Below Deck Season 11’s Xandi Olivier’s Age, Job, Instagram, & More
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Below Deck Season 11’s Xandi Olivier’s Age, Job, Instagram, & More


  • Xandi Olivier proves her capability on Below Deck by excelling as Chief Stew Fraser Olender’s second in command.
  • Xandi Olivier, born in South Africa in 1994, showcases her private yet intense Scorpio sun personality on the show.
  • Despite her low-key demeanor on the show, Xandi’s Instagram reveals her adventurous and well-traveled side to her 3,200 followers.



Below Deck season 11 introduced Xandi Olivier as one of the excellent stews abroad the St. David, leaving many wondering about who she is outside of the series. Xandi, who became Fraser Olender’s second stew during the most recent episode of the series, has been a major part of the Below Deck season 11 cast, working diligently with the rest of the stews to ensure incredible service for the charter guests. While her fellow stews Cat Baugh and Barbie Pascual have been taking more of the screentime on the series, Xandi has been working hard and it’s recently paid off.

While Xandi isn’t the only person on St. David who’s excelling at their job, she’s done well at keeping the guest’s quarters in shape while the other stews deal with service and ensure that the rest of the St. David is running smoothly. As a result, in the most recent episode Chief Stew Fraser Olender made her his second in command, giving her more responsibility and ruffling the feathers of her fellow stew Barbie. Xandi, who has yet to be involved in the drama surrounding the rest of the Below Deck season 11 cast, has been a standout for viewers.

Xandi Olivier’s Age

Xandi Olivier from Below Deck posing on a beach in a tube top and jeans

According to Bravo, Xandi was born in Pretoria, South Africa on November 7, 1994. Her November birthday makes her a Scorpio sun, which means at the core of who she is, Xandi is a deeply private person who can sometimes come off a bit intense. This has been proven on Below Deck season 11, where Xandi has shared that she’d prefer to stay on the interior and get her work done rather than interacting with guests and getting into the drama on the exterior. Born in 1994, Xandi is 29 years old and will be turning 30 in 2024.

Xandi Olivier’s Job

Xandi Olivier from Below Deck Season 11 in a closeup with wet hair

As one of the stews aboard the St. David, Xandi has proven herself as a hugely capable member of the crew, and even in her time before Below Deck, she was indispensable to a team. Xandi has 6 years of yachting experience, which isn’t as much as some others aboard the St. David, but is enough to prove she’s good at what she does. Xandi has been able to move through the industry somewhat seamlessly, learning how to be good at her job and improve on hers skills with each charter season.

Xandi Olivier’s Instagram

Although Xandi appears quite low key on Below Deck season 11, her Instagram proves there’s far more to her than meets the eye. Sharing photos of her travels, meals with friends, and many pictures of stunning exotic locations, Xandi’s Instargram is a look into her highlight reel with a few doses of reality scattered throughout. Viewers can find Xandi on Instagram at @xandio, and join her 3,200 followers in watching what she’s up to when she’s not making waves on Below Deck.

Xandi Olivier’s Life Before Below Deck

Xandi Olivier from Below Deck Season 11 looking contemplative on the shoreline

Though she’s quite private about her life, Xandi shared with Bravo that outside of yachting, she “[tries to] find stand up comedy clubs or live music” anywhere possible and that she would be a professional groupie” if she could. Xandi’s love of live performance has been put on hold from time to time while she’s working a charter, but she’s gotten used to it in her line of work. Below Deck’s Xandi shared that “it’s definitely a hard concept to grasp the fact that we live on the boat all of the time,” but she loves it despite the pitfalls.

Below Deck

season 11 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo, then streams the following day on Peacock.

Sources: Bravo, Xandi Olivier/Instagram

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