TRON 3 Brings Back A 42-Year Design Choice (& It Looks Even Better)
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TRON 3 Brings Back A 42-Year Design Choice (& It Looks Even Better)


  • TRON: Ares revives red lighting suits, connecting to original Tron & improving on 1982 designs.
  • Jared Leto’s Ares character in TRON 3 showcases striking new suit design with red lighting.
  • TRON: Ares marks progress with bold design choices, directly linked to TRON: Legacy film.



The first look at Jared Leto’s character in TRON: Ares confirms the franchise is bringing back a design choice 42 years later and making it even better. The third film in the TRON franchise has been in development for years, but it has finally made solid enough progress to begin filming. This meant star Jared Leto sharing a first look image at TRON 3 and his character, Ares. The photo not only marks an exciting positive change for the movie’s status, but it also provides the first glimpse at how the movie will connect to both previous films.

The TRON 3 image is striking on a number of levels, including the stark contrast provided by the black suit and red lighting. The franchise is best known for its suits with blue or orange lighting, so the revelation of a different color being used for Jared Leto’s character is exciting. This also comes as TRON 3 utilizes similar suit designs as featured in TRON: Legacy, confirming that the new installment is directly connected to the previous one. One element of Jared Leto’s TRON: Ares look is also a direct callback to the original film from 1982.


Is TRON: Ares A Sequel To TRON Legacy?

A first look at Jared Leto’s character in TRON: Ares has just been released, with many still wondering if the film is a sequel to TRON: Legacy.

Jared Leto’s TRON: Ares Character Brings Red Light Suits Back To The Franchise

David Warner as Sark in Tron

The decision to put a red light suit on Jared Leto’s character in TRON: Ares is the movie’s chance to connect to the original Tron. TRON: Legacy only included people in suits with blue or orange lighting after the original movie had blue and red. Leaving the red lighting designs out of TRON: Legacy was noticeable, as they were prominently featured in the original film. In Tron, the film’s villain, Sark, wears a suit with red lighting. The soldiers who work for him and The Master Control Program also have red lighting on their suits.


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After TRON: Legacy left red suits out of the movie, it is welcomed to see TRON: Ares bring this element of the franchise back. There are obvious differences between Sark’s and Ares’ looks, ranging from the design of the suits themselves to how the red lighting is incorporated. While the exact reasoning for Ares having a red-colored suit is not yet confirmed, it would seem that the decision would be made in part to have a connection to the 1982 movie. Now, audiences can see a character in a TRON movie with red lighting on their suit once again.

TRON: Ares’ Red Suits Look Way Better Than The Original’s (Obviously)

Jared Leto looking back in Tron Ares

TRON: Ares bringing red suits back to the franchise shows how they are a huge improvement on the originals. The 1982 movie’s suits do not look the best as a result of the limited VFX capabilities from then. TRON: Ares‘ suits are far superior in terms of the overall design thanks to utilizing the template from TRON: Legacy, while the red lighting stands out much better against the black base. It’s not a surprise that the costumes look so much better 42 years later, so TRON: Ares calling back to the original with the red lights is a nice touch.

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