Bob Odenkirk Candidly Reflects On Breaking Bad Role After Cast Reunion
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Bob Odenkirk Candidly Reflects On Breaking Bad Role After Cast Reunion


  • Bob Odenkirk felt like a guest amongst the
    Breaking Bad
    cast, but became an integral part of the show’s success.
  • Saul Goodman was so beloved that Odenkirk got his own spinoff,
    Better Call Saul
    , further showcasing his dramatic talent.
  • Despite not watching
    Breaking Bad
    before joining, Odenkirk’s role was crucial in the success of both shows and earned him Emmy nominations.



Bob Odenkirk candidly reflects on his role in Breaking Bad following the cast’s reunion. Premiered in 2008, Odenkirk didn’t join the cast of the acclaimed AMC drama as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s criminal lawyer, Saul Goodman, until near the end of season 2. Recently, the Breaking Bad cast – including Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, RJ Mitte, Jonathan Banks, and Bob Odenkirk – reunited at the 30th annual SAG Awards to present Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series, an award they won ten years ago.

During a subsequent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Odenkirk candidly reflected on his role in Breaking Bad following the cast’s reunion at the SAG Awards.

The actor is grateful to have been included in the cast, as he “felt very much like a guest amongst their company.” Having joined later, Odenkirk hadn’t watched the show, and he shared an amusing anecdote about being caught by Cranston. Read his full comments below:

Very good people to include me because I really was popping in, and I felt very much like a guest in their company. Maybe towards the end, I felt more part of the show, but the truth is they established that show and everything about it, the tone and the integrity of the work before I ever showed up. I’d never seen the show, everyone knows this. I never saw the show and I got hired to do it, and I was like, “This will be cool,” and on the plane, I popped in a DVD that they sent me and I watched like 10 minutes and I knew it was a drama. I’m not stupid, but I was like, “Ok good.” … I did have a faux pas in the makeup trailer one time. Brian was talking about a scene he was doing, and I’m like, “Well yeah, but your character and Gus are friends, right?” and he looked at me, this is the third season, and he goes, “You’ve never watched the show, have you?” and I just laughed. I didn’t answer him.


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Bob Odenkirk Was Integral To The Breaking Bad Cast

Saul Goodman in his office in Breaking Bad

It’s understandable why Odenkirk felt “like a guest” amongst the Breaking Bad cast. He originally joined the show as a guest star in season 2 and was originally only going to appear in a few episodes, though the character and Odenkirk’s performance were so beloved that Saul Goodman was expanded into a regular role. However, Odenkirk was still one of the few main cast members who wasn’t on the show from the very beginning. Furthermore, Odenkirk likely felt out of place because he was known as a comedic actor from his HBO sketch series, Mr. Show with Bob and David.

His modest feelings aside, Odenkirk was integral to both Breaking Bad and the franchise it launched. His character, and the comic relief he provided, were so beloved that he was brought back for Better Call Saul, which delved deeper into his morally ambiguous nature. In his own prequel/spinoff, Odenkirk was given the chance to lead and further showcase his dramatic chops, earning six Emmy nominations for Outstanding Lead Actor. Though he, or Better Call Saul, never won an Emmy, the show still stands as one of the rare spinoffs to stand toe to toe with its predecessor.

Breaking Bad

Better Call Saul
are streaming on Netflix.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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