How To Find (& Beat) Reaper In Persona 3 Reload (Boss Guide)
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How To Find (& Beat) Reaper In Persona 3 Reload (Boss Guide)

Having made its debut in the original game, The Reaper returns in Persona 3 Reload and is as difficult an opponent as ever. While the Reaper may not seem like an official boss fight, this is undoubtedly one of the most challenging enemies players have the opportunity to face off against and should proceed with caution.



It’s important to note that the Reaper is not a mandatory fight. Players can complete the game without encountering the Reaper if they choose to. However, achievements are linked to it, which can be a great way to determine whether you’re ready for the powerful end-game bosses.


10 Strongest Personas In Persona 3 Reload

With over 170 Personas to fuse in Persona 3 Reload, it can be hard to figure out which ones are the best to use in your fight through Tartarus.

How To Find & Defeat The Reaper In Persona 3 Reload

Helel and Satan using an attack on the reaper in Persona 3 Reload

Like other Persona games, the Reaper is not an enemy that waits for you in any designated area. Instead, he wanders the open battle space of that game, such as Momentos in Persona 5 and Tartarus in Persona 3 Reload, only when players are taking their time in one area.

If you choose to hang around on any floor of Tartarus for too long, you will begin to hear the sound of chains steadily approaching. This ominous sound is a cue that the Reaper is coming to check on you if you don’t leave soon.

If you’re unprepared for this fight, rush to the nearest exit of that floor. It will not follow you through teleporters but may chase you to another floor. The Reaper can spawn on any floor after hisintroduction on floor 62 and can be deadly if encountered too early.

If you want to avoid this enemy, the method is simple: just don’t hang out on one floor for too long. Your party members in Persona 3 Reload will warn you when The Reaper appears so you have time to escape.

If you want a quick cheat method to end this fight, consider waiting until you have unlocked the Armageddon
Theurgy Attack in
Persona 3 Reload

. This attack requires Satan and Helel Personas and can deal 9,999 damage, making it capable of one-shotting most enemies, including bosses.

If you want to fight the Reaper, it is highly recommended that you wait until you are near Persona 3 Reload‘s ending since The Reaper fight is comparable to that of the Final Boss. It has attacks of every element, several insta-kill moves, and nearly every buff skill you can think of. Not only are its attacks incredibly deadly, but it will hit multiple times on its turn, leaving you severely damaged even if you do survive the blows.

The best way to defeat this enemy is to come prepared, preferably with physically strong Personas, since they are vulnerable to critical hits, but they have no affinities, so elemental attacks will all work equally well.

In addition to this, stack yourself with HP and SP items and ensure at least one Persona, in addition to Yukari, is equipped with powerful healing skills. All in all, this is merely an endurance fight that has no hidden trick other than staying alive and depleting its health in Persona 3 Reload.

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