FF7 Rebirth Data Disc Error Could Be A Win For Players
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FF7 Rebirth Data Disc Error Could Be A Win For Players


  • Misprinted copies of
    Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth
    may become valuable collector’s items due to rarity and increasing interest in rare games.
  • While the misprint may cause confusion, players can still enjoy the game by using the discs in reverse order.
  • Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth
    has been praised for its gameplay and combat, making it a hit among fans and critics alike.



A printing error may have led to some confusion for some Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth fans, but given how uncommon such an issue is in the video game industry, the misprints may end up being quite valuable. Following the release of the highly-anticipated remake, the game’s physical edition raised eyebrows when the two discs included in the box started causing errors with the installation. Developer and publisher Square Enix announced that certain copies of the game sported incorrect labeling, issuing a statement to help consumers figure out the problem.

Per Gematsu, various copies of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth released in Asia have data discs with swapped labels, meaning the “Play Disc” is used to install the game onto the PlayStation 5 while the “Data Disc” is what must be inserted to launch the app. Square Enix has noted that while the misprint may cause confusion, both discs have been manufactured correctly, meaning players will just need to insert them in reverse order, installing with the “Play Disc” and starting Rebirth with the “Data Disc.” Once installed, the “Data Disc” will be the only one required to play the game.


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FF7: Rebirth Could Be a Major Collector’s Item

FF7 Rebirth - Aerith prays as black feathers fall.

While a misprint like this may seem like a major issue to consumers who either pre-ordered or purchased Rebirth at launch, it may prove to be incredibly valuable in the future. Given the increase in rare game trading and how uncommon manufacturing mistakes are, a misprinted physical copy of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth may prove to be a popular item among collectors in the coming years. Add to this the fact that the issue was only prevalent in Asia, most prominently in Japan, and the scarcity of these misprinted copies is only further enhanced.

The misprinted version of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth may prove to be a hit amongst those who trade in hard-to-find games but if that’s the case then owners may have to wait for a few years. Video game collecting has proven to be a lucrative hobby, with certain mint-quality retro titles like Mega Man and The Legend of Zelda fetching hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction. Whether that turns out to be the case for Rebirth remains to be seen, but players with a misprinted copy should take good care of them.

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Is Already a Hit

Cloud leans on his motorcycle in Midgar at night in a screenshot from FF7 Rebirth.

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth is the latest chapter in the so-called “Remake Saga,” as players once again join moody protagonist Cloud as he and his team flee from the dystopian city of Midgar into the wider world. Critics have praised Rebirth as a worthy follow-up to 2020’s Remake, noting that while some die-hard fans may not enjoy some of the narrative changes, the gameplay and combat are satisfying and engaging. Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth is now available exclusively on PlayStation 5.

Source: Gematsu

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