Helldivers 2 Dev Update Means Your Non-Meta Build Is Going To Get A Lot Better
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Helldivers 2 Dev Update Means Your Non-Meta Build Is Going To Get A Lot Better


  • Developer Arrowhead Game Studios is working on a balance-focused update for Helldivers 2, aiming to buff underperforming weapons and fix gameplay issues.
  • Recent server fixes have paved the way for a more gameplay-focused update, potentially shaking up the current meta and allowing for more varied loadouts.
  • While details are scarce, the update may address armor-piercing capabilities, fix the armor rating system, and make less powerful options more viable for high-difficulty missions.



Although the playerbase of Helldivers 2 has developed a meta, pinning down the game’s best weapons and Stratagems, a new update from developer Arrowhead Game Studios promises to shake up the game’s existing options in a future patch. With the game’s first few updates having been almost totally devoted to fixing bugs and server issues, Helldivers 2‘s gameplay has yet to see any significant updates, although additions like new Stratagems and weapons have been teased by the developers. With the game’s server issues mostly fixed, however, Arrowhead seems to be gearing up for a more gameplay-focused update.

A minor update from developer Baskinator on the official Helldivers Discord server, which can be seen in a Reddit post from user Dean_38, has confirmed that the developers at Arrowhead are currently working on a balance-focused update for Helldivers 2.

No further details, such as additional content or a potential release date, have been announced, but a more gameplay-oriented patch would presumably focus on buffing some of the game’s underperforming weapons and potentially fixing some issues affecting gameplay, like the currently nonfunctional armor rating system.


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A Balance Update Is Coming To Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2’s Next Update Could Change The Meta

A kneeling Helldiver, rifle in hand, gives a thumbs-up as two of other Helldivers kick a giant alien bug in the background

Especially in the hardest difficulties of Helldivers 2, the meta has started to revolve around a few distinctly powerful options – the default Breaker shotgun, the Railgun support weapon, and the Shield Generator Pack Stratagem, sometimes with other options like the Autocannon or Defender SMG making appearances. While these weapons and Stratagems aren’t strictly required to succeed in higher difficulties, and players can certainly find success with off-meta options, they have formed a somewhat over-centralized core that can feel limiting for players who want to maximize their effectiveness in missions.

While certain datamines for Helldivers 2 have revealed that new content is coming to the game, some of which might be enough to shake up the meta on its own, many players will still appreciate a patch devoted to making some of the game’s less powerful options feel better to use, and deemphasizing the need for options like the Railgun. Improvements to the armor-piercing capabilities of other support weapons, like the Recoilless Rifle, and fixes to the game’s armor rating system could make the Railgun and Shield Generator Pack feel less mandatory on high-difficulty missions.

With most of Arrowhead’s efforts so far having been devoted to increasing server limits and allowing more players to actually access the game, it’s currently unknown what a future balance patch could look like, but it’s likely to include some much-needed buffs for the game’s less powerful weapons and Stratagems, allowing players to use more varied loadouts. As Helldivers 2 moves past its biggest launch issues, future updates are more likely to have a focus on gameplay.

Source: Dean_38/Reddit

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