“It’s Like Being Kicked In The Balls”
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“It’s Like Being Kicked In The Balls”

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  • Ray Winstone found Marvel’s reshoot process for Black Widow to be a nightmare, feeling his performance was criticized.
  • Despite feeling soul-destroying, Winstone was contractually obligated to redo his scenes despite wanting to be recast.
  • Marvel’s approach to reshoots left Winstone feeling frustrated and wishing he had never been part of the movie.



One of the Black Widow villain actors breaks his silence on filming the 2021 movie, calling the Marvel Cinematic Universe reshoots process a nightmare.

Ray Winstone, who was part of the Black Widow cast as the villainous Dreykov, revealed in a recent interview with Radio Times that he had far from a great experience on the Phase 4 film. When it came to doing the reshoots, Winstone wishes he had been recast, as he shared the following:

It was fine until you have to do the reshoots. Then you find out that a few producers have come down, and your performance is too much, it’s too strong…That’s the way Marvel works. It can be soul-destroying because you feel like you’re doing great work. I actually said, ‘You ought to recast it because that was it for me,’ And you end up doing it again because you’re contracted to do it. Otherwise you end up in court. It’s like being kicked in the balls.

Source: Radio Times

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