How To Catch The Here and There Fish In Disney Dreamlight Valley
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How To Catch The Here and There Fish In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Catching the Here and There Fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley will require a little questing before you can do so. The fish are part of the 1.4 update, which brought Nala and Simba to the game, and finding the fish will allow you to finish Nala’s friendship quest. It will also unlock the ability to find the fish at any time.



Nala and Simba were added to Disney Dreamlight Valley as part of an update, and they are a bit harder to bring to the Valley than their counterpart, Scar. The Quest to bring them back will start in the Disney Castle by unlocking theLion King Realm, which will cost players 10,000 Dreamlight. Once opened, players can interact with Nala and Simba and begin their friendship quest, allowing players to catch the Here and There Fish.


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Where To Catch The Here and There Fish In Disney Dreamlight Valley

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To catch the Here and There Fish, you will have to get theHere and There and Back Again Quest, which is part of Nala’s quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once you have gotten to this quest, you will be tasked with catching this special fish to cook the Lioness Feast. Nala will give you some advice to help you catch the fish once the time comes after you reassemble the Lioness Statues.

Here and There and Back Again

Quest is the last of 5 separate quests that you will have to complete to unlock Nala.

Nala suggests that you can find the “Here and There Fish” by attempting to catch them in the morning or evening, which can be interpreted as between 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. or between 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., referred to as sunrise and sunset, respectively. The fish can only be caught between these times in the game, but the good news is they can be caught in any biome and with or without ripples in the water.

It is possible that not seeing ripples makes it more likely you will be able to catch these Fish without seeing any ripples at all. Once you finish the friendship quest and cook up the Lioness Feast, you will have completed the quest to unlock Nala and will be able to bring her back to the Valley. This will also allow you to catch the “Here and There Fish” with the same time stipulations as you wish in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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