DC’s Most Powerful Gotham Hero ISN’T Batman, & 1 Line Proves It
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DC’s Most Powerful Gotham Hero ISN’T Batman, & 1 Line Proves It

Warning: Contains spoilers for Birds of Prey #7!




  • Oracle (Barbara Gordon) outsmarts DC’s top heroes with her unmatched intelligence and versatility.
  • Barbara Gordon returns as Oracle in
    Birds of Prey
    #7, working with the team to solve her potential murder.
  • Oracle’s incredible skill in hacking, coordination, and strategy makes her DC’s most underrated and powerful hero.

The heroes of the DC Universe have every angle covered — from Superman’s immense power to Batman’s hyperintelligence and planning skills — yet none are enough to outpace Birds of Prey founder Barbara Gordan. Babs, known as both Oracle and Batgirl, has every base covered. She has operated as a hero, led teams, and is stubborn and smart enough to outwit any system (or person) in her way.

In Birds of Prey #7 by Kelly Thompson and Javier Pina, Barbara Gordon is back in her rightful place, working alongside Dinah Lance and the Birds of Prey to solve her own (potential) murder. With little to go on other than teammate Meridan’s jumble of data, Babs begins moving metaphorical mountains — starting with an appointment she shouldn’t be able to book that could yield answers.

Comic book panels: Black Canary, Oracle, and Meridian standing in a room with computer screens.

Dinah quickly offers up a catchphrase that encompasses her unstoppable ability to make things happen: “So you Oracled it?” With only a few words, she captured the idea that there’s practically nothing Oracle can’t do, signaling her immense-yet-understated power in the DCU.


“Nobody Is Killing [SPOILER] on Our Watch”: A Fan-Favorite Bat-Family Member Is Destined to Die, & Only 1 DC Team Can Help

Barbara Gordon was conspicuously absent from the latest Birds of Prey team’s first mission; now, readers have found out it was just a matter of time.

Oracle Is DC’s Most Versatile Hero

Art from Birds of Prey #6 by Chuck Dixon, Greg Land, Drew Geraci, Gloria Vasquez, and Albert De Guzman

Comic book panels: Oracle scolds Batman from six screens while Alfred laughs.

Barbara Gordon may have begun her vigilante career as Batgirl, a moniker she returns to from time to time, but she has made her biggest impact behind the scenes as Oracle. In that role, she has become one of DC’s most skilled tech experts, excelling in hacking, surveillance, and coordination. Even Batman, for all of his planning and uncanny ability to operate covertly, couldn’t stay ahead of her, and one of his only attempts to keep tabs on her ended with Oracle calling him out on his camera feed in 1999’s Birds of Prey #6.

In addition to her personal work, Babs has been a leader and founder of the Birds of Prey, trained fellow Batgirls Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain, and acted as a backbone and communications liaison for the whole Bat-Family. Because Oracle is not on the front lines of crime-fighting, her skill is often underestimated and her contribution downplayed, which puts even more cards in her already full hand, and she doesn’t waste any of them. The Birds of Prey are currently counting on that strategy, as Dinah and the others operate in the light with Oracle in their ear, where she is at her best and can serve as a surprise trump card.

Decades after originally retiring as Batgirl, Barbara Gordon returned to her original superhero role during DC’s New 52 continuity reboot, starring in the 2011
title. She later returned to her role as Oracle from time to time and in a more permanent capacity during DC’s Infinite Frontier era.

Oracle Has a Chance to Save Her Own Life

Comic book panels: Black Canary and Oracle banter over comms.

Above all, Barbara Gordon’s greatest strength is picking herself up after every loss. When she couldn’t continue operating as Batgirl after she was paralyzed by the Joker, she evolved into a new kind of hero and acted as the eyes and ears for her loved ones and teammates. It is only fitting, then, that she has yet another chance to save herself and prevent her death. The heroes and villains of the DC Universe are locked in an unending game of chess, and Babs is an expert. With Oracle back on the team, the Birds of Prey are more than ready to take on whatever comes their way.

Birds of Prey #7 is available now from DC Comics.

BIRDS OF PREY #7 (2023)

Birds of Prey 7 Main Cover: Cassandra Cain, Dinah Lance, and Barbara Gordon all strike fight poses.

  • Writer: Kelly Thompson
  • Artist: Javier Pina
  • Colorist: Jordie Bellaire
  • Letterer: Clayton Cowles
  • Cover Artist: Leonardo Romero

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