Did Angela Get Michael Deported After He Went Missing?
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Did Angela Get Michael Deported After He Went Missing?


  • Angela Deem offers $10,000 reward for husband Michael Ilesanmi’s return after he goes missing, sparking off-screen drama.
  • Angela believes Michael planned his disappearance, lashing out at theories and confirming his safe return with police involvement.
  • Angela vows not to take Michael back, hires three lawyers charging $10,000 per hour, plans to file for divorce.



90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? star Angela Deem wants Michael Ilesanmi to bear the consequences of disappearing on her and making her look like a fool to fans. Season 8 of the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off is yet to premiere, but a lot of drama has happened off-screen thanks to Michael going missing. Michael from Nigeria met Angela from Georgia on Facebook in 2018 before their reality TV debut in Before the 90 Days. Angela married Michael in January 2020 and desperately awaited his U.S. arrival.

However, Michael chose to walk out of the marriage within months of his coming to America in December 2023. Angela was distraught when she told her followers about Michael going missing. Angela had offered her fans a $10,000 reward for her husband’s return. Angela had wanted to divorce Michael for cheating on her before they fixed their marital issues on The Last Resort. Unfortunately, all their efforts were in vain, because Michael is not interested in living with Angela anymore. After all, he is scared.


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90 Day Fiancé’s Michael’s Shocking Disappearance Explained

Angela claimed Michael was “missing” in a TikTok Live with blogger friend John Yates on February 26, 2024 (via 90dayfianceupdate.) Angela said Michael had been “missing” since February 23, 2024. Angela explained that the police were involved, and Michael was yet to be found. Angela revealed that Michael had left everything behind. He never had any ID with him and left without clothing or a toothbrush. Angela said Michael only had $40 on him. At the time, Angela lashed out at the theories about Michael abandoning her Georgia home on purpose. Angela said Michael may have family in Idaho.

He’s my husband and I love him and i don’t know where he’s at. As long as he’s safe, just call us
,” Angela cried.

Angela responded to a fan who asked her if she had contacted immigration. According to InTouch, Angela asked the fan to “use your common sense” and maintained she wasn’t allowed to answer such concerns. Angela said immigration could take over if Michael was “really missing” and didn’t contact them. John did another YouTube Live on February 26, 2024, confirming Michael had been found safe.

Angela Believes Michael Had Planned His Disappearance

Angela Deem & Michael Ilesanmi on 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After smilng outside close together

Angela had received a call from the police after her previous Live ended. Michael had a burner phone on him which Angela didn’t know about. The phone had pictures of his passport which verified his ID. Michael had told police that he was “in fear of his life” and didn’t want Angela to know his location. Angela spoke in the background of the video where she said, “I asked him to go home because he doesn’t love me, and then he disappeared. That’s it.” Angela addressed Michael and added, “I know where you’re at and I.C.E. will see you soon.

Angela Is Paying $10000 An Hour To Her Three Lawyers

And he f***ing went and did this because I want him to go home! I was nice to him!
” Angela continued.

As per InTouch, Angela said during a YouTube Live that she was hurt and wasn’t going to take Michael back because what he did proved that he didn’t care about her. Angela revealed she had three lawyers and suggested she was planning to file a divorce. Angela addressed the “Nigerians, people that backed him” and asked them to get Michael a good lawyer because the one she hired was charging $10,000 per hour.

Where Is 90 Day Fiancé Star Michael After Being Found?

Michael seems to have not revealed his current location for safety reasons. However, Michael provided Instagram blogger @kikiandkibbitz with a video on March 1, 2024, to break his silence for the first time after going missing. Michael did not mention his disappearance or Angela in the clip. Michael said he wanted to inform 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? viewers that he wasn’t on social media at the moment. Michael revealed that he would make an official page when the time was right.

OK, thank you. And God bless you,
” Michael added.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

, Season 8 premieres Sunday, March 17 at 8pm ET/PT on TLC

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