House Of Sims Season 2 Trailer Reveals Chloe Being Accused Of Bullying In Jaw-Dropping Confrontation
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House Of Sims Season 2 Trailer Reveals Chloe Being Accused Of Bullying In Jaw-Dropping Confrontation


  • Drama continues in House Of Sims season 2 with Chloe being accused of being a bully by her siblings, sparking intense conflict.
  • The Sims family navigates family issues, dating, and career changes in LA, showing that even in luxury, life still has its challenges.
  • Premiere of House Of Sims season 2 on March 13 promises more drama and struggles for the siblings as they try to create a new normal in Los Angeles.



House Of Sims season 2’s trailer brought Chloe Sims back to the spotlight and shared some brand-new drama that will be sure to impact the whole Sims family. Originally stars of The Only Way Is Essex, the Sims traveled to Los Angeles during the first season of their OFTV reality TV series, House Of Sims. Chloe and her siblings Charlie Sims, Demi Sims, Frankie Sims, and Charlie’s girlfriend Georgia Shults all star on the series, which follows their glamorous lives as they take on the glitzy world of Los Angeles after spending the majority of their lives across the pond.

In an exclusive trailer from House Of Sims season 2, which premieres on March 13 on OFTV, Chloe is accused of being a bully in a jaw-dropping confrontation between the siblings.During what appears to be an outdoor event, the Sims get physical, and when a drink is thrown on Chloe, she leaves her siblings and huffs. “You’re rude to me, you’re both ****ing users,” she screamed at her sisters, who immediately threw the issue back on her. “You’re embarrassing,” one yelled, while the other screamed, “you’re a bully!”

“Am I embarrassing, because I don’t think so?” Chloe shouted, before telling Charlie, “I’m done with the pair of them,” as she left the event. Elsewhere in the trailer, the family seems to be functioning more normally, but the drama is always around the corner when you’re part of the Sims family.

“Am I embarrassing, because I don’t think so? I’m done with the pair of them.”


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What To Expect From House Of Sims Season 2

Chloe Sims in a black dress laughing at a date on Celebs Go Dating

While there’s some major drama between the Sims on House Of Sims season 2, there are some less overwhelming moments, as well. The TOWIE alums navigate some major family issues, but deal with other interpersonal problems together, like the world of dating in LA, and their career paths changing throughout the season. Chloe, who goes on a mystery date and shares that she’s looking for romance, must deal with the changes in the dating world while trying to center herself after dealing with the pressure from her family and career in a new city.

House Of Sims season 1 saw the Sims family move from TOWIE to their own series, making the most of their move to LA as they took in the sights and got a taste for the drama. The siblings had some major fights of their own, but ultimately wound up sticking together as much as possible to work their way through the high-pressure world of Los Angeles. While the Sims family are well known in the UK, their time in LA has shown that they’ve still got to work to keep themselves in the spotlight outside of their own turf.

With House Of Sims season 2 teasing a whole new batch of drama for the Sims family, they’re hopeful they can navigate it together as they continue to live luxurious lives in Los Angeles. Chloe, Demi, Frankie, and Charlie are all working together to create a new normal in their new hometown, but with fights to contend with and drama to unpack, it’s clear they’re not going to have an easy time of settling down. While they may be familiar with LA after their first year there, the House Of Sims season 2 cast still has a lot to learn.

House Of Sims

season 2 premieres on March 13, streaming on OFTV.

Source: Chloe Sims/Instagram

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