Furies Cast & Character Guide
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Furies Cast & Character Guide


  • Furies on Netflix centers on Lyna’s quest for revenge but unravels a hidden criminal underworld’s secrets.
  • The show dives into the complex Parisian crime network, with a cast of intricate characters and plot twists.
  • Lyna faces dangerous foes and unexpected allies as she navigates the treacherous criminal society to find truth.



Netflix’s French-language action-drama Furies tells a complex story of assassination, the criminal underworld, and deception – relying on an extensive cast to bring to life the show’s lore and plot twists. Created by Jean-Yves Arnaud and Yoann Legave, the main Furies story centers around the mysterious Lyna and her mission to track down her father’s killer. However, as the show develops, it becomes clear that Furies is more than a simple revenge arc, incorporating a hidden criminal subculture with its own rules and players.

The eight-part show takes place in Paris, touching on many aspects of the criminal underground that thrives within the city. Balance is maintained by the distribution of six illegal lines of business between six crime lords, who are themselves kept in check by the Fury an expert assassin who chooses targets and roots out enemies to maintain some semblance of order. It’s into this maelstrom that Lyna descends to uncover the truth about her family – despite the dangers it entails. In doing so, she crosses paths with a range of nefarious characters, as well as some allies.


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Lina el Arabi as Lyna

Lyna holding a gun in furies with Selma

Actor: 28-year-old Lina el Arabi has featured prominently in several TV and film productions prior to her performance in Furies. Beyond the Netflix series, her biggest roles to date include playing Zahira Kazim in the intense family drama A Wedding, as well as Ayusha in the 2017 Canadian release Eye on Juliet. She also has a number of television credits, including Pissenlit in Kaboul Kitchen and Aïda Benkikir in Family Business.

Notable Movies and TV Shows: A Wedding (2016), Eye on Juliet (2017), Kaboul Kitchen (2017), Family Business (2019).

Character: Lyna is the main protagonist in Furies whose quest to find her father’s killer defines her descent into the underworld. This journey ultimately reveals more than she could have ever imagined about her true identity, as well as bringing her into conflict with some dangerous opponents.

Marina Foïs as Selma

Selma in Furies aiming a gun

Actor: Although she began her career in comedy, Marina Foïs has now become one of France’s most recognizable and prolific actresses. Since her film debut in 1993, Foïs has appeared in over 70 movies. She has also been nominated for several high-profile acting prizes, including five César Awards. She has also featured in several TV series, proving her versatility as a performer.

Notable Movies and TV Shows: Polisse (2011), Faultless (2016), The Workshop (2017), Darling (2007)

Character: As Selma, Marina Foïs is the designated Fury – responsible for carrying out targeted killings and maintaining order in the chaotic Parisien criminal underworld. Although she introduces Lyna to many aspects of the delicate criminal society she enters after her father’s death, she also has a hidden connection to the character, suggesting ulterior motives.

Steve Tientcheu as Le Fixeur

Steve Tientcheu as Le Fixeur in Furies

Actor: 41-year-old Steve Tientcheu began his acting career comparatively late, with his first movie role coming in 2012. However, since then, he has found success with a wealth of high-profile performances, including as the mayor in the 2019 movie Les Misérable and the 2021 historical drama Germinal. He has also ventured into directing with his 2021 short film La Chimère.

Notable Movies and TV Shows: Les Misérable (2019), AKA (2023), Jungle Jihad (2019), The Gravity (2022)

Character: In Furies, Tientcheu plays “The Fixer“, a close associate of the Fury who works to identify potential targets and enemies. Within the wider context of the story, Le Fixeur also figures out a key mystery about Lyna’s real identity – potentially placing her in greater danger.

Quentin Faure as Le Boueux

Quentin Faure as Le Boueux wearing a beret in Furies

Actor: Although he has featured prominently in several high-profile movie releases, including The Take (a.k.a Bastille Day) in 2016 opposite Idris Elba, Quentin Faure’s biggest roles have come on TV. In addition to Furies, the actor has appeared in the 2014 historical drama Borgia, Les Invisibles, and Coeurs Noirs. He also has one credit as a composer for his work on a short film in 2021.

