Major A24 Movies To Screen In IMAX For Monthly Screening Series, Starting With Ex Machina
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Major A24 Movies To Screen In IMAX For Monthly Screening Series, Starting With Ex Machina


  • A24 is teaming up with IMAX for limited screenings of its acclaimed movies to give audiences a new experience.
  • The first movie will be Alex Garland’s
    Ex Machina
    on March 27.
  • Subsequent months will screen
    Uncut Gems
    , while more movies will be announced at a later date.



A24 has announced it will be teaming up with IMAX for limited screenings of some of its originals. The film studio, which was launched in 2012, has quickly grown to become one of the industry’s leading production companies, releasing a wide variety of acclaimed movies over the last few years. Some of its recent releases, like the Celine Song-directed Past Lives and Everything Everywhere All at Once, have gained recognition from notable award bodies, with the latter winning 7 Academy Awards from 11 nominations, including Best Picture.

Now, in a bid to give audiences a different experience, A24 has partnered with IMAX on a new monthly screening series that’ll feature some of its beloved productions. The screening series begins on March 27 with Alex Garland’s 2014 sci-fi thriller Ex Machina, as well as a sneak peek of Garland’s upcoming film Civil War. It will continue with Ari Aster’s Hereditary on April 27, followed by Uncut Gems on May 22. Additional dates and films for A24’s IMAX series will be announced at a later date, as this will continue every month for the next year.


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This Is Not The First Time A24 Movies Have Gone To IMAX

Beau looking confused in Beau Is Afraid

Since the inception of A24, its movies have rarely been screened in IMAX. However, Everything Everywhere All at Once, which currently sits as A24’s highest-grossing movie with over $140 million worldwide in box office earnings, previously received a special one-night IMAX release in 2022. The release then had to be extended to a week due to popular demand.

Aside from Everything Everywhere All at Once, A24 has also partnered with IMAX for a special release of some of its other projects, such as Beau Is Afraid and Joel Coen’s The Tragedy of Macbeth, the latter of which garnered hugely positive reviews from critics and also received three Academy Award nominations. In both of those instances, the projects received substantial buzz due to the big names attached. However, the latter movie only played in IMAX for a single day in a special event.

Beau Is Afraid
was directed by Aster and starred Joaquin Phoenix, while
The Tragedy of Macbeth
starred Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand.

It has been confirmed that the forthcoming screenings will be held across more than 300 IMAX locations nationwide and select locations internationally. As mentioned previously, this partnership between A24 and IMAX looks to be an extensive one and, as such, it’ll be interesting to see what other beloved A24 movies make it to the big screen in the forthcoming months. Possible contenders include Midsommar, The Green Knight, and Everything Everywhere All at Once, considering its previous success in the format.

Source: A24

Ex Machina

Young computer programmer Caleb is selected to participate in a groundbreaking experiment by evaluating the human qualities in a new and improved female artificial intelligence. But in the luxurious, isolated mansion of the man who created this technology, all may not be as it seems.

Release Date
April 10, 2015


A24 , Universal Pictures

108 minutes

$15 million

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