Every Important Detail In Superman’s New Logo, Title & Costume Reveal
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Every Important Detail In Superman’s New Logo, Title & Costume Reveal


  • James Gunn has revealed Superman’s new logo for “Superman: Legacy,” now titled “SUPERMAN”.
  • The new logo resembles the one from DC Comics’ “Kingdom Come” while keeping the classic yellow and red.
  • Themes of legacy are likely to remain despite the title change, and the image also teases the Fortress of Solitude.



DC Studios’ James Gunn has revealed the first look at Superman’s new logo in Superman: Legacy (which has also received a new title). The first movie of the rebooted DCU has officially started production, motivating director James Gunn to share this official first look. As such, there a few key details and teases that can be gleaned from this exciting new image.

Wishing to celebrate Cark Kent’s birthday in the DC canon, Gunn shared on Threads the official logo for DCU’s new Superman who will be played by Davide Corenswet. Gunn’s comments and the logo can be viewed below:

Superman Logo For DC Universe

Overjoyed to be announcing the start of principal photography on SUPERMAN today, February 29, which just so happens to be – coincidentally and unplanned – Superman’s birthday (!) When I finished the first draft of the script, I called the film Superman: Legacy. By the time I locked the final draft, it was clear the title was SUPERMAN. Making our way to you July 2025. Happy Birthday, Clark! UpUpAndAway

While the new logo design is exciting in and of itself, Gunn also confirmed that principal photography for Superman: Legacy has begun. Additionally, Gunn made the surprising reveal that the movie set to release in 2025 has also been retitled from Superman: Legacy. To that end, here’s every important detail and tease from James Gunn’s major Superman announcement.


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3 Superman’s New ‘S’ Logo Revealed By James Gunn

Connection To DC’s Kingdom Come

Superman in Kingdom Come and the Black and Red El Crest in the Arrowverse's Crisis on Infinite EarthsThe new Superman logo appears to have a lot in common with DC Comics’ Superman from the classic Kingdom Come storyline by Mark Waid and Alex Ross, set in an alternate reality in the future. However, it’s likely that there’s only a visual connection between the two. Kingdom Come’s Superman is older and more experienced, while the DCU’s Clark Kent will reportedly be on the younger side close to the beginning of his superhero career.It’s also worth noting that a loosely adapted version of Kingdom Come’s Superman was played by former Superman actor Brandon Routh in the Arrowverse’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event which aired on the CW back in 2019. Overall, the red-and-black logo with its sleeker ‘S’ design has remained quite popular with fans since Kingdom Come’s publication back in 1996. As such, the new yellow-and-red version of the logo to be worn by Corenswet’s Man of Steel in the DCU will likely be just as popular.

The Material for Superman’s Costume Has Been Revealed

David Corenswet as Superman in costume in Superman LegacyAdditionally, both the logo and surrounding blue that can be seen from the actual Superman suit look to be made of the same material. Rather than being some sort of spandex (which would feel outdated) or something heavier like Man of Steel’s kevlar-inspired costume, the new Superman costume looks like it will be more of woven material. Both the logo and suit carry the same pattern, and the suit looks like it may be a lighter blue than the costume worn by Henry Cavill as the DCEU’s Superman.


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2 Superman: Legacy Has Officially Been Retitled To SUPERMAN

Themes of Legacy Will Likely Still Be Present

James Gunn's Superman Legacy and Other DC Heroes

Surprisingly, James Gunn also revealed in his post that Superman: Legacy has since been retitled as SUPERMAN. Explaining that this was a decision made during the script-writing process while completing the final draft, it seems as though Gunn thought that the singular name for the title would be more fitting. Based on Gunn’s wording, it does seem as though the first DCU movie will specifically be titled SUPERMAN in all capital letters, which would be a smart decision to make the project more distinctive, perhaps differentiating it from 1978’s Superman which starred Christopher Reeve as the titular Man of Tomorrow.

Assuming there haven’t been drastic script rewrites between the first and final drafts, the overall themes of legacy will likely still be present in SUPERMAN based upon what Gunn has revealed in the past. Case in point, Gunn revealed in early-2023 that the movie will focus on Superman as he works to “reconcile his Kryptonian heritage with his human upbringing as Clark Kent”. As such, it does seem as though the new Man of Steel will be discovering his Kryptonian legacy for the first time and what that means for his future.

Likewise, it’s also been confirmed that Superman will be entering a world already familiar with superheroes, meaning that Kal-El will be joining a legacy in that regard as well. Nevertheless, leaving the word “Legacy” out of the title is perhaps a smart decision, as it could arguably make the movie feel too tied to the past when it’s all about introducing a new version of the character to the big-screen (along with a brand-new rebooted DC Universe at large).

1 James Gunn’s SUPERMAN Post Teases Major DC Location

The Fortress of Solitude

It’s exciting to see the bits of snow covering the new Superman logo in James Gunn’s new post. Although conjecture at the moment, the snow is hopefully teasing that SUPERMAN will feature Kal-El’s Fortress of Solitude, a major location from the DC Universe traditionally found in the Arctic away from civilization. Having been featured in multiple variations across mediums in previous Superman movies and television, The Fortress of Solitude is where Superman first learns about his Kryptonian origins and powers thanks to the A.I of his deceased father Jor-El.The Fortress of Solitude playing a major role in SUPERMAN would certainly support the aforementioned themes of legacy with Clark having to reconcile the Kryptonian side of his ancestry. While it hasn’t been confirmed, it would be fairly surprising if Superman’s iconic Fortress wasn’t a part of his DCU debut. At any rate, it should be very exciting to see David Corenswet in the full Superman suit and new logo on his chest, a reveal which may come sooner rather than later considering SUPERMAN has officially started principal photography.Source: James Gunn/Threads

Superman Legacy Comic Cover

Superman: Legacy

Written and directed by James Gunn, Superman: Legacy is the first movie in Warner Bros.’ rebooted DC Universe to center around the titular comic book hero. It introduces a new version of the Man of Steel after Henry Cavill’s departure from the role, honoring the character’s roots as “the embodiment of truth, justice and the American way.”

Release Date
July 11, 2025

Warner Bros. Pictures

David Corenswet , Rachel Brosnahan , María Gabriela De Faría

Key Release Dates

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