Notable Movies and TV Shows: Borgia (2014), Spiral (2017), Coeurs Noirs (2023), Les Invisibles (2021-23)

Character: Another member of the Fury’s mysterious cadre, Le Boueux is almost equivalent to a personal assistant. As such, he keeps a close eye on Lyna when she arrives on the scene, registering his distrust from the outset. As the drama develops, this makes him potentially one of her biggest obstacles in uncovering the truth and succeeding in her mission.


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Jeremy Nadeau as Elie

Jeremy Nadeau as Elie holding a bear in Furies

Actor: Like Quentin Faure, Jeremy Nadeau is best-known to French audiences as a TV actor. In fact, he appeared alongside Faure in the 2023 series Coeurs Noirs as Paco. His major credits include prominent roles in the comedy series Frère! and Blablou, though he has also appeared in dramas like the murder mystery Profilage.

Notable Movies and TV Shows: Coeurs Noirs (2023), Frère! (2020-2021), Blablou (2017-2020)

Character: In Furies, Nadeau plays Elie – Lyna’s primary love interest who also happens to be a police officer. Despite the pair’s relationship, Lyna’s descent into the criminal subculture means that Elie is increasingly torn between his duty to uphold the law and his girlfriend. This puts him in an awkward quandary, especially when it comes to the best way of keeping Lyna safe.

Sandor Funtek as Orso

Sandor Funtek as Orso wearing a blue jacket

Actor: Although French-born actor Sandor Funtek has featured most prominently in French-language movies and TV shows, he will also be familiar to American and wider audiences. Funtek has appeared in high-profile releases like Russian Doll and Blue is the Warmest Color. He also has credits in the Palme d’Or-winning film Dheepan and the 2021 movie Suprêmes.

Notable Movies and TV Shows: Blue is the Warmest Color (2013), Suprêmes (2021), Notre-Dame (2022)

Character: Orso forms part of a complicated love triangle with Lyna and Elie. Initially, he is ordered by the crime lords to kill Lyna and prevent her investigation. However, he does not obey due to his feelings and becomes a crucial ally as her mission develops.

Eye Haïdara as Keita

Eye Haïdara as Keita in Furies with her feet on a desk

Actor: 40-year-old Haïdara has worked as an actor since 2007, featuring in a number of notable productions. Her first prominent role came in director Jean-Luc Goddard’s controversial 2010 postmodern drama Film Socialisme. In the years since, she has played a leading role in the 2017 movie C’est La Vie! (for which she was nominated for both a César and Lumières Award), as well as the TV shows Patriot and Papa ou Maman.

Notable Movies and TV Shows: Film Socialsme (2010), C’est La Vie! (2017), Papa ou Maman (2018), Patriot (2018)

Character: Keita is a compelling character within Furies‘ story as one of the few figures operating on the “right” side of the law. As a police captain, she is determined to take down Paris’ criminal network. However, she faces an uphill battle – only made more complicated by Lyna’s involvement.

Fatima Adoum as Amytis

Fatima Adoum as Amytis in Furies

Actor: Fatima Adoum has had an extensive and successful acting career since her 2002 debut in Gaspar Noé’s provocative and controversial thriller Irréversible. Her most high-profile projects include Guy Ritchie’s blockbuster Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, and the 2010 thriller The Assault. She also featured prominently in the 2023 series Hijack opposite Idris Elba.

Notable Movies and TV Shows: Irréversible (2002), The Assault (2010), Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011), Hijack (2023)

Character: Amytis is a grounding presence for Lyna’s character, especially after her father’s death. As her adoptive mother, she is a major source of motivation – having herself been injured in the fatal attack.

Furies Supporting Cast & Characters

Anne Azoulay as Mama: One of the six crime lords, Mama is responsible for running prostitution in Paris. Anne Azoulay has credits as both a writer, director, and actor, with her most well-known projects including Remember to Blink and Black Box.

Alex Brendemühl as Parques: As the leader of the underworld’s assassins, Parques is one of Furies‘ most dangerous characters. Born in Barcelona, Brendemühl has over 120 acting credits to his name, including prominent roles in The Prayer and The German Doctor.

Mathieu Kassowitz as Driss: A sadistic and deadly opponent, Driss also has a secret connection to Lyna that throws off her whole investigation. Beyond Furies, Kassowitz has featured in several major projects, including The Bureau and War & Peace.

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