Does Unicorn Overlord Demo Progress Carry Over To The Full Game?
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Does Unicorn Overlord Demo Progress Carry Over To The Full Game?


  • Unicorn Overlord is a fantasy RPG that draws from ’90s strategy games and recent mechanics, appealing to beginners and veterans alike.
  • Unicorn Overlord demo available for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, and Xbox on March 8, offering players five hours of gameplay.
  • Demo progress carries over into the main game, allowing players continuity in the story and side quests.



Vanillaware’s tactical role-playing game, Unicorn Overlord, will be released on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S on March 8, 2024. A demo for the game was announced, during the Nintendo Direct: Partner Showcase on February 21, coming to the Nintendo Switch that same day, and to other platforms the day after offering players the chance to jump into Unicorn Overlord for nearly two weeks before the game’s full launch.

A five-hour time limit was set on the demo, which could be checked at any time from Unicorn Overlord‘s pause menu, and once it ran out, players would be kicked from the demo. Alternatively, Unicorn Overlord‘s demo also ends once players complete Chapter 4: The Priestess, Abducted, but if this is completed before the timer runs out, there is the option to reload the previous save data and continue to make the most of the 5-hour limit.

The five-hour time limit begins after the tutorial missions, which means
Unicorn Overlord
‘s demo is closer to being seven hours long.


Unicorn Overlord Hands On Preview: “A Plethora Of Lore, Strategy, & Secrets For Players To Discover”

A new hands-on look at the upcoming tactical roleplaying game Unicorn Overlord showed off impressive strategic depth and an engaging fantasy story.

Unicorn Overlord’s Demo Progress Carries Over Into The Main Game

Those Who Played The Demo Won’t Have To Start Over

Unicorn Overlord features a rich story centered around Prince Alain and his allies working to reclaim their land from General Valmore and the Zenoiran Empire, and there are many secrets to uncover across the game’s world to learn more about its expansive lore. The demo only scratches the surface of this narrative, however, as only the first four Main Quests in Unicorn Overlord are playable. Alongside these missions, there are several Side, Overworld, and Liberation Quests available for players to meet more characters and further explore the game’s map, and players are free to complete these in any order once the tutorial missions have ended.

Therefore, it’s likely that in those five hours across the two weeks that the demo has been available, players would have built up a fair amount of progress both in the story and these side quests that they won’t want to lose when picking up the main title. Fortunately, as stated on the Xbox storefront, Unicorn Overlord‘s demo progress carries over into the main game, so those who played the demo will be able to pick up where they left off on March 8.

Unicorn Overlord has been well received, with many stating that the title has drawn inspiration from beloved real-time strategy titles of the ’90s with its approach to combat, while also incorporating more recent mechanics, such as Tactical customizations that resemble Final Fantasy 12‘s Gambit System. With a hybrid of these mechanics, Vanillaware’s tactical RPG seems to be offering a great balance that makes Unicorn Overload accessible for all types of players, from strategy game beginners largely looking for a rich, expansive fantasy story to seasoned veterans seeking a true challenge.

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Unicorn Overlord Game Poster

Unicorn Overlord

Vanillaware’s followup to 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim arrives as Unicorn Overlord, a tactical RPG game where players will battle to free their kingdom from dark and oppressive forces. Blending tactical elements with RPG and exploration, Unicorn Overlord sends players worldwide to amass an army of unique characters as they fight to unite the five nations and lead the various humans and creatures to victory.

March 8, 2024


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