Everything You Need To Know About Joe Keery’s Band (& Where To Find His Solo Music)
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Everything You Need To Know About Joe Keery’s Band (& Where To Find His Solo Music)


  • Keery’s breakout role in Stranger Things led him to Hollywood stardom, but he is also a successful musician with a band and solo career.
  • Prior to focusing on acting, Keery was part of the psychedelic rock band Post Animal, releasing multiple albums and EPs.
  • Under the stage name Djo, Keery has launched a solo music career, receiving positive reviews for his albums and showcasing his versatility as an artist.



Though he is best known for his breakout acting role as Steve Harrington on Stranger Things, Joe Keery’s band also allowed him to pursue his musical career. Steve became a fan-favorite character due to his satisfying arc, transforming from a stereotypical unlikable jock to a caring and protective role model. Keery has reached Hollywood stardom thanks to Stranger Things, but in addition to acting, he is also a successful musician, both as a band member and a solo artist.

Understandably, Keery is more well-known for his work as an actor as he has appeared in several projects in addition to Stranger Things. He has starred in small indie films like the satirical horror movie Spree as well as big-budget Hollywood productions like the video game-themed action comedy, Free Guy. Keery is also part of the Fargo season 5 main cast. However, while Keery has proven to be a capable actor, his music career is just as interesting.


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Joe Keery Was A Member Of Post Animal

Keery Was With The Band From 2015 To 2019

Joe Keery playing guitar onstage in a white suit

In 2015, Joe Keery joined Post Animal, a psychedelic rock band that is described as “if Tame Impala listened to a lot of Black Sabbath and were signed to Elephant 6.” (via Chicago Tribune) The band has released three albums — When I Think of You in a Castle(2018), Forward Motion Godyssey (2020), and Love Gibberish (2022) — and three EPs — Post Animal Perform the Most Curious Water Activities (2015), The Garden Series (2016), and Worried About You (2020).

Their albums can be found on major music streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.). When Keery first joined Post Animal, he originally served as a guitarist and drummer on their debut album, but on their second album, Keery was a guitarist and vocalist.

Keery eventually left Post Animal in 2019 because not only did he want to focus on his acting commitments in the cast of Stranger Things and other projects, but also because he did not want his star power to overshadow the talents of the other band members. According to Keery in an interview with Alternative Press:

It’s important to disassociate Steve from Stranger Things to the band because I think it will eventually hurt the band. Those guys are such talented musicians… I think it’s important that they’re hitting the pavement for a while and making a name for themselves and it’s not necessarily associated with Stranger Things


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Joe Keery Is Releasing Music As A Solo Artist Named Djo

Keery Has Released Two Solo Albums To Date

On July 19, 2019, Keery self-released his first solo single “Roddy” under his new stage name, Djo, and released his second single on August 9, 2019, titled “Chateau.” After the success of both singles, Keery then released his first album as Djo, Twenty Twenty, on September 13th, 2019. NME gave the album a positive review, praising Keery as:

a musician of very high calibre who… dabbles in the kind of inventive, warped psychedelia that gently twists your melon and constantly shapeshifts around you

After the success and critical acclaim of his first album, Keery went on to release a single titled “Keep Your Head Up” on September 9, 2020, and his sophomore album Decide on on September 16, 2022, both of which also earned positive reviews. Keery’s music career has showcased just how multi-faceted he is as an artist and one of the rare actors with a successful music career on the side. Like with his band’s music, Joe Keery‘s solo music as Djo can be listened to on all major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.)

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