Evil Morty’s Future Plans In Rick & Morty Teased By Showrunner
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Evil Morty’s Future Plans In Rick & Morty Teased By Showrunner


  • Evil Morty will return with showrunner Scott Marder teasing ”
    grand designs
  • His backstory has not been completely filled in, but his motivations are more defined.
  • Evil Morty poses a looming threat, showcased in
    Rick & Morty
    season 7.



Rick & Morty showrunner Scott Marder teases Evil Morty’s future in the Adult Swim series. Initially premiering in 2013, the adult animated show follows the adventures of Rick Sanchez, an alcoholic, ill-tempered super scientist and his teenage grandson who journey through different dimensions. At various points throughout the show, the leading duo has gone up against Evil Morty, an antagonist who serves as a foil for another major villain, Rick Prime.

Marder recently spoke to Variety, explaining that Evil Morty, who played a major feature in season 7, will return in the future. Evil Morty assists Rick in killing his nemesis Rick Prime in the middle of season 7, and Marder assures that they have plans for the character. Read his full comments below:

We can expect to see him in the future. We certainly have plans and grand designs with him, for sure.

Evil Morty’s History And Backstory

Evil Morty steps through a yellow portal in Rick and Morty

Even though Evil Morty appeared early in Rick & Morty, the character’s backstory and history wasn’t fleshed out until much later in the show. Evil Morty first appeared in Rick & Morty season 1, episode 10, “Close Rick-counters Of The Rick Kind,” where he controls an Evil Rick to carry out his nefarious dealings. He wouldn’t return again until season 3, episode 7 of the show, where he christened himself President Morty and leader of the Citadel of Ricks.

While parts of Evil Morty’s origins are still unclear, his motivations are more defined. After discovering the Central Finite Curve, where Rick is the smartest person alive and Mortys across the multiverse are artificially prompted into existence by Ricks, Evil Morty decides to end this cycle.


Rick And Morty’s Rick Prime Is A Better Villain Than Evil Morty For 1 Key Reason

Rick and Morty’s main antagonists are both integral to the show but Rick Prime has proved he’s a better villain than Evil Morty for 1 key reason.

Throughout Rick & Morty, Evil Morty has remained a constant looming threat. His latest appearance in season 7, episode 5, where he assisted in killing Prime Rick, showed just how powerful he can be. With Marder teasing grand designs for his character in the future, it’ll be interesting to see Rick and Morty eventually deal with his immense threat.

Source: Variety

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