How The Characters Are Related
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How The Characters Are Related


  • Bluey
    is an immensely popular Australian children’s show known for its clever and quirky humor, pop culture references, and heartfelt storytelling.
  • The show teaches kids important life lessons, particularly about the value of family, through the dynamic relationships within the Heeler family.
  • The Heeler family tree includes a range of characters, from Bluey and Bingo to grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, each with their own unique personalities and roles in the show.



While Bluey, Bingo, Bandit, and Chilli are the central characters in Bluey, the Heeler family tree actually extends much further. Bluey is an immensely popular Australian kid’s television show following the adventures of the titular Bluey, a young Heeler pup with a love for playing. Bluey is also deeply heartfelt, often tackling serious subjects like grief and the struggles of being a parent in today’s world, which is one of the reasons why it’s captured the hearts of kids and adults alike and become one of the best TV shows of 2023.

The show is clever and quirky, including comedy moments and pop culture references that aren’t just for kids. Bluey also teaches kids important life lessons, including the value of family. Bluey is surrounded by a large family which comes with a range of dynamics — some are positive and loving while others prove to be more difficult and strained. Throughout Bluey‘s three seasons so far, viewers have been introduced to the wider Heeler family which includes grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

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Bluey Heeler

The Eldest Daughter Of Chilli & Bandit

As the title suggests, Bluey Heeler is the central character of Bluey.She is the eldest daughter of Chilli and Bandit Heeler and the older sister of Bingo Heeler. A seven-year-old Heeler pup with an active imagination and a love of play, Bluey is energetic and sociable, but can sometimes show her bossy side. All in all, though, Bluey makes for a fantastic protagonist in a children’s series, being the right balance of precocious and thoughtful, as she, and the audience, learn important life lessons in the best episodes of Bluey.

Bingo Heeler

Bluey’s Timid Young Sister

Bingo from the kids show Bluey

Bingo Heeler is Bluey’s younger sister who bears a striking resemblance to their mother. Bingo is four years old and loves to play, but is often quieter, sometimes drifting into her own world or separating from the group. Bingo can be more timid than her older sister, and she’s also shown to be more sensitive, with many of Bluey‘s episodes depicting storylines where the younger Heeler gets her feelings hurt. However, she also knows how to stand up for herself. Bingo adores her older sister and is shown to have an interest in bugs, books, and ballet.


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Bandit Heeler

The Exuberant Father Of Bluey & Bingo

Bandit reading to Bluey and Bingo in Bluey

Bandit is the exuberant father of Bluey and Bingo and husband to Chilli Heeler. He is the middle son of Chris and Bob Heeler (a.k.a Nana and Grandpa) and brother to Stripe and Radley. Bandit often keeps Bluey and Bingo entertained with exciting games and big adventures, though can sometimes get a little carried away. Bandit and Chilli aren’t always perfect parents, but Bandit demonstrates how devoted he is to his daughters by using all his spare time to play with them and teaching them important life lessons along the way.


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Chilli Heeler

The Working Mother To Chilli & Bluey

Chilli is Bluey and Bingo’s mom and the wife of Bandit, which also makes her the aunt of Muffin and Socks. She’s the daughter of Mort and has an older sister in Brandy Cattle. Chilli is frequently depicted as the more “sensible” parent, often exasperated by Bandit’s antics with the kids, but that doesn’t stop her from joining the adventures. With a good sense of humor and a sharp wit, Chilli is the best TV mom. Although Bluey is a light-hearted children’s show, it depicts Chilli’s struggle as a working mom; balancing family life with her job in Airport Security.

Chris “Nana” Heeler

The Grandmother Of Bluey, Bingo, Muffin, & Socks

Nana Heeler is surrounded by her grandkids in Bluey.

Christine “Chris” Heeler, more commonly referred to as Nana in Bluey, is Bandit’s mom and the grandmother of Bluey, Bingo, Muffin, and Socks. She’s married to Bob and is the ideal picture of a grandma: kind, caring, and endlessly doting on her grandchildren. In the episode “Family Meeting,” it’s revealed that Bluey is named after Chris as her middle name is Christine.


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Bob “Grandpa” Heeler

The Grandfather Of Bluey, Bingo, Muffin, & Socks

Grandpa Bob is holding Bingo in Bluey.

As Bandit’s dad, Bob Heeler is the grandfather of Bluey and Bingo and their cousins Muffin and Socks. He is the husband to Chris. To date, Grandpa Bob has only had one present-day appearance in Bluey – season 1, episode 28, “Grannies.” Since then, Bob has been pictured and mentioned multiple times, and a younger version of the character appears in a flashback in the season 3 episode “Fairytale.” Bob’s absence is a source of speculation, as many of the “grandpa” storylines are given to Chilli’s dad to include her side of the family, which is much smaller than Bandit’s side.

“Grandad” Mort Cattle

Mort Is The Maternal Grandfather Of Bluey & Bingo

Grandad Mort are playing in mud with Bluey and Bingo.

