Are Jimmy & Chelsea Still Together?
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Are Jimmy & Chelsea Still Together?


  • Jimmy and Chelsea’s Love Is Blind journey faced trust issues and led to a difficult breakup before their wedding.
  • Chelsea was shocked when Jimmy ended their relationship, feeling betrayed by his reasons during the reunion.
  • Despite social media hints, Chelsea and Jimmy are not back together romantically after Love Is Blind season 6.



Love Is Blind season 6 introduced Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell in the pods, but after the couple’s difficult split toward the end of the season, what was revealed about their relationship on the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion? Jimmy, who met Chelsea and Jessica Vestal in the Love Is Blind pods, felt that he was making the right decision when in the end. Though he’s shared some major drama with Jess throughout the airing of Love Is Blind season 6, he’s been transparent that he feels he made the right call when he chose to propose to Chelsea.

Chelsea and Jimmy had a tough journey after the Love Is Blind season 6 cast members finally met in person. Though they were initially attracted to each other and had a decent time on their honeymoon-esque trip, the couple started to crumble when they got back to Charlotte, North Carolina to truly give their relationship a try. Jimmy and Chelsea had many issues in their relationship, ranging from some serious jealousy to a lack of trust. Not many Love Is Blind season 6 viewers were surprised when the couple called it quits ahead of their wedding, but have things changed?


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Jimmy & Chelsea’s Love Is Blind Journey

Jimmy and Chelsea met in the Love Is Blind pods, and neither were the other’s number one choice early on. Jimmy had his sights on Jessica until he found out that she had a 10-year-old daughter and he realized that he wasn’t interested in entering into something that could bottleneck his independence. Chelsea, on the other hand, was interested in Trevor Sova, who seemed to be saying all the right things. The couple wound up engaged each other, despite appearing to be better with their other choices. Reality hit after the pods and after some serious fights, Jimmy ended things.

Chelsea Was Crushed That Jimmy Ended Things

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While Chelsea knew there were issues in their relationship, she wasn’t expecting to be broken up with on Love Is Blind season 6’s finale episode. Chelsea, who was hoping that she and Jimmy would be able to work through their issues off camera, seemed genuinely shocked when Jimmy ended their relationship just days ahead of their wedding. Asking him point blank what was happening, Jimmy was cagey about his reasoning for breaking things off. Jimmy said he felt betrayed by Chelsea exposing things about him on camera, which hurt her even more. The couple’s relationship seemed to truly be over.

After Love Is Blind, Chelsea & Jimmy Are Not Together

Love Is Blind_ Jimmy’s & Chelsea’s Relationship Won’t Work Due To These Serious Problems
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During the Love Is Blind season 6 reunion, Jimmy and Chelsea offered an update about their relationship, which viewers had been waiting for after seeing some interesting posts on social media. While Chelsea spent the early part of Love Is Blind season 6 liking tweets that shaded Jimmy, the pair posted Instagram stories at the same Florida restaurant just days before the reunion aired. During the reunion, it was revealed that the pair are not back together. Though it appears the couple have been able to become friends after Love Is Blind, their relationship is not romantic.

Love Is Blind

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