Becca Is Purposefully Trying To Make Austin Look Bad (& Make Him A Pushover)
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Becca Is Purposefully Trying To Make Austin Look Bad (& Make Him A Pushover)


  • Becca’s push for physical intimacy caused friction with Austin, leading to a breakdown in their relationship dynamics.
  • Becca’s attempts to paint Austin as combative and selfish have fueled further conflict and mistrust between them.
  • Austin feels like Becca is trying to make him a pushover, leading to him eventually moving out before Decision Day.



Becca Haley’s marriage with Austin Reed on Married at First Sight season 17 is deteriorating because Becca is purposefully trying to make Austin look bad and make him become a pushover. Season 17 started well for Becca and Austin, who had instant chemistry at the altar. That obvious connection carried over to the honeymoon, where they presented as the couple with the most chemistry and potential. However, Becca and Austin’s dynamic changed for the worse as Becca’s need to be intimate with Austin soured the relationship.

Becca wanted to have physical intimacy and sex with Austin at a pace that Austin wasn’t comfortable with. While they did kiss, hold hands, and show affection a lot, it was not enough for Becca, who kept making them not having a sex a major problem. Austin putting the brakes on their sex life has since made Becca spiral, and it’s caused a heap of other issues between the couple, including Austin’s insistence that Becca is trying to make him look bad on TV.


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Becca Called Austin “Combative” & “Dismissive”

Becca has shown on several occasions that she will endeavor to speak her truth on camera, even if it paints Austin negatively when he doesn’t deserve it (via ET.) During a therapy session with Pastor Cal Roberson and Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Becca vocalized how she didn’t like how Austin responded to her qualms.

“There’s been a level of dismissiveness and combativeness,”
Becca said.

That dig from Becca carried over to another discussion Becca and Austin had that was captured by their home cameras. Austin was calling Becca out for saying things about him he felt were untrue and that would get communicated to the Married at First Sight audience over any of his good qualities.

“I care about how you’re feeling, but I think it’s unfair to like characterize me as this terrible person It’s like, I have an opinion, and when I express it and it’s not the same as yours, it’s automatically considered combative,”
Austin defended.

There was another instance where Becca was clearly trying to make Austin look and feel bad on camera. They were having a sideways discussion about Austin feeling like Becca was trying to silence his opinions while they were doing pottery. At one point, Becca got up and claimed she was cold and was going to grab Austin’s jacket for warmth. Austin said he didn’t want his jacket to get dirty and wanted her to wash her hands before using it, and that upset Becca, who then grabbed her own jacket and chastised Austin for being uncaring.

Austin remarked that Becca was trying to make him feel bad for not wanting to get his coat dirty. “It makes me look “s****y,” Austin relayed. This was an example of Becca trying to play the victim to pacify Austin. Becca’s attempt to make Austin look bad on camera worked, and it served to create an even bigger divide between them.

Becca Is Painting Austin As Selfish & Disingenuous

Outside of trying to make Austin appear combative and dismissive, Becca has tried to make Austin seem selfish and disingenuous. As things fell apart for them, Austin tried to vocalize that he didn’t like Becca’s tactics to make him look bad by making up character flaws. His defenses against Becca’s notions were also on the back of Becca blasting their lack of sexual intimacy (via Lifetime.) Becca didn’t like Austin’s attempts at calling her out for slandering him and tried to put the heat back on him.

“His main concern is him.”
Becca stated.
“Like, I think there’s a lack of trust there no matter what because if Austin trusted me and knew that I always have his best interests at heart, he would know that I was not painting his name red across the town,
” she continued.

Becca doesn’t think that Austin acts the same in front of the cameras as he does when they are off, and she thinks he’s disingenuous because of that. She thinks he cares more about optics than he does about her feelings and their marriage, and that is causing her to try and smear him on camera.

Austin Thinks Becca Is Trying To Make Him A “Pushover”

During the tense and uncomfortable conversation Becca and Austin had about their relationship during their pottery-making session, Austin brought up another point about how Becca tried to silence him.

Austin noted,
“I think in the past you’ve told me that like ex-boyfriends are like kind of like pushovers and like after what you said it kinda makes me feel like you want me to just not think for myself all the time.”

Becca took Austin’s concern and turned it into a scenario where she could come out the victim again and make Austin a pushover in the situation.

In response to Austin’s concern, Becca said, “No i think you think for yourself 100% of the time, I’m asking for you to think of us for a small percentage of that time. okay.” She later stated, “I’m not asking for you to be passive I don’t know how to communicate that in like a way that makes sense to you.” Becca sounded passive-aggressive and the whole situation proved that she was, in fact, trying to make Austin a pushover like her exes.

Austin Moved Out (Will He Say No On Decision Day?)

Montage of Married At First Sight’s Austin and Becca
Custom Image by César García

Following their ugly pottery-making fight and the argument that was caught at their shared home, they each took time to confide in their friends about what to do next. Austin expressed to his friend that he did want to make it work with Becca but questioned how much of himself he would have to sacrifice to do that. Becca told her friend that she wasn’t going to pretend or live in a world with Austin that wasn’t authentic. Following their separate outings, a scene showing Becca telling the cameras that Austin moved out was played during the latest Married at First Sight episode.

It appears that after Austin weighed the pros and cons of his marriage to Becca, he thought it best to move out one day before Decision Day. This means that Becca and Austin will have a much-anticipated meeting in front of the experts, where they will lay all their feelings on the line and hash them out before arriving at their final decision of whether they want to stay married or get a divorce. Married at First Sight season 17 started out well for these two, but it’s become clear that they have potentially insurmountable issues at hand.

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