DC’s Dinosaur Justice League Reunites to Save an Unexpected Hero
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DC’s Dinosaur Justice League Reunites to Save an Unexpected Hero


  • Jurassic League with dinosaur superheroes set for comeback to team up with time-traveling hero Booster Gold in DC’s The Brave and The Bold #13.
  • Jurassic League fights dinosaur versions of classic villains, protects Prehistoric Earth, appeals to broad audience, may be set for animated movie.
  • The Brave and The Bold perfect place for dinosaur superhero return, brings back classic anthology style from 1955 and showcases multiple creators.



The Jurassic League, DC’s all-dinosaur version of the Justice League, is back and teaming with a classic human character. Through Elseworlds stories, a number of alternate incarnations of the Justice League have been created. In 2022, a miniseries by Daniel Warren Johnson and Juan Gedeon titled The Jurassic League revealed a prehistoric group of dinosaur superheroes, who are now set for a comeback.

The Jurassic League is a team of dinosaurs in the place of DC’s core Justice Leaguers. For example, the classic Trinity of Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman was replaced with Batsaur, an Allosaurus; Supersaur, a Brachiosaurus; and Wonderdon, a Triceratops. In the solicits for The Brave and the Bold #13, these heroes are slated for a comeback to aid one of the franchise’s best time-traveling heroes, Booster Gold. Along with a slew of other great tales, the upcoming issue will showcase the works of creators such as Tim Seeley, Mark Russell, Kelley Jones and Jon Mikel.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold #13 (2024)

Batman The Brave and the Bold 13 Open to Order (Mattina)

Release Date:

May 28, 2024


Tim Seeley, Mark Russell, Delilah S. Dawson, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Jason Shawn Alexander, Rodney Barnes


Kelley Jones, Jon Mikel, Serg Acuña, Lisandro Estherren, Jason Shawn Alexander

Cover Artist:

Simone Di Meo

Variant Covers:

Francesco Mattina, Jason Shawn Alexander

Brave and the Bold enters its second year with five tremendous tales! Nightwing and Deadman face the ghosts of the circus, as presented in spectacularly horrific detail by Kelley Jones! Booster Gold (allegedly) causes a disaster that must be fixed by…the JURASSIC LEAGUE?! Artemis’s quest comes to its stunning conclusion! Batman and Guy Gardner face high strangeness when a UFO crashes in Gotham! And finally, Jason Shawn Alexander brings his legendary talents to Batman Black and White!

The Jurassic League are the protectors of Prehistoric Earth, where they battle dinosaur counterparts to such villains as Joker, Darkseid and Sinestro. According to the DC May solicits, they’ll be joined by time-traveling hero Booster Gold, as he deals with the fallout of a disaster he (allegedly) causes.

The Jurassic League Are Returning To Help A Classic Hero

Of all DC’s heroes, Booster Gold has the biggest reputation for messing with the time stream. In fact, his origin story is that of a loser from the future who travels back to the present day to become a celebrity. In The Brave and the Bold #13, it’s teased that this meddling in history will lead to a face-to-face between Booster and the Jurassic League. This wouldn’t be the first time the futuristic hero has caused problems in time. In the comedic crossover Booster Gold/Flintstones Special (Mark Russell, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Rick Leonardi, Scott Hanna and Pier Brito), he found himself in a similar prehistoric setting.

The Jurassic League was a brilliant miniseries, and made such a strong impression that they’re reportedly slated for an animated movie. It makes sense that DC would return to these adventures, given how broad an appeal they have for audiences. Below are the dinosaur Justice Leaguers who have already been introduced, though perhaps this new adventure will bring more members.









Bat Walker/Batsaur

Wonder Woman






Green Lantern


Green Torch




The Brave And The Bold Is A Home For Adventure

Booster Gold in gold-and-blue costume in DC Comics

The Brave and the Bold is a title that dates back to 1955, when it was introduced as an adventure anthology series. This makes it the perfect home for the return of the dinosaur superheroes. With the current iteration of The Brave and the Bold maintaining that same anthology format, it’s a natural place for DC to revisit popular concepts without committing to a full or limited series. Perhaps if the Jurassic League‘s team-up with Booster Gold is successful, fans can get a chance to see the dinosaur version of the Justice League in future issues of the series.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold

will be available May 28 from DC Comics.

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