Mort is the father of Chilli and her older sister Brandy, making him the maternal grandad of Bluey and Bingo. An army veteran, Mort is still very active and shown to be stubborn — exemplified when he ignored the doctor’s orders to rest up after a heart operation. Mort is also shown to have a love of the ocean; he owns a boat and frequently takes Bluey and Bingo swimming, something he also did with Chilli in her younger years.


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Chilli’s Mom

Chilli’s Mom Passed Away Before The Start Of Bluey

Chilli and her mom are in a Bluey flashback.

Chilli’s mom has only appeared once in Bluey, in a brief flashback in the season 3 episode “Dragon.” While it hasn’t been confirmed, it’s believed she may have passed away. Though she’s mentioned a handful of times, “Dragon” provides the most information on the character. Bluey asks “Who’s that?” when the character appears, suggesting that Bluey and Bingo may never have met their maternal grandmother. Not much else is known about Chilli’s mom in Bluey, though it’s hinted she had a love of horses due to a picture of her riding one that hangs in the Heeler’s entryway.

Brandy Cattle

The Aunt To Bluey & Bingo

Brandy and Chilli hold hands in Bluey

Brandy Cattle is Chilli’s older sister, known as “Aunty Brandy” to Bluey and Bingo. Before the Bluey season 3 episode “Onesies,” Brandy and Chilli were estranged; the siblings hadn’t seen each other for four years. It’s heavily hinted in the episode that Brandy distanced herself from Chilli due to her grief over infertility issues which were made worse by seeing Chilli with her family. The character is voiced by notable Australian actor Rose Byrne.

Stripe Heeler

Bandit’s Brother & Bluey & Bingo’s Uncle

Stripe Heeler is the brother of Bandit, making him Bluey and Bingo’s uncle. He is also father to Muffin and Socks, Bluey and Bingo’s cousins. Stripe is younger than Bandit, and it’s shown that when the two were kids, Stripe was often the butt of Bandit’s jokes and subject to endless teasing which verged on bullying. The pair are shown to have a better relationship in adulthood, however. Stripe is easily identifiable thanks to the distinctive stripe across his midriff.

Trixie Heeler

Stripe’s Wife & Bandit’s Sister-In-Law

Trixie Heeler from Bluey

Trixie Heeler is the wife of Stripe, meaning she’s Bandit’s sister-in-law and Bluey and Bingo’s aunt through marriage. Trixie is shown to be very sensible and highly organized, though she’s also energetic and loves physical activity, most notably playing hockey with Chilli. Trixie is also shown to be caring and a devoted wife and mum to Muffin and Socks.

Muffin Heeler

The Oldest Child Of Stripe & Trixie

Muffin Heeler in Bluey

Muffin is the elder of Bluey and Bingo’s two cousins. She’s the older sister of Socks and the oldest child of Stripe and Trixie Heeler, which also makes her the niece of Bandit and Chilli. Muffin is shown to be the most confident Heeler cousin; she’s always willing to speak her mind and has a loud and energetic streak.

Socks Heeler

The Youngest Daughter Of Stripe & Trixie

Socks from Bluey

Socks is the baby of the Heeler family. She’s the youngest daughter of Stripe and Trixie, making her Bluey and Bingo’s baby cousin. In season 1, Socks is noticeably different from the rest of Bluey‘s characters as she behaves like a regular puppy; Socks barks instead of talking and walks on all fours. By season 2, she can walk and talk like the rest of the characters. Although she still retains some dog-like traits, Socks has no trouble keeping up with her older cousins.

Radley “Rad” Heeler

The Oldest Of The Three Heeler Brothers

Radley, nicknamed Rad or “Uncle Rad” to Bluey and Bingo, is the oldest of the three Heeler brothers. He’s the uncle to Bluey, Bingo, Socks, and Muffin. Living up to his nickname, Rad is shown to be decidedly laid-back and chilled out, providing a nice contrast to some of Bluey‘s more high-energy characters like Bandit and the kids. Rad stands out from the rest of his family as he has the coloring of a Red Heeler, similar to Chilli and her family, though no explanation for this has been given in the show.


Bluey & Bingo’s Godmother

Rad and Frisky embrace in Bluey

As a longtime friend of Chilli and Bandit and godmother to Bluey and Bingo, English cocker spaniel Frisky is already an honorary member of Bluey‘s Heeler family. However, she might be about to become an official member of the clan thanks to her blossoming relationship with Rad Heeler. Bluey has hinted at a relationship between the pair and, as reported by OK!, there’s now speculation that the two are engaged. While it’s not yet officially confirmed, the pair’s nuptials could make for an adorable wedding episode in any future seasons of Bluey.

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Bley is an Australian animated kids’ show centered on a family of talking dogs. Bluey is a female Australian Blue Heeler Cattle Dog, and together with her sister Bingo, Mum, and Dad, Bluey always finds herself in the middle of an adventure.

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