2 Eleventh Doctor Companion Actors Reunite With Former Showrunner (& Show Off Their Dance Moves In TikTok Video)
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2 Eleventh Doctor Companion Actors Reunite With Former Showrunner (& Show Off Their Dance Moves In TikTok Video)


  • Karen Gillan and Jenna Coleman, former
    Doctor Who
    companions, reunite with showrunner Steven Moffat in a fun TikTok video.
  • Amy and Clara played significant roles in shaping the Eleventh Doctor’s era, bringing out his kinder side and inspiring him.
  • Gillan’s unexpected reunion with Moffat and Coleman will surely make fans nostalgic for the impactful moments they shared on
    Doctor Who



Former Eleven companions Karen Gillan and Jenna Coleman reunite with their Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat in a new TikTok. Gillan portrayed Amy Pond, the first companion of Matt Smith’s incarnation of the Time Lord, in season 5 after the Doctor crashed into her life during her childhood, and departed during season 7’s mid-season finale. Amy would be followed by Coleman’s Clara Oswald, an enigmatic girl that the Doctor kept meeting throughout history. She would remain by his side as Smith’s Doctor regenerated into Peter Capaldi’s.

While Gillan and Coleman never shared the screen during their time on Doctor Who, the two reunited with former showrunner Moffat during a recent event.

In the video shared through Gillan’s personal TikTok, the actor is joined by both Moffat and Coleman during an event. As Gillan encourages Moffat to show off his dancing moves, both he and Coleman strike poses that replicate the stance the Time Lord is often seen making in promotional material.

How Amy & Clara Shaped The Eleventh Doctor’s Era

Both Amy and Clara had an incredible impact during Smith’s era of Doctor Who. Amy helped remind the Doctor of his kinder side during his darker moments, whether faced with choosing humanity over the life of an ancient, near-extinct star whale or sparing a disgraced scientist in hiding. In return, the Doctor would show Amy, and later her husband Rory (Arthur Darvill), a universe beyond Leadworth, showing them what matters most in their lives.


Doctor Who: Amy & Rory’s Timeline, Explained

Amy and Rory were among Doctor Who’s greatest and most loved characters, but their relationship took several turns throughout their time on the show.

Similarly, after Amy and Rory’s tragic departure in season 7, Clara brings the Doctor out of the darkness during their travels. Not only would the mystery surrounding her recurring appearances throughout time and space pull Eleven out of retirement, Clara would also inspire him, Ten (David Tennant), and the War Doctor (John Hurt) to dare to change history and save Gallifrey in the final days of the Time War. Smith’s era of Doctor Who represented a time of healing for the character, something he wouldn’t have been able to achieve without Amy or Clara.

With Doctor Who reaching new heights during their time, Amy and Clara are two of the character’s most recognizable companions. Both Gillan and Coleman’s characters brought their own mysteries that kept audiences guessing, while their dynamic with Smith left the show with a number of impactful moments. As such, Gillan’s surprising meeting with Moffat and Coleman will leave longtime fans feeling nostalgic for their Doctor Who adventures.

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