Blind season 6, there were some complications that cropped up during the later moments of the season. While Clay had come onto Love Is Blind hoping to find someone who could match his energy and adapt to his lifestyle, there were moments in his relationship with A.D. where it appeared he didn’t actually want to be in a relationship. Ultimately, Clay decided not to say “I do” at the altar, leaving A.D. heartbroken. Tearfully, she explained she’d had an idea that Clay may abandon her.

A.D. Was Blindsided When Clay Left Her At The Altar

While A.D. knew there were issues with Clay, the couple had talked about things that were troubling them leading up to their Love Is Blind wedding. While A.D. shared that she had some idea that Clay could wind up saying no at the altar, she wasn’t really letting herself think of that as a possibility until it happened. A.D. was blindsided by the fact that Clay had chosen to end things rather that moving forward with her when they both claimed to be in love with each other. She was shattered, but tried to move on.

After Love Is Blind, Clay & A.D. Are Not Together

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During the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion, A.D. and Clay shared an update on their relationship. Clay explained that after some genuine thought and reflection, he understood that he’d made a massive mistake in leaving A.D. behind. He shared that he felt A.D. was likely the love of his life, and though he felt horrible about what he’d done, he wanted to make up for hurting her. While A.D. and Clay are not currently together, they both seem open to trying things again after the Love Is Blind season 6 press cycle blows over.

Love Is Blind

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Love Is Blind

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