Everything We Know About The Ray Donovan Spinoff
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Everything We Know About The Ray Donovan Spinoff


  • The Donovans
    , a
    Ray Donovan
    spinoff, is confirmed and will premiere its 10 episode season on Paramount+ later in 2024.
  • Guy Ritchie will direct the spinoff series with Ronan Bennett writing the episodes.
  • Little is known about the story, but it takes place in London and could include some of the cast members from the original series.

A few years after the original series went off the air, a Ray Donovan spinoff is in the works entitled The Donovans, and Guy Ritchie is set to direct. Ray Donovan starred Liev Schreiber as the eponymous “fixer” who makes a living by getting rid of the problems of his rich and famous clients in Los Angeles. Across its seven seasons on the air, Ray Donovan became one of Showtime’s greatest original programs, and continues to have a strong fanbase even years after its conclusion.

Despite being one of the channel’s most popular series, Ray Donovan was unceremoniously canceled after season 7, and fans were left in the lurch without a true conclusion. Fortunately, fan demand resulted in a feature-length film in 2022, and Ray Donovan: The Movie finally concluded the character’s decade-long arc. Now, the Ray Donovan franchise is returning after a multi-year hiatus in the form of a brand-new spinoff called The Donovans that will expand the lore of the eponymous family and travel across the pond. What’s more, legendary director Guy Ritchie is attached to helm the project.

The Donovans Is Confirmed

The Ray Donovan Spinoff Is On The Way

Ray Donovan walks down a street in the Ray Donovan Movie

Coming as a welcome surprise for fans of the franchise, a Ray Donovan spinoff was announced in February 2024 and the beloved crime drama will continue in an all-new story. The Donovans is the latest entry in the world of Ray Donovan and will take place in London instead of the familiar settings of New York and Los Angeles. Guy Ritchie is attached to direct the 10-episode series, and fellow Ray Donovan newcomer Ronan Bennett is writing the action-packed spinoff. No cast details have been revealed yet, and it is expected to premiere on Paramount+ later in 2024.

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Who Is Making The Donovans?

Guy Ritchie Will Direct The Spinoff Series

Ray Donovan looking to his side in Ray Donovan

Though a Ray Donovan spinoff is an exciting prospect on its own, the inclusion of Guy Ritchie as director is perhaps the most intriguing part of The Donovans. The legendary action director will helm all 10 episodes of the Paramount+ original series, and he is most known for films like Snatch and the 2009 Sherlock Holmes adaptation. Ritchie’s action-oriented filmmaking style fits nicely with the tone of the Ray Donovan universe, and the spinoff could be even more explosive than the original series.

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Joining Ritchie is novelist and screenwriter Ronan Bennett who will pen the episodes of the highly-anticipated spinoff. Bennett’s lengthy career as a writer stretches back to the early 1990s, but his film and TV work finally gained widespread notice in the 2000s. Bennett penned the script for 2009’s Public Enemies, and he also created the critically applauded crime drama series Top Boy. Bennett’s penchant for grittiness could balance out the generally upbeat tone of Ritchie’s action style.

The Donovans Story

Will The Spinoff Connect To The Original Series?

Ray Donovan looking at the camera in a poster for the show

Not much is known about the specifics of the story just yet, but the basic framework of The Donovans has been revealed. Like its predecessor, the series will follow a fixer in London who helps their high-profile clients make their problems go away. The decidedly European flare will add a new wrinkle to the story, and it opens the door for all sorts of twists. Since the series is called The Donovans, it will likely involve some of the titular clan, but few details have been released regarding the story.

One thing that is highly unlikely is the return of Liev Schreiber as Ray Donovan. Although his character is still alive, Schreiber swore off the Ray Donovan series after the 2022 movie and probably wouldn’t be open to returning. However, a few familiar faces from the show could pop up across the pond, or The Donovans could devise some other clever way to connect the two.

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