Little People, Big World’s Amy Roloff Clashes With Friend Over How To Deal With Matt’s Farm
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Little People, Big World’s Amy Roloff Clashes With Friend Over How To Deal With Matt’s Farm


  • Amy Roloff asserts her control over a fundraiser on ex-husband Matt’s farm in a preview clip from Little People, Big World season 25.
  • Amy’s friend expresses concerns about Matt’s possible interference, but Amy remains confident in running the event.
  • Despite past difficulties, Amy and Matt continue to work together and remain civil for the sake of their family.



Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff is clashing with a friend in a preview clip from the next episode of the long-running series about how to deal with the family farm she shares with ex-husband Matt Roloff. Amy, who was married to Matt for over 20 years, separated from her ex-husband in 2015 after some tremendously tough years. The couple’s children, Zach Roloff, Jeremy Roloff, Jacob Roloff, and Molly Roloff all took the split hard, but Matt and Amy decided to do what was best for them. Despite divorcing, the pair continued to work together on the series.

In a preview clip from Little People, Big World season 25 (via Access Hollywood), Amy and a friend discussed the logistics of a charity event she would be hosting on Matt’s farm. “We mentioned it to Matt and Caryn that we were doing a fundraiser…and Matt offered the farm up to host the event,” Amy explained. Though Amy would be dealing with the logistics, her friend was curious about the way things would run overall.

When questioned by her friend about Matt’s participation in the fundraiser, Amy felt some resistance. “Well, he’s going to want to be in charge,” Amy’s friend explained, “that’s his farm now, who’s going to be in charge?” “Me,” Amy asserted. ”Let me tell you something, that is not your farm,” her friend explained, but Amy made it clear she was going to be running the show in regards to how the event took place regardless of Matt’s sometimes controlling behavior.

”Let me tell you something, that is not your farm”


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Caryn Doesn’t Want To Get Involved In Amy & Matt’s Drama

While Amy’s friend was concerned about Matt’s potential dramatics over the farm and how it was being used, the women felt less overwhelmed about the potential of Matt’s fiance Caryn Chandler being an issue. “Now, you have Caryn who’s been on that farm forever,” Amy’s friend remarked, but Amy interjected. “When we talked, she said I don’t want to head anything up – just tell me what to do.” Amy and her friend were both shocked at the idea of Caryn taking a backseat, but seemed pleasantly surprised at the idea that she wasn’t inserting herself into the potential drama.

With Matt and Amy living separate lives, the fact that Amy feels comfortable reaching out about her charity endeavors is a nice change. Though things haven’t always been easy between the Little People, Big World cast members, the exes have done their best to remain civil for the sake of their family. While Amy and Matt have had much more difficult times in the past, their current state seems to be somewhat less tense than it has been in the past. While Amy’s friend brings up some good points about Matt’s controlling behavior, the pair seem to be working smoothly.

As Little People, Big World season 25 continues, the Roloff family will be dealing with some serious problems in their personal and professional lives. Between issues with Roloff Farms and Zach’s health, the family hasn’t been able to take a break in the last several years. Though Zach and his wife, Tori Roloff, recently announced they’ll be leaving Little People, Big World, the couple have not shared more about their separation from the series or when to expect it. With Amy and Matt leading the show, things could keep changing for the Roloff family.

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Sources: Access Hollywood/YouTube, Amy Roloff/Instagram

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