Netflix’s Live-Action Parasyte Adaptation Must Nail 1 Thing About The Original Manga
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Netflix’s Live-Action Parasyte Adaptation Must Nail 1 Thing About The Original Manga


  • Parasyte: The Grey must honor the original manga’s rich philosophical themes to be successful.
  • The upcoming K-drama can explore different themes from the manga in a fresh and interesting way.
  • Netflix’s Parasyte: The Grey faces high expectations to deliver something special despite not being a direct adaptation.



Parasyte: The Grey, Netflix’s upcoming horror K-drama based on Parasyte, has to nail one important element of the original manga even if it is not a direction adaptation of that story. Following the release of shows like Cowboy Bebop, One Piece, and Yu Yu Hakusho, Netflix will now bring a different take on Parasyte to life in the form of a 2024 K-drama series. Parasyte:The Grey is not the first live-action adaptation of Parasyte, as there have already been two Japanese movies that closely followed the events of the book.

However, Netflix’s Parasyte:The Grey is set to be very different from the other two live-action Parasyte properties, simply because it will not adapt to the events of the manga. Instead, Parasyte:The Grey will take place in South Korea and will follow an original character called Jeong Su-in. In addition to the upcoming K-drama and the two live-action movies, Parasyte has also been adapted into the critically acclaimed Parasyte:The Maxim anime, which was praised by how it combined drama, action, horror, and, important discussions.

Parasyte: The Grey Must Do The Original Manga’s Philosophical Themes Justice

Custom image of the poster for Netflix's Parasyte The Grey and Shinichi Izumi in the Parasyte anime
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If there is one thing Netflix’s Parasyte K-drama must nail from the source material is how it incorporates deep, heavy philosophical themes into a story that, on the surface, may seem like just an action-packed horror adventure. It takes only a couple of chapters for the Parasyte manga to become more than just another horror story with elements of sci-fi, as Shinichi begins to encounter moral dilemmas that invite the reader to ponder the meaning of life itself. Even though Parasyte:The Grey will be an original tale, it still needs to live up to how rich Parasyte manga was.

Parasyte Adaptations


Parasyte: The Maxim (2015)

Anime series

Parasyte: Part 1 (2014)

Live-action Japanese movie

Parasyte: Part 2 (2015)

Live-action Japanese movie

Parasyte: The Grey (2024)

Live-action Korean series

Any adaptation of Parasyte, be it for an anime series or a live-action property, can obviously lean into the visual spectacle that this horror story featuring deadly alien organisms offers. That is not to mention all the action sequences featured in the manga, all of which were creatively scary. Still, more than cool visual effects or gruesome death scenes, a Parasyte adaptation should honor the central themes of the manga and how they are incorporated into this fantastical world of alien parasites. Parasyte:The Grey shouldn’t copy the original story, but it must offer something equally interesting.

Netflix’s Parasyte K-Drama Can Explore Different Themes From The Parasyte Manga

The fact that Parasyte:The Grey will not be a direct adaptation of the manga but rather a brand-new tale based on that world makes it one of the most interesting live-action adaptations in years. The stories of Shinichi and Migi have already been told in multiple different media, from the original manga to the anime and the two live-action movies. Parasyte:The Grey has the opportunity to look at the world created by Hitoshi Iwaaki through different lenses, meaning it can explore different themes from the manga and the anime in a fresh way.

From the compelling characters, including the more traditional villains, to the deep themes surrounding the story,
is one of the best manga of its genre.

Much of Parasyte, which became even more famous after Parasyte: The Maxim, had to do with Shinichi’s journey from valuing human life over anything else to realizing how complex existence was across the universe. Parasyte goes from micro to macro as Shinichi understands more about the organism that is now part of him, a complex journey in which the line between heroes and villains becomes blurry. Parasyte:The Grey’s protagonist could be completely different from Shinichi but still encounter similar questions and dilemmas tied to the parasite organisms and their places in the universe.

Parasyte: The Maxim
is available to stream on Hulu and Crunchyroll.

The Bar Is Very High For Netflix’s Parasyte: The Grey After The Manga & The Anime

Jeon So-nee in Parasyte The Grey and Shinichi in Parasyte
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From the compelling characters, including the more traditional villains, to the deep themes surrounding the story, Parasyte is one of the best manga of its genre. The same applies to its anime adaptation, which still finds new audiences almost a decade after it was released. Netflix is not strange to tackling beloved manga and anime IPs for live-action adaptations, but the bar will be high for Parasyte:The Grey, even if it is not an actual adaptation of the manga. The upcoming horror K-drama will have to deliver something special if it wants to match the impact of the original property.


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Fortunately, Netflix has a strong record with horror K-dramas. The streamer has released some great shows in this genre like Sweet Home, Allof Us Are Dead, and Hellbound, the last of which was helmed by the same director from Parasyte:The Grey. Korean dramas in the fantasy or action genres are also known for combining spectacle with important themes and discussions, suggesting Parasyte:The Grey could be a great new interpretation of Parasyte. Whether Netflix’s Parasyte K-drama will be as good as the manga or the anime is difficult to say, but it is a very promising project nonetheless.

Parasyte The Grey TV Show Poster

Parasyte: The Grey

“Parasyte: The Grey” is based on Parasyte, which imagines a world where alien parasites begin taking over human hosts, blending horror with psychological drama. The original manga follows a young man who forms a symbiotic relationship with his alien parasite, leading to a morally complex journey as they confront other parasites threatening humanity. Parasyte: The Grey will be set in South Korea and will follow new characters.

Jeon So Nee , Koo Kyo Hwan , Lee Jung Hyun , Kwon Hae Hyo , Kim In Kwon

Release Date
April 5, 2024


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