How The Experts Can Avoid Failing In MAFS Season 18
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How The Experts Can Avoid Failing In MAFS Season 18


  • MAFS experts need to revamp their strategies for creating lasting marriages in season 18.
  • Trust issues like Becca and Austin’s show the experts’ need to address problems effectively.
  • Couples should be pushed to communicate more by the experts for successful relationships.



Married At First Sight season 17 has featured several failed marriages, and with one couple left to make their decision, the experts need to change their ways to avoid failing on MAFS season 18. Throughout Married At First Sight history, the experts have been in control of who they match up and what tactics they use to help the participants in their marriages. While the couples are responsible for their relationships at the end of the experiment, the experts are there to facilitate communication and work through glaring issues or problems that may crop up in the couples’ marriages overall.

Although some of the couples on Married At First Sight season 17 seemed to be well-matched, their personalities ultimately didn’t click as well as they believed early on in the season. For couples like MAFS season 17’s Becca and Austin, who were well matched and seemed like they were going to make things work, the trust issues in their relationship were addressed by the experts, but ultimately were not resolved. The MAFS experts may have been able to create couples that appear built to last, but actually helping them build a lasting marriage is something they need to work on.


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The Haven’t Had A Successful Marriage During MAFS Season 17

Although Married At First Sight season 17’s Michael and Chloe have yet to make a decision about their relationship’s future, the rest of the MAFS season 17 couples have made their final decisions. Throughout the season, couples were splitting up long before they had to make their final decisions on decision day. With nearly all of the couples having chosen to divorce after their eight-week trial marriages, the Married At First Sight season 17 experts only have one potential lasting match in their group. For Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Dr. Pia Holec, and Pastor Cal Roberson, the success rate is low.

Casting Can Make Things Difficult On The Experts, But They Need To Regroup

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While the experts are partially to blame for their advice and the way they choose to counsel the couples, the casting of Married At First Sight can make things difficult for them, too. The Married At First Sight experts are only able to do so much with the group of people who are cast on the show. The casting team behind MAFS are meant to cast people who are actually interested in being in committed relationships. A lot of the time, this doesn’t wind up being the case, as MAFS has had some difficulty in finding participants who are genuine.

The MAFS Experts Should Push The Couples To Talk Out Issues More Often

Although they have some difficulty in the casting of the series, the MAFS experts are also at fault for how few couples wind up staying married after the series is over. While the experts can only do so much for the participants, the couples are not always pushed to talk about their issues in a productive way. There are times that the MAFS experts will ask a question and are met with resistance, but instead of approaching things differently, they drop it all together. The experts should spend more time pressing the participants, rather than letting them off the hook.

The Experts Can Change Their Approach To Find Success On MAFS Season 18

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While the Married At First Sight experts are doing the best they can from season to season, it’s clear that their approach needs to be revamped in order for them to help the couples they match make it to the next phase of their relationship. Though the experts only have so much power, the MAFS team should revisit the strategies they use in their one-on-one sessions with the couples, and potentially take a look at the existing casting processes to help make some changes. With new practices in place, the Married At First Sight experts could create successful love stories.

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Married At First Sight

Based on the Danish version of the series, Married at First Sight is a reality show/social experiment that gives singles a chance to find a lifelong partnership with one particular caveat: they must agree to marry a stranger arranged the moment they meet. Experts provide counseling and guidance as they help couples navigate their new marriage with their unknown partner and highlight the journey of the newlyweds from wedding to honeymoon to beginning their new lives together. At the end of eight weeks, couples will decide to stay married or divorce.

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