How Tammy’s Neck’s Changed Since Extraordinary Weight Loss Milestone (& Why She’s So Sensitive About Her Excess Skin Issues)
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How Tammy’s Neck’s Changed Since Extraordinary Weight Loss Milestone (& Why She’s So Sensitive About Her Excess Skin Issues)


  • Fans should appreciate Tammy Slaton’s remarkable weight-loss journey instead of calling attention to her excess skin issue, which she’s sensitive about.
  • Tammy’s struggles with emotional eating and addiction were hard for her to overcome.
  • Despite facing negativity and hate, Tammy continues to share her life on social media. Tammy iooks wonderful and fans should focus on what’s beautiful about her, such as her full lips, rather than pointing out every imperfection.



1000-Lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton has excess neck skin after an amazing physical transformation – she’s dropped 440 pounds and fans can’t believe their eyes. However, some of them are crass enough to call Tammy out over the excess skin – the shade really hurts her. Tammy’s worked so hard to get where she is now. She’s improved her health by slimming down after spending time on a ventilator, close to death due to super morbid obesity. Some fans can’t see the forest for the trees – they focus on Tammy’s neck instead of looking at the bigger picture.

In 1000-Lb Sisters season 5, Tammy showed her weight-loss progress. Even her own mother Darlene didn’t really believe that Tammy could do it. She doubted her own child. In the past, Tammy did have trouble sticking to diets – deep-seated psychological issues may have pushed her towards emotional eating. Even though Tammy knew she was hurting her body, she couldn’t stop – that’s the nature of addiction. Thankfully, she found the strength to do what was necessary. Now, she’s reaping the rewards. However, losing so much weight so rapidly has changed her skin – nonetheless, she still looks great.


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Tammy Slaton Isn’t Afraid To Show Fans Who She Really Is

Tammy Slaton Doesn’t Filter Every Pic & Video

Tammy‘s TikTok is a great place to get to know her better. While she shared so much about her life onscreen, from her tragic romance with the late Caleb Willingham to her weight-loss journey, there are sides of her that fans can only understand by keeping tabs on her social media accounts. She seems to love TikTok – in the post above, Tammy shows off a new shirt with angel wings, which she just received in the mail. Her excess skin is noticeable here, but she looks very pretty. She wears red polka dots and her sleek hairstyle is flattering.

Tammy may need to wait a while before she can get an excess skin removal procedure. A plastic surgeon might have told her to wait until her weight-loss journey was complete. Perhaps her doctor wants her to slim down more so they won’t need to perform the invasive surgical procedure twice. Another scenario is that Tammy just wants to enjoy life for a while after a very dramatic phase.

Tammy Slaton Used To Have A Fuller Face & Throat

Losing Weight Stretched Tammy Slaton’s Skin

Fans should back off when it comes to criticizing the way that her neck looks. She’s come such a long way, and it’s to be expected that she’d have excess skin after losing more than four hundred pounds. However, some fans enjoy hurting her – they point out her flaws, bringing her back to the dark place that she’s worked so hard to escape. See Tammy in the old days in the clip above – she looked unhappy, didn’t feel good, and was very heavy. Now, she’s stronger and faces haters head-on. That doesn’t mean that she isn’t hurt by what her “fans” do. Trolls have made Tammy cry.

One mean fan actually compared her to Family Guy character. Another told her to get her teeth fixed. They don’t see the beauty in Tammy, and they’re definitely aware of how their remarks are going to make her feel. However, she looks amazing after the kind of weight-loss journey that few people experience. Some people who criticize her won’t even post their own photos – their accounts are anonymous. Those haters probably have flaws too. Tammy knows she has this flaw, and she gets upset over the excess skin thing because she’s acutely aware of it – onscreen, she’s referenced her

turkey neck

Tammy is a 1000-Lb Sisters star that people care about. She’s got charisma and star quality. Also, Tammy, a Leo, was born to claim the spotlight. However, when it comes to her excess skin issue, she often experiences the dark side of notoriety. In order to keep her following and express herself, she has to deal with hate. Obviously the good outweighs the bad or she would have left social media long ago. If Tammy gets her excess skin issue fixed, her critics will find something else to needle her about. That’s just what trolls do.

Sources: Tammy Slaton/TikTok

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1000-Lb Sisters celeb Tammy Slaton lost over 400 pounds and showcased her results during season 5. However, while she achieved such an important goal, she was faced with emotional devastation. She lost her former husband, Caleb Willingham. He died due to health complications linked with his weight.

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