Jim Parsons Confesses Harsh Truth About The Coopers In Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 4 Clip
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Jim Parsons Confesses Harsh Truth About The Coopers In Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 4 Clip


  • Young Sheldon
    clip reveals adult Sheldon facing the harsh truth about the Coopers in season 7, by realizing that he is no longer the center of attention.
  • Parsons’ voiceover becomes a regular feature in
    Young Sheldon
    season 7, providing insight into Sheldon’s inner thoughts.
  • The
    Young Sheldon
    finale may bring Parsons back on screen as Sheldon, wrapping up lingering plot lines and connecting to The Big Bang Theory universe.



A brand new Young Sheldon season 7 clip reveals Jim Parsons’ adult Sheldon realizing a harsh truth about the Coopers. Despite its prequel nature, not to mention its countless plot inconsistencies, the spinoff is able to maintain its ties to The Big Bang Theory thanks to Parsons’ voiceover. While its use has been sporadic in the last season, it has once become a regular feature in Young Sheldon season 7.

That’s exactly the case when Parsons admits the harsh truth about the Coopers in a new Young Sheldon season 7, episode 4, “Ants on a Log and a Cheating Winker,” clip. Watch the video from Young Sheldon‘s official YouTube channel below:

In the Young Sheldon season 7 clip, Sheldon walks back happily to his dorm room, fully expecting that it’s still exclusively reserved for him. Adult Sheldon, on the other hand, admits that being back in school allows him to cope with the idea that he is no longer the center of the Coopers’ attention.

Will Jim Parsons’ Sheldon Appear In The Young Sheldon Finale?

Young Sheldon and Sheldon from Big Bang Theory

After this week’s outing, the shortened Young Sheldon final season will only have 10 episodes left before it fully wraps up in May. This means that instead of new arcs, expect that the remaining outings will be focused on wrapping up lingering plot lines and answering questions. Hopefully, that includes the reason why adult Sheldon is narrating his childhood. There are theories that he is working on in his autobiography after he won the Nobel Prize in Physics at the end of The Big Bang Theory, which sounds like the perfect explanation for his voice-overs.

Assuming that this is the case, there’s also curiosity about whether Parsons will appear in the Young Sheldon finale. While he has been involved in the prequel from the get-go, being an executive producer on top of his weekly narrations, the actor hasn’t played the character on screen since the nerd-centric sequel wrapped up in 2019. Perhaps, the Young Sheldon finale can also stage a small The Big Bang Theory reunion, with the rest of the Pasadena gang appearing with Sheldon. This way, CBS can further emphasize the connection between the shows.


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It’s also worth noting that while Young Sheldon will essentially continue via the upcoming Georgie and Mandy spinoff, the prequel will likely be the last time that Parsons can play Sheldon on the screen, at least for quite a while. He doesn’t have any ties to what comes next in The Big Bang Theory universe, decreasing the chances of a cameo. Between this and his importance to the series, it’s almost imperative that the Young Sheldon series finale features Parsons’ Sheldon.

Young Sheldon

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