KTJL Finally Confirms When Joker Will Join The Game
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KTJL Finally Confirms When Joker Will Join The Game


  • The Joker joins
    Suicide Squad: KTJL
    on March 28 during Season 1.
  • His presence in the game is due to multiversal shenanigans, creating a different take on the character.
  • Season 2 and 3 may introduce Victoria Fries and Zoe Lawton, respectively, but their addition is currently speculation.



The Clown Prince of Crime is set to join the ranks of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and Rocksteady has finally confirmed when players can expect his debut. Due to the game’s live-service formula, The Joker is one of several promised characters who will be added to the game through DLC and content updates. Thanks to some multiversal shenanigans, it’s likely this take on the character will be very different from the villain who previously terrorized the Arkhamverse.

Announced on X (formerly Twitter), Rocksteady Games shared a graphic of The Joker with a sinister grin, confirming that he will be joining the war against Brainiac’s army on March 28 when Season 1 begins:

The Joker will be added as a part of Kill the Justice League‘s Season 1 content drop which, aside from the additional character, will also introduce a new map, quests, and loot to strengthen the rest of the Squad. The developer has yet to reveal any specific details on what fans can expect but more information will likely be shared closer to the season’s launch.


Suicide Squad: KTJL Opens The Door For An Extended DC Multiverse

Although Suicide Squad: KTJL’s story is a continuation of Rocksteady’s Arkhamverse, several plot points open the door to an extended DC Multiverse.

How Is The Joker Alive In Suicide Squad: KTJL?

Harley (in her Wonder Woman outfit) and Joker from Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in front of a Joker-themed Elseworld
Custom Image by Katarina Cimbaljevic 

After Rocksteady revealed that The Joker was planned as a playable character in Kill the Justice League, many fans of the long-running Batman Arkham franchise questioned how that was possible given that The Clown Prince of Crime canonical died in Batman: Arkham City. The developer confirmed that the Joker who will join the Squad is actually from a different universe, one where the villain is seemingly more inclined to play well with others. Brief snippets of gameplay have confirmed that The Joker will use a modified umbrella to glide through the streets of Metropolis, knocking enemies over like bowling pins.

Who Else Is Joining The Suicide Squad In KTJL?

Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Harley Quinn, and King Shark in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Aside from The Joker, Rocksteady has confirmed that plenty of other characters will be added to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in the coming months. Based on promotional images, fans are speculating that Victoria Fries, a variant of Victor Fries aka Mr. Freeze, will be added in Season 2, bringing with her various ice-themed weapons and abilities. Another rumored anti-hero is Zoe Lawton, the daughter of Deadshot who is gifted with a similar skillset as her father, but it’s worth noting that neither character has been confirmed at the time of writing and their additions remain pure speculation.

Source: Rocksteady Games/X

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